I said to myself: Well… I should do the dishes… then, grabbed a
cookie and sat back down at the computer wink

Jan 09

God’s presence is like a nuclear blast. All in its path is wiped out. However, he has given us a shelter in Christ. The door to that shelter is called obedience. He lets us all know that He can’t save us if we don’t enter that door. He will do all He can to clear the way for us to enter. Yet, it is still our choice whether we are saved or not.

Jan 10

Review of 2016

I’m having a hard time fathoming that it is mid-January already!

I have spent the last couple of weeks reviewing the past year and considering the future.

This time last year, I was ready to start taking control of my life again after a dear friend died and my oldest daughter fell down the stair resulting in amnesia.

I setup an action plan to increase my Facebook fans. This worked great – I was getting 3-5 likes a day!

I was also set to start creating infographics and video presentations for my website. I got a couple done, but then… I fizzled and succumbed to anxiety and depression. Again.

May found my youngest, 2 cats, 2 horses, and I moving to Minnesota to live after 20+ years of marriage.

Shortly after moving, I met a wonderful man. Over the next few months, our lives took several twists and turns – including two more moves! Three moves in six months tends to keep one very busy.

and I am only now getting started on my New Year’s resolutions!

Jan 12

broke down and used my inhaler when crossing two rooms left me
gasping for air *sigh*

Jan 16

Diana D. Kelley is feeling sick.

The thermostat says 70 but I’m here shivering like it’s 0… lost my
voice today too

Jan 16

I still have an itchy throat and barely audible voice, but nothing
horrible so far smile It was so nice out today that I went for a walk.
By myself! It was rather exhilarating feeling comfortable venturing
out on my own… even if I only went half a block and stayed on the
sidewalk… wink

Jan 18

Just played my first intermediate spider solitaire game on my
"new" desktop… now I have a 100% win score! Better never
play again so as not to tarnish my success! lol

Jan 19

Keep smiling! smile

Jan 30

Diana D. Kelley is feeling proud.

I’m feeling proud of myself – the last two weeks I’ve been stuck at
only being able to finish 15 minutes of my workout video. Today and
yesterday, I was able to up it to 20 minutes plus a walk around the
block. smile

Jan 31


Feb 03

My medical transcriptionist course is not going well. I can not remember the vocabulary. I need to quit before my trial period is over. crying

Feb 06

Bob said (speaking of the cat): Every time we buy food we think
you’d like, you decide you don’t want it! lol

Feb 12

Bob gave me a stuffed horse for Valentine’s Day <3 The roses are
also from him, which I was hesitant to accept, but I haven’t had an
adverse reaction to them – the first time in YEARS! Yay! I LOVE
flowers and it is super great to be able to enjoy them again! smile

Feb 16

I had to do an unexpected load of laundry this morning when the
washer made a horrible screeching sound that it hadn’t made
before… we have a parts washer, so Bob replaced the engine…
then, the gearbox… then, decided that it must be the pump he
replaced a week ago… there was a nickle that got trapped inside
the pump! So glad he was home and knows how to figure this stuff

Mar 11

my youngest and I went to the grocery store this afternoon and thought
we’d be time efficient by dropping me off while she went to get
fuel… I didn’t bring my phone, so I made 5 passes through the
store, got twice as much as I went in for, read almost all the
Easter cards, and finally parked myself in the back of the produce
aisle so that I could see both the front and back of the store
trying to figure out what was taking so long… I, of course, was
envisioning a traffic accident or some such… when she finally came
into the store, she told me that she was bored of waiting for me…
she had been sitting in the truck for half an hour! My nerves are
shot. I guess that’s what I get for not bringing my phone! tongue out

Mar 24

Bob and I have an invitation to share dinner with his boss, a
co-worker, and their spouses… neither one of us are exactly social
butterflies… I don’t think I’m anti-social, but I am rather
introverted… my sociability lasts about 10 minutes… my oldest says
that’s anti-social tongue out This should prove interesting.

Mar 29

I am sooo sore! but, I am really proud of myself… I unloaded (from a trailer) and stacked 120 bales of hay today – all by myself! smile My asthma and pseudo allergies are going to make me "pay for it" for sure; but, at the moment, I’m just very thankful that we found a new hay supplier (our old one sold out) and that he let us borrow his trailer over night! The horses will have food for a few more months

It will also come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

Mar 30

ok, today, I am letting go of my blue winter coat that my Dad got me
when I was 16 or so (and I’ve worn every winter since)… it was an
awesome coat, but the insulation is deteriorating… I guess it’s

