Last night was AWESOME! I was admiring the beauty of fading light of dusk when I saw a flash. I thought it was just a flash in my vision, but then there were more flashes... I called to Bob in the other room. Bob, Bob! The lawn is flashing! He didn't even move. He just asks: why? I giggle: there are lightening bugs! He was unimpressed. But me... I haven't seen lightening bugs flashing in YEARS... I think since my youngest was a baby. The tiny flashes are just so brief that I typically can't find them (if I'm even awake late enough to possibly see them wink). So, yeah, I was almost as excited as a child. wide eyed

dog condo

We have all of the furniture out of the garage. smile

Bob has jumped into the next project... a dog "condo" (his term).

He is seriously enjoying doing home improvements and has plans for a BIG one... running electricity to what will be the dog pen (for house and water heaters) and the barn! wide eyed We thought about waiting until next year for this project (I could break ice and wear my head lamp another year), but when I mentioned we could have an electric bug zapper, he said: SOLD! laugh


With the move and there being sooo much wind this spring, Bob hasn't gotten to fly much. Since we both needed a break from projects, we decided to do a long flight and visit my family for a bit. It was a lovely day to fly and I didn't even need CBD to calm my nerves this time! smile


Do you see those eyes peering out from inside the shed? That is Jericho. He is NOT supposed to be in there, but is temporary pen is along side the shed. He is busily showing us every, single loose board, wire, and space over 4 inches for us to fix. He seems to have issues with being confined. :p


Here is Bob repairing a gate that Jericho kindly found a loose spot and ripped open so we could see it better and know where to reinforce...

Bob is busily mumbling something about really not liking dogs.... wink

cuckoo clock

Not quite 2 months here and we have already started hanging decorative items (Bob put in an anchor for the clock... nails for the other items were already there for perfect placement smile)

Today, I unpacked the last of my boxes! well, I still have 4 boxes of items to hang (waiting for me to decide where) and 2 boxes of craft items that need to stay in my closet for a while yet (until I finish a few dozen sewing projects wink).

But, I had more boxes than that in my closet (and garage) after YEARS of living in Madison. I am so grateful to be living here! wide eyed

I may have to help my youngest next... he still has a storage shed full to go through (of course, he hasn't had as much time as I have had!)... wink


See those posts? I put all 10 of those in this morning. I knew I was getting stronger! smile (this will be the dog pen and I only put in half the needed posts)

When my Dad gave us the driver a couple of years ago, I could barely move it into the truck. Later, I had someone else move it into the garage. tongue out

Today, I lifted it 8-10 times per post and lifted it over my head to remove it each time. Though I am tired, my back and shoulder do not hurt. So cool! cool

It's not all good news this morning, though... Bob and I talked about how the posts should face last night. I wrote it down, so I wouldn't forget. I looked at the note before going out to rearrange the electric tape to make the work easier (the horses needed to move any way). I thought I should come in and double check before I got started, but rejected that idea... so... every single post is facing the WRONG way! grimace

Bob said my fencing mess-up may provide better support for when the dog bounces off of it. We'll just add more support for the corners. He is the best. wide eyed

The kitties don't care one way or the other. wink Hmm... maybe I shouldn't show that picture... it proves I haven't done any weed eating. tongue out


cable attachment

Bob was able to use a ditch witch with a cable attachment to put the electric line in to the barn and dog pen, so the machine digs and buries in one pass. cool The wire kept unwinding off of the spool, creating tension, so I ended up walking alongside feeding the wire. The vibration wore me out and my wrists are sore, but it was still soooo much easier than digging! smile


barn lights

We have barn lights!!! wide eyed

No more fumbling with a flashlight or smashing my headlamp against my nose. Yay!!!

Now to get a bug zapper. wink

ooo... someone should clean the barn... tongue out

Six years together and Bob is finally in the dog house! laugh

in the dog house

The dog "condo" is in place and the electrical is ready (for a dog house heater, water heater, and possible wireless border for our escape artist). smile

dog house

Next weekend's project: putting up the fence

The yard is blooming with mushrooms! wide eyed

Now I'm glad that we haven't had a chance to mow yet (I did ask Bob to mow the barnyard weeds before they went to seed though wink). I don't know if these little guys are edible or not, but they do give me hope that I'll be able to grow mushrooms here (that is on my gardening wish list). smile

Don't worry. We won't be harvesting these as Daddy taught us as children not to touch mushrooms we aren't familiar with cool



I have pretty much cleaned the shed out of every thing that isn't hay. Now, for my next priority cleaning project, I need to get it out of the rafters before getting hay for the winter. I have taken 8 wheel barrow loads of old, loose, dusty, moldy hay out just from the floor (there is more, but it requires me to move the hay that is in there from one side of the shed to the other and I want the rafters done first). I have been good so far with working with caution (even wearing a dust mask to prevent an asthma attack). The rafters will be a bit more challenging for me and, if I find it is too much for me to handle (physically or emotionally), I may have to ask Bob to do it.



I uncovered the rafter access area of the hay shed yesterday. Bob looked up there and said "Are you sure this needs done?" laugh

I have good and bad news about my cleaning project.

