My daughter started having contractions over the weekend @ 2-3 min apart. I had her go to the ER to find out if they were the real deal or not. They were, but it is too soon to have the baby yet and her water hadn't broke, so they put her on bedrest. Bob brought me out Sunday and I'll be staying with her until after the baby is born - hopefully closer to her due date (July 28)! So glad to be able to be here and have a supportive husband that isn't griping about "deserting my family" to care for adult children! heart smile

Thank you for all the prayers for my daughter! Her contractions are down to a couple of times an hour and has been taken off bed rest, but still needs to take it easy so they don't flare up again. The newest problem is the baby is breech. He has a week to turn around or she'll need to have a cesarean. She is very disappointed because she was really looking forward to having a natural delivery.

Bob and my youngest get to come tonight! yay

my daughter is doing well... so well, in fact, that I was starting to think that I could go home this weekend. A while later, she had several strong contractions that left her breathless - so much for that idea! tongue out

My love language is Service and Bob's is Touch - we do all we can to show love in the way we each receive it best. So, he never complains when I ask him to do something for me (and it gets done promptly smile ) and I am happy to rub his back/shoulders/feet/head each day (along with the normal hugs and kisses, of course!). love

My youngest is 20 today! wow We don't get to celebrate together today, but at least we were able to spend some time together (and enjoy the traditional, celebratory pumpkin pie wink ) over the weekend heart smile

my daughter's baby is still breech. Her c-section is scheduled for July 24. I'm going home for a day or two this weekend since she is fairly stable. heart smile

Some dimwit has made my daughter cry. What is wrong with having a cesarean? The baby is breech! If he decides to co-operate and flip around like he's supposed to, great! she can cancel the surgery. In the meantime, friends and family should be thrilled that a c-section is possible (and far safer than a couple of decades ago)! Having a cesarean is NOT a matter of salvation, but it CAN be the difference between life and death. I just don't understand why some people are so set against it. annoyed

Bob and I are celebrating our one year anniversary today. I love him more and feel closer to him now than on our wedding day. heart

Breadsticks from Pizza Hut, left unattended, are mine! Not healthy... didn't say they were healthy... just that they are MINE! laugh

My daughter tells me that I am a lot more feisty now than I was while she was growing up. She thinks it is because Bob has "reprogrammed" me. I told her that maybe it's because I'm not stifled anymore. tongue out

Good news! Good news! my daughter's baby has decided to cooperate and flipped over sometime in the last couple of days! Whew! celebration Since there is no longer a medical need for a cesarean, they've opted to play the waiting game for a natural birth and hope that little baby stays in the correct position smile

Today is my daughter's due date, but the little guy is in no hurry to make an appearance. pensive

A novel a day keeps boredom at bay wink

My daughter just about choked on her food... I was working on my computer while she chattered about something or other when I jumped up from the table declaring my need to go to the bathroom, immediately followed by "Oh, wait, wait, wait! I need to do this first!" She says I don't need more coffee. tongue out