Apr 07

I’ve gained weight this past month and decided that it’s about time
that I start a food diary to help me keep on track in going the
other direction (need to lose the weight… not gain it! tongue out ). My
food diary also has an exercise log and I was so proud of myself
after I walked twice around the block this morning… until I found
out that that only burned 29 calories! 0.0 So, I started looking at
various activities that I like to do and found that grooming horses
for the same amount of time uses almost twice as many calories…
our horses are going to sparkle! lol

Apr 11

Yesterday afternoon, my youngest and I went to care for the horses and
we could actually smell the grass growing! smile

Apr 12

We got a couch yesterday… so much better to stretch out on than the love seat! <3

Apr 15

Doobie has declared ownership of the couch

Apr 15

Yesterday was the first day I’ve hit my calorie intake goal of under
1500 (in the week that I’ve been paying attention)… I was so proud
of myself! Today, however, hasn’t been so great… spaghetti was
calling my name… tongue out

Apr 18

I’m thinking of applying for a seasonal position as a garden shop
clerk at a drug store. My only hesitation is that one of the
expectations is to be able to "maintain composure with irate
customers". I really can’t handle people yelling at me at all.
It’s been 8 months since I’ve had problems with trembling and really
don’t want to go back there. I would love working with the plants
and the nice people… decisions, decisions.

May 02

I have determined that brownies make me smarter! wink

A few weeks ago, I decided to start sewing again and ordered a 5-thread serger (my mother-in-law and I used to share a 4-thread serger, but I always wanted a 5 thread and this display model came on sale at nearly 50% off and I couldn’t resist! 😀 ). I spent three DAYS trying to get the chain started. I knew I was missing a step, but just couldn’t figure it out – though I followed directions from several tutorials. I was eating a brownie and getting ready to video the steps that I was taking through a magnifying lamp to send to the seller, who graciously offered help, when I discovered the problem… their are five positions for needles… I thought I was using the proper position, but as I was watching the serger action through the magnifying lens (eating my brownie wink ), I realized that the needle was too far away from the loops to connect them, which is why the chain was failing. I moved the needle over to the next position (that I thought it was in to begin with) and problem solved! *happy dance* I guess you could say that persistence (and brownies wink ) pays! 😀

May 03

How Are You Today?

Today, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a friend not many years ago. He called and asked, “How are you today?”
My response was: “Not that great. No worries – it’s a woman problem.”

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

“Just a woman problem.”

“Like what?”

“Seriously? I’ll. Be. Fine. It’s. A. Woman. Problem.”


So, today, I thought I’d respond to the question via gifs…

I really wanted to share a woman smashing some flowers. I scoured the internet, searching for the image in my head. I tried all sorts of synonyms like stomping, ripping, shredding and various phrases. Nothing. I searched for an hour. Why? Because I’m crazy obsessive like that!

I finally decided to let it go and try finding one of a woman breaking dishes or throwing things. Nothing. All the hype of how women are so emotional and over-reactive and I can’t find something so simple as that?! Fine.

Ok, this one will work…

How about a woman shooting? Jeepers, be careful what you search for!!! How about a woman shooting wearing more than a string bikini? No? Ugh!

This one is close enough…

I figured finding a suitable explosion wouldn’t be too difficult…

My youngest was even trying to help me find the gifs that I wanted to share with little success. But, she did find the best image to answer the “simple” question… How Are You Today?

She’s all excited that she found the perfect representation of how she’s feeling.

It’s a good thing that I had already had TWO doses of both acetaminophen and ibuprofen; hot cocoa with coffee; flavored some soymilk with two drops each of therapeutic grade ginger and frankincense essential oils; plus, rubbed three drops of Dragon Time on my abdomen, neck and shoulders and have finally started feeling some relief or I’d be all…

So… How Are You Today?

May 04

Phooey with this diet. Chocolate cake and hot cocoa for breakfast tongue out

May 12

my oldest gave me a lovely cabinet that would be perfect for an
entry way, but our entry way is too narrow for it. However, I was
wanting someplace for my new serger and sewing machine and this is
just super perfect for the space I have!

May 14

my youngest chose the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day… even trying
her best to find ones in my favorite color. This one is an apricot
vinca that turns into a lovely rose color. <3

May 14

my youngest also helped Bob choose a flower… this one is a geranium

May 14

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in "the zone" and you hit a snag
and have to wait for support or some part before you can continue? It’s almost
as bad as when the internet goes down and you’re left thinking: What do I do

May 18

The store that my boyfriend, Bob, works at is in the local newspaper
as "Store of the Year" with a picture of the team! Bob’s
the one wearing the hat wink

May 18

I was going to skip going to the grocery store today… but, my oldest
called me and was talking about having chips and salsa… suddenly,
I knew exactly what I wanted for supper and didn’t have in the
house! So, my youngest took me for my "emergency" run to the
store for chips and salsa… and came out with half a cart worth of
groceries! lol

May 19

Last week, it got to 80 in the house, so I turned off the furnace.
Then, the weather turned cooler… I ignored Bob and my youngest’s
comments about it getting cool when the indoor temp dropped below
70… I ignored the cat’s meows when it got to 68… but, when the
plants started shivering at 66, I decided it was time to turn the
furnace back on! tongue out

May 20

my youngest recently dyed her hair black… isn’t she cute?