Good news: There isn't as much mold overhead as I originally thought. It appears that 99% of the mold I smell is in (and under) a carpet that I have yet to move (we will be ordering a dumpster).

pile of hay

Bad news: The rafter area appears to be a gigantic litter box. grimace At least it doesn't smell, but carries it's own health risks. blank expression

I was able to do a small patch this morning with a garden claw tool. And, I removed all of the loose boards in the front half that I could. Unless I can take more boards out (I will have to talk to Bob about that possibility), I will have to actually climb into the rafters and crawl as I clean. That will have to wait until someone is home to make sure I can safely climb up... and get back down. tongue out

so dirty

YES! I am gaining soooo much confidence! I can't say that I am completely feeling back to my old self yet (that will require a bit of time on horseback), but.... Wow-sah! I got sooo dirty (even with safety glasses, mask, and a cowboy style hat)! And no asthma attack (so far - it's been an hour). wide eyed I think the last time I got this dirty was before I became "Mommy" (I do have a natural aversion to being dirty)! tongue out

I am now 1/3 done with my project. That hay is being so stubborn though! I took down a dozen boards and the hay mat just sagged a little. I still had to use a pitchfork to pry it down, but it went a lot faster than using the garden claw.

hay so dirty


Ben grinning ear to ear after a nice ride on Chrissy, holding Holly, and Jericho happily following along. smile

I had to forego my morning clean-the-shed-workout because my muscles were threatening to strike. grimace The great thing about it is that it has been YEARS since I have been able to do a strenuous enough workout to feel the next day. Normally, my back or shoulder start reminding me of their existence (and threatening months of anguish tongue out) long before my other muscles get to the point of saying: Wow! What a great workout! So, even though I have been kind of uncomfortable today and limiting myself to light work, I can relate to the saying in this image: When you feel the burn and loving every second of it. smile

Five fantastic years of marital bliss. big heart

concrete step

After my nearly falling a number of times on the bottom, uneven step, and a suggestion to do "something" about the loose hand rail before winter, Bob decided to make a concrete step that encases the base of the rail. We know that it may not have been the "correct way" to fix it, but it was the simplest solution for what he had to work it - otherwise, we would have had to remove part of the deck and retaining wall, which we have ZERO interest in doing right now. wink The rail is now very stable and there is no more shifting step. smile

The guys also started putting up the dog pen fencing, but it got too hot to do much.


dirty hay

I finished my task of removing the old hay over head in the shed. Now, I just need to clean up my mess. tongue out Thankfully, that will not be nearly as dirty and a bit easier to do. smile


Just a reminder smile


So far, I've walked 2.5 miles shuttling the bad hay out to the spot of my choosing (a large area of weeds :p ). There is more to do, but I have almost half of the shed thoroughly cleaned out now... just in time too - hay is being delivered tomorrow. smile

Bob's response yesterday to how much I've accomplished was: Holy cow! shock  I'm glad he appreciates my effort. smile

Ugh! Massive headache. Productivity is cancelled. crying


I had a pretty bad headache yesterday, but went out to feed the horses any way (I could have waited for someone else to do it). Well... I forgot to latch the gate when I left and they decided to help themselves to more. Thankfully, we already knew that there was a high possibility of this type of thing happening and didn't have grain stored out there (large amounts of grain can kill a horse crying). And, they only dismantled one bale. Still, it was quite the reminder to latch the gate. tongue out

Bob flew to a pancake social this monring and I am down with another headache (it was really pounding when he left, but letting up enough for me to open my eyes now). I wanted to go with him. This is miserable. crying I really feel for those afflicted with migraines!

Bob caught a couple of pictures of our place as he flew by this morning smile

home home

Bob's caption: Hello?! Can I help you? We're trying to have a private conversation here... laugh

dog pen

The guys put the dog fence in place yesterday. They still need to put in a divider so the older Holly will get some respite from the young Jericho's play. However, Jericho has stayed put and appears to be happier in this new, much bigger play area. smile

hay delivery

My project for the past two days... it took two days because the shower that was supposed to start yesterday afternoon started around 10am. Thankfully, I saw the dark clouds and managed to get the tarp on before it started. smile

I needed to climb to the top of the hay to pull (or push) bales to the ground, so I could move it into the shed and stack it where I wanted. The first climb was the worst. Half way up I started to panic and thought, "Maybe I should wait for someone else to do this..." Just as quickly, I banished that idea and told myself "Nonsense! You got this!" and scrambled on up. Although it is not the first time for me to stack 100 bales myself, it is the first time in a very long time that I climbed up to the top of the hay stack. So, I am proud to say that I managed the entire load on my own and didn't let my fears get in the way this time. wide eyed


I chose an easier job this morning... cleaning the barn. smile Bob put up an electric fly zapper a few days ago. It works! It was so nice not having to battle flies while cleaning! cool (the horses are appreciating fewer flies too wink)

cone flowers

We have a few, lovely coneflowers blooming. wide eyed I will have to mark the spot so I don't uproot them when I prepare the area for next year's blooms.

Bob told me "I know they're harmless, but I find them terrifying." Yet, when he saw this lovely yellow garden spider, he knew I would want to see it and probably photograph it. So, he came in and told me: grab your camera and look around the car's tires. He knows me so well! big heart

Some days you get an eye-opener... I was a little confused when my Dad first called my x-family a "cult", but he sure nailed it! I have an insightful Dad. cool