Today starts a new chapter in my life. Bob, a friend of my oldest (who moved up from Tennessee looking for work), and I have decided to start dating now that I am officially divorced. smile

Bob has already been very helpful in my life with chauffering me between my Dad's and my oldest's (where my youngest is living) and even making an uncomfortable trip out to Oregon with my oldest to transport the rest of our belongings.

May 26

I've had to have two ticks removed the past few weeks and taken a few more off that haven't attached themselves yet. I don't remember the last time I've had to deal with so many ticks! Of course, I don't remember the last time I've spent so much time outside either without feeling miserable! It's been great! My skin has some color to it and I've lost an inch around my middle! I'm doing a happy dance!!! smile

Jun 25

The day before yesterday, we spent some time picking up ditch hay along a 1/2 mile or so stretch. We only picked up a ton and a half, but I wasn't able to walk even a 1/4 mile in Oregon without using my inhaler. Although I was out-of-breath several times, I was super excited to be able to walk that far while picking up hay bales! But then, I had an asthma attack last night for no apparent reason and had to use my inhaler this morning while stacking the hay we picked up (and my Dad did most of the work before we even got up!). It has made me a bit emotional and thinking of all of the changes that have occurred in my life over the past year.

Jun 30

my youngest now has a truck! smile

Jun 30

My youngest and Bob out for a ride.

my youngest and Chrissy warming up for a 6mile ride smile

Jul 03

one advantage to living in town... when you get home from the grocery store and realize you forgot the toilet paper (and you're out!), it's no big deal going back! smile

Jul 08

Bob transformed my Dad's old shed into a wonderful tack room smile



Jul 15

My new favorite song! I love the words! Especially: If you can calm the raging sea, you can calm the storm in me... You're never to far away, you never show up too late... If you can hold the stars in place, you can hold my heart the same... Whenever I fall away, whenever I start to break... So, here I am Lifting up my heart to the One who holds the stars...

Jul 22

I could spend all day in the barn... and enjoy it!... if only I didn't get so hot and tired first! lol

Aug 22

My daughter had a beautiful wedding ceremony revolving hearts

Sep 25

In August, Bob found a job in Milbank, SD and asked us to move with him. My youngest was having trouble coexisting with my oldest at the time and was not comfortable at my Dad's, so we said yes. I guess you could say Bob and I are getting serious.

Smokey is happier here too. smile

Oct 6

Discovered that the smoke detector works quite well at 5:30 this morning! (turned on the wrong burner and charred a pan instead of boiling my water tongue out )

Oct 28

Bob wasn't happy with his job in Milbank and found a better place to work... the draw back being that he would have to move quite a ways away (Madison, SD). He asked if we would be willing to come with him... Since my youngest had not been able to find work, I said if we could find a place for the horses then we would move.

Well... the Lord provided, so we stepped out in faith and moved for the third time in six months.

I had to take a picture of my messy house... still have 8 very large boxes to bring in and I am running out of room! We brought everything (except most of the tack, which stayed at Dad's) - including what I had to place in storage.

Nov 01

I have all the boxes for the kitchen and bathroom unpacked and 1/3 of the living room is cleared. Part of what is taking so long that the former tenants were college kids that trashed the place and left their trash behind (and a few usable pieces of furniture that I am happy with smile ). It took 3 hrs to make the stove usable... The landlord had wanted to have the place cleaned up before we moved in, but I told him that I didn't mind cleaning up as he was willing to allow our cats. We are so grateful! I may have a lot of boxes in the living room, but it means that I don't have to pay for storage and most of them will move to the garage once that is cleaned out... We're getting there!

Nov 07

I brought my plants home last night from my Dad's. I set my "tree" down on the kitchen floor and one of the cats started nibbling on it. So, I put it up on a 3-cube tower to at least deter them. I got woken up early this morning to a crash.... my "tree" is back on the floor... I'm going to need a sturdier stand to put it on!

Nov 09

I got tired of the kitchen rug sliding around on the linoleum, so I decided to use the rest of a tube of silicone that we had left after doing a repair on the bottom of the rug. Works great! When I told Bob what I had done, he paused and said Um... you didn't... um... you let the silicone dry before putting the rug back, right? He was so relieved when I said Yes! lol He didn't think I would do something like that, but had to double check. wink

Nov 10

I have "inherited" an organizer with cloth drawers. Who knows what's been in these drawers though (I pulled out clothes, but they may have been dirty blank expression ) or how old they are? *shrug* The point is is that I'm not sure how to clean them. It's not like I can put them in the washer. Any ideas?

Nov 13

Diana D. Kelley is feeling frustrated.

I've been thinking a lot about becoming a transcriptionist so I can earn some money while staying home. I was looking into schools and possible jobs when I found one place that accepts freelance work without schooling and took their exam... and failed! Twice! I couldn't believe it! The speakers were easy to understand, so I can't blame that. Apparently, my grammar was off. Rather disappointing. I'm really not sure I'd do any better with schooling either. grimace

Nov 17

Yep, winter is here and we have snow. And wind.

Nov 18

I don't know if I'll ever get used to the silence after dark. At least my kitty has come to snuggle with me and I know Bob will be home soon...

Dec 09

Bummer! I left a pan to soak in the sink while I scrolled through posts and it's still there waiting for me! That cleaning lady is not doing her job! oh. Oh, yeah. That's me! lol

Dec 15

Every time my computer crashes, I realize how much my world revolves around it! My life would be so boring without it now that the kids are grown and I don't have horses right outside my door! I realized yesterday (as I was waiting for my computer to restore from the second crash of the day) why some women used to become obsessive about keeping a clean house. They didn't have any thing better to do! I received a new motherboard yesterday that Bob put in last night. Hopefully, that'll fix the problem of the computer crashes and my world will continue rotating for a while longer.

Dec 16

I love this one!

Another awesome song for you - healing in music! positive

Dec 17

Diana D. Kelley is feeling stressed.

NOOOO! My new motherboard didn't fix my problem. I could cry.

Dec 18

This reminds us of Buddy... lol

Dec 19

Today I enrolled in a medical transcriptionist certificate program. I'm already thinking that I've bitten off more than I can chew! tongue out

Dec 20

A very blessed Christmas to all! smile

Dec 25

Miles has gotten kicked out of the stable that we board the horses in (he is having issues with the other horses and the barn owner). Thankfully, the Lord provided a place where there will not be a problem with other horses.

It was a bit frustrating moving the horses as there was freezing rain and Miles did not want to get into the trailer. Bob slipped in a puddle and was NOT amused. When he got up, Miles decided that it may be better to get in after all. laugh

Dec 29