May 20

Sometimes, I think I should be an editor (I’m not because I don’t want to read just any ‘ol thing :p )…

We have been reading the devotional A Cloud of Witnesses. It is about people of the Bible whom have been typically listed in chronological order. Last night, I noticed that Rahab (Joshua 2:1) and Othniel (Judges 3:9) were placed before Balaam (Numbers 22:30).

Another instance of something that stimulated my “edit mode” came to my attention this morning…

I have a box calendar with a picture and a quote for each day. One quote is: “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions. They pass no criticisms.” – George Elliot

This quote was matched with a pair of horses biting at each other – not exactly my idea of being agreeable!

Obviously, neither of these companies asked my opinion before making their products. 😉

Of course, I am an editor of sorts… I get to pick and choose what goes on this blog! 🙂

While sitting here thinking about my obsessive problems over minute details, I realize that I’m not the only one who does this. This post wasn’t supposed to be about essential oils (though it’s not all that surprising that it is turning in that direction!), but it does bring to mind that Young Living Essential Oils does the same thing (obsessing over minute details) in distilling the best premium essential oils with the highest level of constituents possible… after all, it’s not only the aroma that provides therapeutic value but the plant as a whole with all of the properties working together as the Good Lord intended.

It is no wonder that I love Young Living Essential Oils more than any other essential oil company – their care for the minutest detail is just my thing! 🙂

May 21

I am having a particularly "blah" day for no real reason.
In fact, I should be elated because my fb page just crossed the 500
followers mark. I should be celebrating. Instead, I’m overly anxious
and can’t focus on any thing. I hate days like this… days when
every thing is going "right" but I’m not.

May 23

Our mailbox is defective…
Because there’s no mail in it!

May 24

The neighbor’s cat came over and discovered a new playmate smile

May 27

Here pretty kitty!

May 27

Bob took me to the local state park to walk along the lake for our anniversary. He found a secluded spot and asked me to marry him!

We are engaged!!! smile

May 28

Bob and my youngest decided to ride a little bareback today… the horses
were well behaved (despite the wind) and Chrissy even smiled for me!

May 29

I need to take allergy meds again 🙁 I was thinking my allergies
were completely under control since I haven’t had much trouble since
moving to this part of the country a year ago. But, I guess, living
in town with windows open surrounded by people mowing their lawns is
a bit more than my system can handle! We don’t have AC yet, so
keeping the windows closed isn’t really an option (it gets way too
hot!). I’m very sensitive to them (the non-drowsy stuff puts me
out!), but my essential oils aren’t cutting it. So, I decided to try
children’s syrup… I’ve taken the smallest dose plus TWO cups of
coffee and am barely awake and my throat and eyes still itch. 🙁
Looks like the AC is going to have to be moved to the priority list!

Jun 01

Bob came home the other day, after I tried a new medicine that made
me feel particularly horrid. We exchanged a few newsworthy bits
about our day, when he suddenly came over, gave me a hug, and told
me that he was sorry that I didn’t feel well! I hadn’t told him how
bad I was feeling… he said it was all in my voice. He said I sound
so sad and depressed when I feel miserable. Then, he made his own
supper (my youngest made her own too wink ), which was totally awesome!!
No wonder I love this man!

Jun 02

Me: You have laundry in the dryer
my youngest: So?
Me: I need the dryer
my youngest: No. I’m using it to store my clothes!

Jun 02

Bob put in an AC last night… soooo nice!

Jun 03

I was walking around the block and saw a heart in the bark of this
tree… do you see the heart?

Jul 07

We were married at the lovely Lake Herman State Park on July 16! Bob’s mom flew in from Tennessee and my family came too. My heart overflows! smile

Our Wedding Pictures

Jul 22

My husband and I have only been married for two months. He bought a car last week and had a terrible time insuring it…

Q: Are you married? A: Yes
Q: What’s your wife’s driver’s license number? A: She doesn’t drive
Q: why? A: She’s legally blind
Q: How long has she had this condition? A: Since high school
Q: What was her last driver’s license number? A: She’s never had one
Q: So she won’t be driving? A: That’s correct. She’s legally blind.

