I finished my first paint-by-number project smile The colors are quite a bit darker than the example image, but I think it was a good practice piece.

30 Traits of an Empath

25 of 30 are traits I have! smile


#20 got ruined a long time ago... though I do still love my freedom and have started doing limited adventures again smile

#22 I can't say I love to day dream, but I do get swept away from time to time

#23 I find routine helpful in balancing the 1001 things I want to do

#28 I do buy second hand stuff all of the time... most just need cleansing

#29 I have not experienced this

Bob had a lot of fun helping at the local air show. He was able to take some great pictures that were shared. He did admit that he's never walked so much with giving tours and such! wink

Bob got to go for a ride in this gyroplane. smile

Happy, happy dance! The weather will be beautiful this week and I will be able to spend extra time at the barn almost every day

I finished a quick project over the weekend...

A year (or so) ago, I rescued this stool (it had been dumped in the town's designated place where limbs and such go). It was very unstable, which, I'm sure, is why it got dumped. But, the foundation was laid and I was certain that it could be fixed. Bob was sure it needed to stay there. But, he told me how to fix it. smile

I had originally planned on taking it to the barn to sit on when I need a break, but I've decided now to keep it in the garage to sit on while I do other projects... I'll just have to build something else for the barn! wink

The barn is officially clean! Woo-hoo! celebration

A new, local, social friend told me that a barn is opening up close to town. I was so excited! It would be sooo much easier getting an extra ride to a place 5 miles away versus 10+! They will have an actual arena and I'd have more time to play! I thought, perhaps, this was an answer to prayer - though not exactly what I wanted. I suggested to Bob that we, maybe, could buy a place in town and just continuing boarding the horses... (his response was "Ummm.... no" - he really knows me very well! wink)

Then, I started thinking about what the change in environment would mean...

Our accident prone horse would have new ways to hurt herself (cringe), whereas she has gone 4 years without injury at the place we are in now.

She may develop a new tie to another horse and we would have to deal with her separation anxiety every time we want to do anything again. Ugh!

And that's just one horse's issues! blank expression

The place we are at now just fixed the mud problem... a new place has a high potential of another mud nightmare. Ick.

A new place means dealing with other horses and their owners... this brings the possibility of having to interact with... people... on days when I can barely handle myself! 0.0

As I battled through the anxiety attack that that thought brought on, I realized that as much as I want the horses closer (actually, I really want them in the back yard!) they would be unhappy with the change. I would be unhappy with the change. My peaceful place would be broken. grimace

Yeah... that's not going to work...

Bob agrees. We are not ready for the change. The Lord brought us to this peaceful place, with people who really appreciate our being there. Convenience is not a good reason to shatter that peace. And, with that thought, my anxiety dissolved.

We'll just continue saving, waiting for the Lord to provide the perfect spot as He has done from the beginning. smile

I'm going to need to learn a new level of patience. wink

My latest project smile

I've been tired of the horses scattering their hay all over the stall and soiling whatever they are standing on. I have thought of several solutions over the years, but each one required money that I didn't want to spend because we are saving for a place of our own. :/ A couple of days ago, it dawned on me that I could make a feed bin just like I made the toy boxes! So, I took some measurements, tore apart a pallet (I still had leftover boards to use), and constructed this lovely box. smile

It seemed to do the job of minimizing wasted hay, the horses didn't destroy it, and no one was hurt (yeah, I was having nightmares about the potential threat tongue out); so, I'll be making two more. smile

Oh, and Bob was suitably impressed that I didn't need any help - in the design or the construction! cool

17 of the needed 20 boards pried off of pallets. I would have had all 20, but I completely smashed five to bits. Seeing the first three break apart were kinda fun, but the final two were rather discouraging - after all, I had plans for those boards that went beyond kindling pieces! tongue out Now, I'm too tired to even remove the nails. But, I should be able to start building again tomorrow. smile

I asked the barn owner if he knew where I could get more pallets. So, he brought these home from work and says there are more where that came from! wide eyed

Last night, Bob said that he never knew a table saw would be such a good investment (the projects that I've done has already paid for it). smile He says that now I should get into metal work so he can get me some more "toys"! wink

We took the last feed bin out to the barn last night. It is such a wonderful feeling finishing a project! smile

I need a new saw blade before laying out the next project, so I thought I would take a pallet or two apart while I wait. The ones the barn owner brought are super easy, but this one came my way... it is a real challenge! I've never seen double stringers. Worse, they do not go all the way through, but are in multiple pieces held together by the top boards. No wonder they used so many nails!

The rest of the boards are badly cracked. I might just ask Bob to help cut the rest off with the circular saw. I'm sure someone will burn it.

Everything seems to be going wrong today. Looking forward to going to bed. tongue out

Bob came home early and has fixed half of the problems I was having... hopefully the rest will fix itself with some rest.

I'm not ready for winter to start, but, I guess, the plants need their rest too.

Speaking of rest, I have to take it easy today... possibly a few days. tongue out Yesterday, while I was attempting to remove the fourth board from a pallet for the day, I felt a twinge in my shoulder. Knowing full well that that twinge is a stressed feeling, I immediately quit. Although I'm not exactly in pain this morning, my shoulder still feels stressed - along with my hand and wrist. Although I really want to press forward with my project, I would far rather spend a few days resting than spend months in pain (again!). tongue out

So, some light movement and maybe baking a cake are on the agenda today... other than that, it promises to be a loooong day. blank expression

I was having troubling dreams last night. In my dream, I said: I've had enough - I'm going to the barn! cool

Moving ever forward (even though, sometimes, it feels like I have stalled wink )

I know several people with PTSD and this is quite true! Sometimes the memories are quite vivid and you can't simply "focus on something else". You can't choose when a memory will stampede it's way in either. It can make life quite complicated as they learn how to cope (a process that can take a lifetime). blank expression

Bob got himself a new costume...

Now, he has two choices for any costume related events (that we don't attend) - pilot or "The Cable Guy" (work). Basically, going as himself. laugh

I have been seeing a lot of paint-by-number ads and some of them are GORGEOUS! I have added a couple to my wish list, but think I should probably finish a few more creative projects that I already have before buying more to do... tongue out

Over the weekend, I went looking for my next painting project that my step mother gave to me... only I couldn't find it. I searched the house a second day... and couldn't find it. It took THREE days looking in the same spots to find it! I tell people all of the time that just because I looked there doesn't mean it's not there! tongue out

I started painting this project today. It came with brushes, but they immediately went to the garbage when I tried using them because the bristles went every direction. No problem... I had three brand new sets of brushes in one of my creative project boxes that had been either gifted to me or were inherited...

One set went immediately to the garbage for the same reason as the brushes that came with the kit. grimace I am thinking of tossing a second set as the bristles refuse to stay straight. blank expression The third set is working out ok, though I have had to trim the bristles twice as they are shedding quite quickly and causing problems. Besides that, I am finding that the smallest brush (size 0) is too big for this project. The perfectionist in me finds it quite frustrating, so I ordered a detail brushes set to work with. smile