Working on my next wood project...

With the way the barn was constructed (no fault of the owner - it was there when they bought it), snow blows in every winter. And we store hay right next to the tack. Worse still... last winter we had a rat use one of the saddle blankets for nest building material (the newest, softest one, of course!). Between the moisture, the dust, and the teeth, the tack is getting a lot of abuse! Though, we have been blessed not to have had more damage done! smile

So, I thought my next project should be something that would protect the blankets. My first idea was for a chest, but we have limited floor space, but plenty of overhead space... and while I'm at it, why not give my saddle some protection too? wink

This is just a picture of the concept... I plan on adding another tier but need to take apart a LOT more pallets! wink

Some self care ideas... looking over the list, I realize I have certainly gotten back on track with regular self care! smile

Today I'm working with color #3 and it occurs to me that this project is likely going to take longer than the month that I had planned. So is my wooden tack organizer.

It isn't for a want to get it done sooner, but there are physical limitations to each project, preventing me from putting in a full day.

One thing about these long-term projects is that it is taking my patience to a new level. I want them done and want it NOW. That just isn't going to happen! But, with consistent effort I can continually see progress. smile

Other long term projects for me are exercise and my ever growing ideas for my website.

Oh dear. The creativity blaze is burning! 8 new ideas dancing in my head. It is a little overwhelming.

I took a fb quiz (I don't remember what it was)...

I guess I'm a Creator of Limitless Strength and Bob is the Guardian of Magnificent Visions smile

My anxiety spiked to high levels last night when we were headed out to the barn. It was already dark by 5pm and the rain made it darker.

As we started through a busy intersection with street lights, a car that was turning left decided to turn. Thankfully, no one was next to us and Bob was able to swerve and the person braked when they saw the side of our truck in his way. This was the third near accident that I know of in our town yesterday (one was a mother and children nearly getting run over crossing at a light )!

Then, a deer tried to commit suicide.

And people don't seem to know how to operate their headlights any more (none in dim lighting like fog or dusk and full bright at night with nothing between).

I was quite rattled by the time we got home and the anxiety followed me into my dreams. So, my nerves are on edge still this morning. grimace

I pray that my youngest will be able to take me to the barn during daylight hours most of winter. Otherwise, if this is the way it is going to be, this is going to be a loooong winter for me.

The wind is blowing something fierce today! It has already blown over several semis over the last day or two

As this wind howls, I am thankful for a warm bowl of oatmeal with apples and pumpkin pie spice. smile I am also thankful that I don't have to force myself eat every thing in my bowl right now (I guess I'm not as hungry as I thought, but I can save it for later)!

I am not against one learning to cleaning your plate and not be wasteful. But, there are some whom I have known in the past who really take it to extreme. tongue out

I disappointed my grandson today... we were planning on visiting, but I woke up with a sore throat and headache (which have held on all day grimace ) so opted to keep my germs to myself. His mom told him that Grandmama had an "owie". He knows that people with big owies are transported by helicopter to the local hospital. He also knows that Grandpa Bob is a pilot. So, his 3yr old mind decided that Grandpa Bob needed to fly me to the hospital to get my owie fixed so we could still visit. laugh

Thanksgiving cactus?

My daughter told me that my grandson saw this in a store and gleefully declared it was "for Grandmama"! growing heart He has only been to our house a handful of times in his young life, but my collection of masked stuffed animals must have made an impression! He is very observant for three - much like his mother was. wink

Buddy says: You moved! This chair is MINE! laugh

I just switched chairs and finished the painting. wink

Bob said he would not have the patience to do it (especially working with a magnifying glass). He asked if I'd do it again... Absolutely! I really enjoyed it. smile Of course, I did become completely obsessed with it so I should probably get some of the other, more important, projects done first. wink

My brain is like: YES! Let's DO something!

My body is like: Ummm... no. tongue out

Even mixing a box cake for Bob sounds like too much to do. I might already need a nap. I hope I am past the worst of this cold and will be ready to tackle impressive journeys again soon. blank expression

When we lived in Germany, my Dad bought me a beautiful, satin jacket. I loved it and was very sad when I outgrew it. It has been in my closet for well over 20 years, waiting for me to decide what to do with it (I couldn't bring myself to part with it). I have considered framing the artwork on the back. Instead, I turned it into a pillow. smile

Having boundaries DOES impact others around you (some of whom will push hard against them), but it does NOT make you a narcissistic manipulator who seeks to control others.

Mopping the kitchen floor was NOT on the to do list today. But, that's what happens when one kicks unopened glass root beer bottles first thing in the morning tongue out (thanfully, only one broke smile )

I need to rearrange the "pantry" too... it is over flowing again (which is how I was able to make this mess!). blank expression

I am feeling better. Now, it's Bob's turn. grimace

I did accept a few special cooking requests to be delivered for the first time... a couple of banana breads with chocolate chips, a vegan banana cream pie, and vegan pumpkin pie. (I didn't do them all in one day tongue out). Bob came home at one point, looked around, and said something about not really wanting to open a bakery. laugh Although I do enjoy sharing the excess of what I make, I don't think I'll be opening a shop... the cooking is fun, but then you have to deal with all of the dishes! wink

I don't know what all I'm going to make today yet... Bob is easy to please, but I am pretty sure he'd like more served than a decorated bale of hay... wink

Happy Thanksgiving! smile

I think I'll do this with gemstones... or, maybe, sea shells! some day.... wink

Bob is not on call. He has the day off. He is also not feeling the best. Yet, when work called and asked if he could go check phone lines for a business over an hour away that he checked two days ago (they were working when he got there) because the on call guy is busy and the business is freaking out, he said yes. That's what he does. love

Of course, he grumbled something about the phone lines better not be working when he gets there. wink