I have decided where I want my horse play area. I could use the barn yard; but, I want a specific size and a separate area so the horse knows: oh, now it is time to pay attention. Bob has helped me measure out 3 sides so far. The fourth side has a bit of an obstacle in the way...


The hay shed has been clean for a couple of weeks. I finally put away the tools today (I got a little side-tracked with other projects) and decided to take a picture to share. It gives me great satisfaction seeing it done - especially knowing how much work I put into it! smile

wasp nest

My morning goals got altered...

Last week, while pruning the very over-grown creeping juniper bush, I got stung or bitten by something. I didn't see it, but the swelling was instant and painful (so glad my premium essential oils took the swelling down quickly!).

Today, I planned to finish this job. I cut out two branches and got a glimpse of something white... I took a closer look and decided that any thing else was more important than chancing another sting from these yellow jacket hatchlings!

Since the wasps were still pretty cold and barely moving, I took a quick photo and then sprayed them (typically I wait for someone else because they move too fast for me to keep track of!). The can says it kills the nest too. I'll check for activity tomorrow before I get started.


I got up around 3am to get a drink of water. I heard the sound of water and thought it was raining hard. Then, I realized the sound was coming from the basement! So, I woke Bob up to let him know that the water needed turned off. Only the house valve didn't do the trick. He had to turn it off at the water main, but he doesn't have the correct tool... so, I called the water company and they sent a message to the on-call person. Bob did manage to somehow get the water off (I called and cancelled the on-call person) and managed to fix the problem. There is an elbow coming from the water main into the house with no valve and the clamps had rusted and loosened their grip. Thankfully, the sump pump kicked on as it was supposed to, so the damage was minimal (so far, just some old magazines of one box that we were ready to part with any way). I'm also thankful I needed a drink of water or it could have gotten worse.

I have cleaned up enough of the brush pile to finish laying out my 66 x 132 horse play area that I will be able to start using after my little trip. smile

There may be some confusion of my reference to this being my "horse play area". Let me clarify. This is my safe riding area. One horse will be in the barn yard while I "play" with my horse so the other doesn't try to "help". The electric tape will be turned OFF when I am "playing" (there is lots that I do on the ground, as well as in the saddle), but is there to show me a boundary to work with and keep the horse some what contained should I loose control. There are safety caps for the posts that I will likely invest in so that I do not impale myself should I fall.

The size is based on a Dressage arena. It is not exact to size (referred to as a Cowboy Dressage arena), but the posts placed as my distance markers. We would have liked a barrel racing size area, but that is nearly double the size and would require major changes. Maybe later. We will also not be changing from the grass to the standard sand footing.

I chose not to put up a more permanent fence for several reasons. One is cost. Another is that this area needs to be available from time to time for trucks to move through.

This (a designated "play" are of this size) is something that I have wanted for nearly 30 years (my ex didn't feel it was necessary). I am VERY excited! wide eyed


The front flower bed is weeded and some of the painted tires are in place for next year's blooms. The front will be showcasing wild flowers since the "soil" is basically sandy gravel, but many wild flowers thrive in that type of soil. I purposefully left a few dandelions in place for the greenery (and because I was tired of digging out the 12 inch+ roots wink).

I have not finished pruning the creeping juniper bush yet, but I did check on the wasp nest. It is still very much alive. :p I will have Bob destroy the nest before I work in that area again. I can't bring myself to crush it or set it on fire. *shudder*

As it is, I felt terrible having to remove a spider's egg sac that was attached to horse halters. The mother was there shielding it with her body while I was dismantling the web with a stick. Laugh if you like, but I was ready to cry. fountain of tears

its fine tshirt

ok. My nervous system has improved tremendously over the last six years, but Bob saw this shirt and thought of me. smile

My youngest says that this is what I look like when my oldest is talking to me on the phone with the grand kids screaming in the background and he comes home and tries to talk to me at the same time. laugh (and, yes, the run-on sentence was deliberate wink)

dream board vision board

I made my first vision board in December 2017. Many of the dreams have been fulfilled!

  • exercise equipment
  • camera (though not the one I was thinking of)
  • dental cleaning
  • pilot license
  • our own place with a BARN
  • a riding area!!

Not too bad for under 5 years smile

The other dreams are still a work in progress and are related to my website. I am not sad about them as I have not been at all consistent. How can you make progress if you don't actually do the work? wink Yet, despite not doing much, I am half-way to my first desired goal, which has encouraged me to try to apply myself yet again. smile

Still... I thought it time to update the vision board. This time, I have included the horse goals that I have (basically, year 1 & 2 of a horsemanship course that I had started with three other horses, but was never able to complete). big heart

Now for the hard part... stop dreaming and planning and actually go do what needs done! wink

I am finally finished pruning the creeping juniper bushes and repairing the wall around the house. I am not a mason, but I think I did an adequate job. I did not use mortar this time, so it will need work again next year (or so). Some areas still slope quite a bit. Those will get leveled whenever I decide to do a better job. I have a few extra bricks to work with... wink

The one bush looks rather sad. I had to remove A LOT to find the wall. I am waiting to see what it looks like in the spring. I may just remove it. The other two look pretty good though. smile

Where did all the trimmings go? They will be the base layer for our first raised bed. Bob helped me line up the posts. We will put the sides up soon.

And, there is a lovely pile of rocks to work with once I decide where to use them. big heart

orange kitten

9 cats isn't enough... Ben had to bring another home... (of course, he's wanted another orange cat since we moved away from Oregon wink)

Buddy on massage table

We bought a massage table... or... a new cat bed wink