I do so enjoy clutter-free zones... making progress on a clutter free mind wink

The day is almost over and I'm still in pjs... and I'm not even sick! tongue out

We got to visit with family today. smile For the first time ever, my 3yr grandson barely allowed me to greet everyone before whisking me off to his room to show off his new bed and have me read him a story. Normally, it takes a good 30 minutes of warm up time before he's ready, so today was extra special. smile

My grand daughter, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the person that was masquerading as her Grandmama. She knows full well that Grandmama has PURPLE hair and wanted nothing to do with the blue haired imposter! laugh

You know what can make a wife angry? When the expressed feelings of the mother reflects your own, but the man listens to his mother and not the wife! Grrr. annoyed

I'm so glad to have a husband that regards my feelings as important... he might not completely understand them, but at least they aren't diminished wink

It occurred to me today that there seems to be 3 prevailing thought patterns in the world regarding covid vaccinations.

  1. Force the vaccination on everyone (regardless of personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs of the individual)
  2. Allow people to choose what would be best for themselves and their family (in accordance to their personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs).
  3. Deny people access to the vaccination (regardless of personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs of the individual)

The spiritual world has similar battles...

  1. People are forced to serve the God they are told to (regardless of personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs of the individual).
  2. People may choose to serve the God of their choice (in accordance to their personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs)..
  3. Worship of God is forbidden (regardless of personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs of the individual).
The same tactics are used over and over for battles large and small. Either you allow for the freedom of choice or you force compliance.

I, personally, strive for the balance provided in freedom of choice (even on issues I think everyone should agree with me on! wink ).

Both of my kids were already grown when Bob and I got married, so he doesn't get very many opportunities to let the "step Dad" title shine. But, it is certainly shining right now! smile I scheduled two very important events too close together in two very different places.

1. helping my Dad on his farm

2. my youngest was having what we were told was a minor surgery

I made sure to postpone helping my Dad until the day after my youngest's surgery. An out-patient surgery that was only supposed to take 3 hrs... we ended up being in the hospital 14hrs. It was a long day.

We were reassured during the prep that this surgery was no big deal with very little chance of anything going wrong. The micro-surgery itself took an extra hour as the surgeon was being extra careful. No big deal. However, while waking from the anesthesia, there was a hemotoma event that required a second surgery to deal with. Fun. What was supposed to be an easy two week recovery time is now a complex six plus weeks.

Back to Bob... Bob is NOT great with blood. Usually, if I'm dealing with some oozing wound of some sort and need help, I find someone else. My youngest's surgery requires emptying drainage tubes. Thanks to the hemotoma, there is blood involved there (we were told it normally is a clear fluid draining). So, I found someone to help with that before running off to my Dad's. (I told my youngest he could come if he wanted pampering, but he said he'd rather stay home instead of getting jostled during the ride.)

Bob was concerned about leaving our patient alone for the four hour round trip (even though he was doing better than expected), so I arranged to have our step-son meet us half way and had an emergency contact in place. A few hours after Bob returned, he checked the drainage and it wouldn't wait for when I had scheduled the help. So, he did the gruesome task himself! If that doesn't shout "Dad", I don't know what does! love

Even if it takes 18 yrs! It took awhile, but I love, love, loved my Gypsy (and everyone after her! wink )

This week, while I'm at my Dad's, I get to enjoy horses twice a day (or more, if I want). I love being able to interact with them early in the morning. I am sometimes impatient that the Lord hasn't opened the door for us to have our own place yet, but I am so thankful that I haven't had to give up my equine companion while I learn "in whatever state I am, to be content" (Philippians 4:11) smile

ok, I can agree with this explanation of being reincarnated. Every day, and every moment, our choices and actions can change the direction of your life, creating a new creature within. For me, the best "reincarnation" that is done is the recreation of the life given over to Christ (which, by the way, is a moment by moment choice) smile

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

But, no, I don't believe we'll be coming back to life as a cat or cricket or whatever to go through the pain of living on this sin filled planet again and again.

Some days (or nights, in this case) are really rough when you have vivid dreams. My dreams woke me up 3 times...

1. I dreamed that someone was cleaning the dryer lint screen. I woke up wondering who was doing laundry. (no one tongue out)

2. I dreamed that my computer was invaded by a hard drive destroying virus. After I crashed the computer, I looked at Bob and asked to go to the horses. Sigh. That one was intense, but I quickly calmed when I woke up and realized it was just a dream. smile

3. I dreamed that my phone dinged from receiving a text message. That one caused me to jump up, ready for action!

Such busy, busy dreams! But, this is a new day, full of possibilities. I am glad and I will rejoice! smile

Ah, home energy

No matter how much I love staying at my Dads, nor how much I enjoy time with my oldest and the grand kids, it is always difficult getting decent sleep away from my husband. wink

I have time to work on projects and, suddenly, the house is too quiet to think blank expression

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

The barn has been in a disgraceful state for almost two years. I wasn't able to finish cleaning it out last year before everything here froze. Between schedules and the heat this year, I've had to post-pone all of my horse related projects. grimace But...