It was like she couldn’t fathom that someone couldn’t drive!

Jul 31

After months of talking myself out of every job that has come
available, I have finally decided to apply for one that would suit
me perfectly – cleaning a church! I’m hoping that the hours will be
flexible enough that my youngest can drop me off when she goes to
work… it is less than a mile away, so I could walk or use the
transit system… whatever works. I know that if the Lord wants me
in this position that it’ll all work out. smile

Aug 07

I had the most awesome dream about racing horses last night… I
think it’s about time for me to get in the saddle again! It’s been
well over a year… tongue out

Aug 08

We had a rude awakening this morning… my cat, Smokey, decided to
use the bed as a litter box. I don’t know if he’s mad about my not
cleaning the litter box yesterday (he quit using his own and now two
share one box, so it gets dirty far too quickly). Or if he couldn’t
hold it long enough to jump down and walk the three feet to the box.
Or if he’s mad that I went back to Meow Mix after two bags of
Friskies that he went "wild" over. Or if we were snoring
too loud. Whatever the reason, we are Not impressed. tongue out

Sep 12

Well, it looks like the Lord has other plans for me than to clean the Methodist church. That’s ok. The pastor knew of another Seventh Day Adventist here in town and we’ve been able to connect here on Facebook and will meet some day soon 🙂 That, in itself, was worth the interview! 🙂

Besides, I’m sensitive to bleach and it would be very hard on me to use it every day. Plus, my oldest is buying a house and might need my help moving. Looks like the Lord is watching out for us again!!

Lord, thank you for hidden blessings

Sep 13

first gaming event since we moved from Oregon. We all had a lot of fun

Sep 14

We all had a good time with my oldest yesterday celebrating her

Sep 17

Diana D. Kelley is feeling sick.

I’m so done with this cold that I have. I HATE coughing!

Sep 28

I’m making a playlist of motivational songs… what are your faves?

Oct 03

Looking for a place to buy with a house and barn… why is it every
thing that doesn’t cost three times more than a normal person can
afford are a zillion miles from no where? I know the perfect place
will be ready when the time is right but this boggles my mind.

Oct 11

This song was playing in my head in the middle of the night smile

Oct 26

Diana D. Kelley is feeling amused.

The cats have become accustomed to jumping onto my desk to look out
the window. This morning, however, I had – yes, had – a pile of
papers and notebooks on the corner. One cat jumped onto the desk,
rode the papers to the floor and took off like a bolt of lightning.
Total hit and run! LOL Of course, I’m left with the mess, but what
else was I going to do with my morning? I already re-wrapped a ball
of yarn that I left out last night wink

Oct 30

I didn’t understood this saying until I was in a relationship where
I could completely be myself. <3

Nov 02

Bob introduced me to a new Christmas song… wink

Nov 26

I hate the Mozilla Firefox update 🙁 I’ve tried adapting, but it
crashes my computer. I’m so disgruntled that I’m not going back to
the previous version because I’ve discovered that Chrome is waaaay

Dec 07


my youngest and I have started taking new products that we are really
enjoying the benefits from… you all know that I LOVE my essential
oils and will forever and always be grateful to have them! but, they
weren’t helping enough to keep my anxiety at bay (though they are
amazing at calming me down!) and don’t give either of us enough
energy to make it through the day (though, there are products in the
catalog that I haven’t tried yet…) Anyway, a friend of mine
introduced me to these new products nearly two years ago and I wish
I had tried them sooner! I feel AMAZING! So, I hesitantly want to
share my experience with you… don’t worry, I’m not going to bore
you with post after post about it… just as I try not to with my
oils. But, we did start a facebook page and a blog for those who are
interested in checking out what we’ve been up to lately smile

Dec 11

Journey to Better Health with Plexus

Here’s our new facebook page smile https://www.facebook.com/GoodbyeAnxietyHelloPlexus/

Dec 11

In a puddle of tears from watching a TV show

Dec 13

Hurray! Hurray! I can finally organize my Facebook saved links!!! smile

Dec 14

The power steering line on the truck broke… so, our plans to visit
family has been postponed until parts come. 🙁 We could take the car
but… Bob’s out now doing last minute gift shopping in the car and
the roads are icy and I’m freaking out a bit. It’s been such a
welcome relief to be anxiety-free; but, apparently, that doesn’t
mean that I’m care free! wink

Dec 22

Bob fixed the truck – we get to go visit family tomorrow!

Dec 24

Bob gave me a large amethyst and a stuffed raccoon for Christmas. For those
who know me well, know that this is like receiving jewelry!

Dec 28

I bought a Gazelle with Christmas cash from my Dad – now I can
take a walk without skating on the ice!

Dec 29

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