I went through my clothes yesterday... pulled out a couple of arm fulls that don't fit to get rid of this spring... put half a dozen very nice sweaters in a box to sell next fall... and my dresser and closet are still FULL! where did all of these clothes come from??? aaargh! frustrated

Flower seeds planted grin

Two years off of medication and feeling great... but, the last time I got sick must've thrown me back a bit... I've progressively had more and more trouble with the litter boxes (that's finally solved! yay!) and dust over the past couple of months. Then, last night, it was painful to breathe. Out came the rescue inhaler. tongue out Breathing is so great!!! :) Of course, raking up 2 bags of leaves, 3 bags of loose hay, and playing in the dirt planting flower seeds while the trees are pollinating has Nothing to do with it... right? wink I wouldn't have been able to venture outside in Oregon - let alone do several hours of work. However, I do believe I'll need some allergy pills or, at least, pace myself. pensive

I had a great Mother's Day love Miles has been giving us so much trouble that I've been thinking about replacing him; so, Bob and my youngest took me to see a Tennessee Walker (horse). Phoenix left his food and group to come right up to me just as the guy was telling us which one he was. He gave Bob and my youngest a bit of trouble; but, despite his antics, I decided to get on him. Bob led me around a little while I checked my balance, then I moved away. I think Phoenix could tell that I was nervous and took it slow. When he did decide that I could handle him actually picking up the pace though my heart started pounding and I was done - my anxiety got the best of me. But, I am glad that I tried him - it was a wonderful 5 minutes! love And Bob now understands why I was looking for a TW... he said that there were several times that he would have come off of Miles, but was secure on Phoenix and the ride was s-m-o-o-t-h ;)

I love my husband soooo much! love

I was talking to him about Miles and his antics (like "how fast can I get my rider to fall off?") and he is willing to work with his personality traits that will create a partnership rather than the "use a bigger stick" philosophy. And, Bob is ok with my "rides" lasting only 5 minutes.

So many people say that you need to push through your fear/anxiety; but, for me, it has just made things worse. It really wasn't that long ago that I enjoyed racing across a field or jumping a ditch. Now, I can barely get on. It's frustrating.

But, my anxiety in daily life is down to "barely there" levels (for the most part), so I have high hopes to eventually get back in the saddle (after A LOT of groundwork with Miles) with the patient encouragement and support of my partner in life. love

So, Miles is not going to be replaced. He is not mean-spirited - he just loves to pull pranks and needs his energy redirected smile

I don't like anxiety - makes me hungry tongue out

Visiting with my oldest for the week smile What's even better than getting to visit is that I don't get a guilt trip from my husband about being gone heart of course, the downside to that is that I miss him and am actually looking forward to going back home cool

It is so wonderful having a husband that tells you that you did a great job on a project without having to point out what you did! heart

I simply swept the porch... took me an hour or so to scoop up last year's leaves (less than 1/2 a bag full) that I've been ignoring and do some detailed sweeping... Bob walked in the door and said that it looks like I sprayed the concrete down! laugh