To the Start of a New Year:

A new year is often associated with new beginnings. A new beginning doesn't have to wait for the beginning of the year, the month, the week, or even a new day!

A new start happens NOW.

At least, that's what I have to keep telling myself. I tend to put of starting something new until at least Monday.

The problem is, more often than not, Monday comes around and I find that I'm not quite ready to start that new project or habit.

Not starting is a bad habit.

We just need to create a new pattern or change the way we are thinking.

Using essential oils to overcome this tendency can be rather helpful.

Happy New Year! hello

My oldest is pregnant! cool

Before Christmas, I went to get the mail and slipped on the ice. This jolt awakened an old shoulder injury.

With the pain, I'm more prone to feelings of discouragement, defeat, failure… which often bring on a lack of motivation and self-confidence. Thankfully, since starting the probiotics, these feelings are not as over-powering as they once were. Still, they are there… lurking in the shadows…

I've learned over the years (this is not the first time this injury has been awakened) that stretching is a must. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but not using the muscle just seems to prolong the healing time. Of course, the opposite is also true… too much exercise can cause additional pain… like stacking 70 bales of hay… that is what I did yesterday and am paying for it, but my husband and youngest work full time and it needed done.

In times like these, I find using essential oils wonderful for uplifting my spirits and soothing the complaining muscles.

My oldest is making fun of my cold-infested brain... of course, I have been saying things like "I need to snovel the shnow" laugh

Spring is here and, with it, the flu. tongue out Bob's been hit pretty hard (he took a day off work). It's just starting for me and my youngest. My voice is already fading and the coughing hasn't even gotten bad yet. annoyed


We are praising the Lord that we were able to get out to the horses this morning. We had to move a mountain of snow to get the truck out to the road and were wondering if it would be a futile attempt, but the roads were passable once we got going. This picture is a drift just outside of the barn. shocked

65 degrees - time to air out the house!!! smile


The girls think that I spoil the cats... I wait to make the bed until they move; I sometimes clean the boxes multiple times a day; I give them treats and love every day; and, I'm currently sitting on a chair from the table instead of my computer chair because one of the cats is using it... they're not spoiled! ... are they? wink

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