The weather has been so nice! And, schedules have allowed me to be able to spend a lot of time cleaning out the barn recently. smile

Miles stall is clean. Hopefully, tonight, Chrissy's stall will be clean. It's only taken 7hrs (over 3 days) to get this far ?? I am soooo sore!

Last night, I asked Bob to see what I've done so far (I needed some encouragement). He said: Wow! wide eyed (He did admit to being tempted in saying that I missed a spot, but thought better of it... I told him that we'll just leave it at Wow - especially since I am not done. wink )

Destiny's stall is next. I really wanted to be done with cleaning tomorrow, but I have a feeling my body isn't going to co-operate with that dream since it will likely take 3-4hrs (or 10-15 wheelbarrow loads) to finish. tongue out

Whether I finish tomorrow or not, isn't this a great picture of Bob and Destiny? big heart

My body has decided to inform me that nothing will be getting done today (other than rest). grimace I will try again tomorrow.

Almost every month, I have at least one really rough day. Yesterday was worse than usual. However, the "storm" is over and I feel really blessed...

my youngest made a special trip to the grocery store so that I wouldn't have to do much for supper

my oldest limited her phone time so I could nap

my husband fed the horses on his way home (yes, I felt bad enough I couldn't bring myself even to go out to the horses! crying)

a local friend provided some paint to work on a paint-by-number project that didn't come with enough white

and, of course, I am grateful for all the herbs, essential oils, CBD, and ibuprofen that I rotated through to make it through a day that would have been far worse without them! wink

Yes, I am truly blessed! smile

Have you ever bought an ingredient that you have never used before, specifically for a recipe that you have never tried before? I have.

I bought almond extract. But, I didn't take it off of the grocery list, forgot that I had gotten it, and bought another one! Now, I have TWO bottles of almond extract and have no idea what the recipe to try was! blank expression

Here are some facts about me that many in my life have found weird (sometimes intolerable) that some new faces in my friends list may not have picked up on yet.. Enjoy! smile

I am a Seventh Day Adventist. I am not part of a cult (though there are plenty of cults claiming to be SDA). I am a Christian that believes that Saturday is, and should be remembered as, the Sabbath. Regardless of my belief, I’m not going to push doctrine on anyone.

I am a vegetarian. I am not against meat eating. I simply do not like the taste. I do have religious views on some meat, but I will not be condemning you for eating whatever you want. Just, please, don’t be offended when I don’t eat your offering.

I find it is easier to get along with animals than people.

I prefer to use natural remedies for my well-being and that of my pets. I may even recommend something or other, if I know someone struggling with an ailment. I am NOT, however, against doctors or modern medicine. I have asthma and really appreciate my rescue inhaler the few times a year that I need it!

I believe freedom of choice is a divine right. This includes vaccination. And a great many other controversial topics.

I do not appreciate swear words. I am not against your freedom of speech. I just get a headache biting my tongue, trying not to point out the absurdity in what was said. Many otherwise intelligent people use these four letter words like elementary school kids with apparently no care of what the words mean. I just think that intelligent adults should have a larger collection of descriptive words in their vocabulary and save the four letter stuff for those who don’t seem to understand anything else.

I am ok with homosexuals, transgenders, people of any color, people of all religions and political views. I may not understand every struggle or every view, but I see individuals walking their own path needing to make their own choices. People not trying to fit in a box and be something they are not. I respect that.

I spend several hours a day on the phone with my schizophrenic daughter ? I do not believe that people suffering from mental illness need to hide behind a fake mask, be locked in a hospital for all time, or be so drugged they cannot function. I believe many are misunderstood and may need to learn coping and communication skills… but, I also believe this is something that can benefit us all!

I am a very sensitive person prone to anxiety. I do not like groups. I can’t handle loud voices. I can’t talk when my anxiety becomes strong. It doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say are condone behavior, I just physically cannot speak right then and will walk away if I can or sink into a corner and cry if I can’t.

I am legally blind. I have perfect central vision, but lack peripheral vision. So, I trip over and bump into many things that are in plain sight. I also turn completely blind in the dark. I do not go into strange, dark areas by myself. Actually, I don’t visit any new area by myself! tongue out I carry a head lamp and a flashlight in my purse at all times. I can count the stars that I can see in the night sky.