Bob wanted to try his Christmas drone outside. He has flown it in the house every day since he got it and was excited to have an afternoon with no wind to try it now that he can maneuver it fairly well. Before he went out, I said "Don't get it stuck in a tree"... Here he is not five minutes later after a little breeze came up and took it away laugh When he saw me with the camera, he said "What? are you trying to kill me?" lol

I'm now an Independent Plexus Ambassador! Full (lengthy) story below wink

When the New Year hit, I became discouraged. After many, many months of being free from the over-powering feeling of being over-whelmed nearly all of the time and getting sucked into a deep, black hole, those old sensations seemed like they were trying to get a grip on me again and I couldn’t understand why. We just finished a wonderful holiday season; and, I have been feeling energetic and productive. Over the past week, I’ve been reflecting on what has changed recently.

1. Right after Thanksgiving I started digitizing and organizing old family photos and VHS videos. I was hesitant, at first, to do this project because I didn’t want to deal with the emotional memories that I knew would assail me. Surprisingly, this intense 6 week project was not nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be. I did need to take a step back a couple of times and do something else. However, I never had the expected anxiety attack or tearful break down. smile

2. We went to church for my grandson’s dedication and (for the first time in many years) I was able to get through the service, dinner, and all interactions without needing to apply essential oils to regain control of my escalating emotions. I was not able to bring myself to join the prayer circle with the entire congregation surrounding my little family, but I was there in spirit and they understood. smile

3. My 16 year old cat that has been dealing with symptoms of feline dementia for the past year (or longer) has developed anorexia. It’s been heart-breaking watching him deteriorate. crying

We are doing all we can for him and are thankful that we found some food that he can eat without giving him nausea, but the most he has eaten since before Christmas is a teaspoon of food in a day. He doesn’t appear to be in pain, so we have no intention on putting him down in the off-chance that he’ll recover. He miraculously made it through a punctured lung and broken hip 15 years ago and my senior horse lived an extra 5 years with TLC, so I’m not going to limit possibilities (no matter how unlikely) now! wink

4. I had a barn accident December 26. The horse barn doesn't have electricity. We started off with using flashlights, but moved to using head lamps last winter (which was AWESOME!). I recently bought a bigger, brighter head lamp, which helps me immensely... except when I forget how much bigger it is... like yesterday, when I was pulling a bale of hay down from a stack that loomed over my head... the bale hit the head lamp, which hit my nose, and about knocked me senseless (well, actually, there obviously wasn't much "sense" to knock out!). Thankfully, nothing is broken, but I’ll have a mark for quite some time... tongue out

5. December 31 found Bob driving me out to feed the horses after work in a blizzard that had taken me off-guard (I would have left extra food for the horses the day before if I had known). ?? The land owner wasn’t home, so I couldn’t call on them this time. Bob is an excellent driver, but it was apparent to us that there were angels escorting us along our way without sliding around – I’m sure sliding in such limited visibility would have been more than my nerves could take! As nerve-wracking as the trip was, I never teared up in fear or find myself dealing with an asthma attack. I did need to use essential oils to relax a bit after getting home though! blank expression

When I talked all this over with Bob, he said that it sounded like I’m doing pretty good. You know what? He’s right! I AM! wide eyed

Just a year ago, the least of these situations would have had me zoning out on a computer game for days on end while processing the emotions.

Smokey’s aging would have had me continuously dangling from the edge of emotional darkness, instead of the few moments of sadness that I’ve felt. In fact, I’ve realized that I’m more emotionally balanced and able to switch from one task to another more readily now than I have been able to do for YEARS. It is obvious that I am growing and healing and I am so thankful for that!!! celebration

One thing that I’ve been doing over the past year is that I have been taking VitalBiome (specially formulated probiotics) and Accelerator (metabolism booster) from Plexus almost every day. I say “almost every day” because I’ve experimented with cheaper alternatives and even tried not taking anything…

Consistently, within a few days, Bob and the girls notice that my nerves are more on edge, I am more prone to tears, and need to use essential oils to soothe my soul. Two days after starting the Plexus products again, my mood balances back out. shock

Despite finding real truth behind the slogan “Better gut. Better mood. Better you.”, I’ve been hesitant to share Plexus because my focus has been on essential oils for so many years. However, there is A LOT of negativity surrounding my favorite company (not from family or friends – I do have the most loving, supportive group surrounding me one could ask for! smile ) and there have been so many issues with products being out-of-stock over the past year that I’ve become reluctant to recommend them. My customer base has also steadily declined and when my longest customer declared she wasn’t selling essential oils any longer, I had to make a decision.

I could:

1. Move forward with the plans I already had in place for sharing essential oils.

2. Change direction with my plans and share my experiences with Plexus instead

3. Give up the dream of having a home-based business altogether.

After much prayer and discussing my ideas with Bob (who, in accordance with the awesome husband he is, showed support in whatever direction I decided to take), I’ve decided that a change of direction is just what I need (yeah, I’m really not ready to give up just yet!). wink

During this time of self-questioning, I started taking a product that Plexus came out with a few months ago that is intended to control hunger. It’s working! Which is very exciting to me (it is the first hunger control supplement that has actually reduced the amount of food I want to eat that I’ve tried over the past decade!). cool

Then, I saw that a Slimdown Challenge had started ( #Slimdown2019 ). A group of people encouraging each other to regain control of their body with the possibility of getting prizes? How fun is that?!

My decision made, I moved from being a Plexus customer and became a Plexus Independent Ambassador! And so begins a new year with new hopes, new goals, and new direction. Wish me luck! smile

The song that came to mind during devotions this morning

Bob and I took the time last night to take a few pictures of Smokey. The lighting was poor, but Smokey stayed long enough to get at least one decent picture smile

Buddy loves my desk chair. He often will take over when I get up to stretch my legs (which I try to do every couple of hours). Then, will protest loudly when I attempt to unseat him. We've tried spinning the chair - he enjoys the ride; pushing him - he pushes back; pick him up - he digs his claws in; threaten to sit on him - he knows better. Taking his picture seems to work!

Bob got an emergency call at 8pm last night... over 100 people were without internet and cable. After a little investigation, it was discovered that the snow plow pushed over and buried a pedestal under four feet of snow, breaking a wire, and shorting out others. shock He had to wait for another guy to come from over an hour away to get the help he needed. Bob was thankful for the heated gloves I gave him for Christmas (and the other guy was a bit envious wink ) smile

I think we got a little more snow than predicted...

My cat (Smokey) of 16 years died peacefully. He will be missed. fountain of tears

I so wish I could blame this mess on the cat! The fact is, I went to change my clothes, lost my balance, bumped the dresser and destroyed my grandmother's lamp. fountain of tears

Ready for the mission wink

my youngest said I look a bit strange in my getup, but it works great for me smile

my youngest's picture "All 3 horses lined up at the alfalfa shed... not suspicious at all! ??" -9 this morning, -30-something tonight... time to break out some blankets! Actually, it's pretty amazing that Chrissy hasn't needed one before now. Maybe she's finally acclimating to the colder climate smile

Is it wrong of me to be just a tad thrilled about the uber-cold weather when it is a wonderful, natural deterrent for my husband's smoking habit? He's been trying to quit for a long time now and does fine on days when he is home, but work is a different story... tongue out