April 2022

The therapeutic season of barn cleaning has begun.


The appraisal report came back good - two weeks early! wide eyed

Just one more hurdle (septic inspection) before we know for sure about the house!


Bob says: It really won't take that long to pack, but if you need something to do...

As I'm carefully cushioning my shells and glass items in the shredded paper that I made last week (which will be used to make compost later ), I'm imagining that Bob and I may have vastly different packing strategies. I am very slow and careful (wrapping, using all of the space, and labeling); but I can imagine Bob sweeping whatever is on a shelf into a box and calling it good. I think I'll take charge of the breakables...


I share this just because I find it amusing today...

My ceramic dolls are wrapped in t-shirts and snuggled inside coats. I wanted a quick, soft layer on top (beneath are pictures - also wrapped in coats ), so a sentinel of stuffed animals was added.

Yes, babies... you really will be ok in there for a couple of months...


Buddy thinks I made him a custom, comfy new bed


I have been dreaming about gardening... starting new beds, where to plant what, composting, etc. It's going to take me 3-4 years to implement all of my plans!

I asked Bob: Do you think it would be too weird of me to want to take the dirt from my tire beds with us?

He looks at me incredulously and says: Yes.

The man doesn't want to move dirt? Huh.

I just got a call from the realtor, who informed me that the septic inspection is scheduled for tomorrow and we should know the details by the end of the week. smile I am super excited because I am packing as slowly as possible and still be considered moving forward... yet, I am running out of things to pack up (without causing much inconvenience wink)!


I told Bob, "I'm out of packing material". So, he went to the recycling center during his lunch break yesterday and brought home newspaper. smile Then, he fingered the paper towels and said "now you don't need to use paper towels". laugh

boxes boxes

Bob says the house is filling up with boxes. laugh I am starting to feel a bit claustrophobic myself - as well as feeling a bit displaced today. tongue out