Of course, my "voice" will have to be heard online... I don't think I'm ready for face to face yet tongue out

I re-arranged the items on my dresser for the cats' comfort... looks like Buddy is appreciative! wink

thought you'd enjoy this smile

I helped with yard work today... Bob decided blades would be better for the weed eater, so he didn't have to replace the string so often. It worked well for him when he used it a couple of weeks ago... all he said when he turned me loose was "try not to break the blades"... guess what? I think I'm going to be demoted back to string... tongue out

Americans have Almost Entirely Forgotten Their History

This is soooo sad and a woeful view of the inadequacies of our school system where you learn enough to pass a test and don't actually need to retain knowledge... if history is even taught in any detail now tongue out Seems to me that kids should at least be able to pass a citizenship test before being allowed to decide our country's future wink

Yesterday afternoon, I was hit with a wave of sadness out of nowhere… apparently for no reason… no immediately recognized triggers… seemingly completely random. It was very disturbing. Especially when Bob came home after I had a two hour nap to recover from the onslaught of tears and immediately asked “What’s wrong?”.

I was on the phone at the time, so couldn’t answer him right away, which almost brought on a new set of tears.

I no longer am burdened by the heavy sadness, but my anxiety level has been higher than usual today.

After much reflection, I think I know what triggered the emotional roller-coaster… I had shared a post that I thought had a valid point regarding the separation of children at the border. The comments I received were not that upsetting. However, the thoughts that later took over in my brain were.

It reminded me of a set of conversations I had a couple of months ago that triggered an emotional response that spiraled out-of-control and left me feeling quite fragile for several weeks. I have struggled with whether to share the experience or not, because it is very personal to me. Yet, it seems, for some illogical reason, important for my own healing to revisit the subject and share the thoughts I was faced with.

So, put your safety gear on and prepare to be dizzied by the swirling thoughts that my emotional self takes in an effort to regain balance. Read on: https://healinghorsetouch.com/reflective-moments/swirling-thoughts.html

As I was finishing a round of fb messenger, texting and phone calls that came in rapid succession last night, Bob smiled at me and dubbed me the: Insanity Avoidance Companion love The greatest part is that he understands the need for one (he's been there) and doesn't mind sharing me smile

Recently, someone asked me what I took for my allergies. I recommended a common OTC because I do still need one from time to time… like when I use the weed-eater and get covered from head to toe with fresh grass clippings…

However, last time I took an allergy pill, I counted how many I’ve used since I bought the box the first part of May. Drum roll please… FIVE… I’ve only used five allergy pills in the past ten weeks! Woo-hoo! celebration

When I started taking VitalBiome from Plexus two years ago, I needed an allergy pill 3-4 times a week during the spring and summer months. This year, I can walk back and forth through tall grass moving temporary fence for the horses, stroll under pollinating trees, take a moment to enjoy smelling the flowers (how I've missed being able to do that!), and am even able to leave the windows open while the neighbors mow their yards! shock

Some people think I’m just trading one pill for another. Obviously, this little probiotic has not been a quick fix for me (and I still struggle under certain circumstances). However, I’d rather be giving my body the tools it needs to rebuild my health versus a daily “bandaid” while my health continually declines.

Best. Trade. Ever! cool

My "chauffeur" is out-of-town for a few days and Bob is on call. So... unless I become overly anxious and need a late night visit to the horses, it looks like I'm house bound tongue out

After Bob's typical work day ended, he was called to do a job that no one else was able to do, which kept him out until nearly nine. In the mean time, I received word from my youngest, who was working at a store an hour away, that she was having stomach pain radiating up through the chest area. An OTC was taken... symptoms got worse... water was drank... symptoms worsened... food was tried... painful. grimace

Before Bob got home from work, a friend picked up my youngest from work to head to the ER after the pain intensified to the point of being debilitating and nearly passing out. We met them there as soon as we were able.

Blood work, ultrasound, and CT scans were taken - ruling out infectious diseases, appendicitis, gallbladder stones, pancreatitis, anemia and any other impending life-threatening problems. Nothing.

3 pain medications and a "GI cocktail" were given with little relief. Being discharged with the suggestion that it may possibly be an ulcer. Oh, what fun! crying

We are all extremely tired after putting in a very long 22 hour day! We are so relieved that it was not life-threatening, but now a tad concerned about how much the insurance may, or may not, cover (having never used the company insurance for an ER visit). blank expression

After my youngest visited the ER for the mysterious, debilitating stomach pain, she decided it was time to start looking for a new job - despite loving the current one. Why?

A few months ago, a new manager had taken over and has proven to be a nasty person. She - treats the employees like peasants (four employees have quit for this reason) - yells at them (one person quit his very first day because she yelled at him for not knowing how to do stuff!) - expects the employees to pick up her slack while she spends the day on smoke break (she is a chain smoker) - refuses to take time for communication (she is too busy to stop and listen and after hours is her time) - does not follow company policy (including re-dating expired product and using it! shock) - blatantly tells lies.

My recently-turned-21-year-old has been encouraging the other employees to stand up for themselves and submit complaints and start a log book to log when they do stuff (because the manager says they don't do their jobs), but they are scared. Then, when my child complained to another employee in confidence, guess who got reprimanded? tongue out

Of course, it IS detrimental to the team to speak poorly of management and the reprimand was just, but the statement was made that the manager had to have 100% full support and my child simply can not support this type of behavior - even if it means getting a lower paying job and, possibly, having to move away from home (sharing rent with a friend).

I'm very proud of my child's decision and how she tried to stand up for others. love Though, I must admit, I have not enjoyed the disruption in our lives.

I was able to spend some time cleaning stalls at the barn yesterday. The mud problem continues this year, though it isn't as deep or vast as last year. Still... it is bad enough that I haven't been able to clean stalls in months (it's gross - I much prefer daily cleaning!).

The expense of fixing the problem is too great, so I'm working the same plan as last year - waiting for a dry spell and filling in holes with manure tongue out

The rubber mats I laid down last year worked fairly well, but have sunk a bit in the mud. Yesterday, I dug one out, moved it out of the way, and filled in the low spots. Then, I moved into position to wrestle the mat back into place (some how, 60 lbs of slippery, flexible rubber seems a lot heavier!). I sank. The mud nearly swallowed my boot and refused to let me go!shock

I spent the next 15-20 minutes digging my boot out tongue out Of course, the shovel was out of reach... at least I had my gloves on... tongue out

I had to pull my foot out of my boot and sit on the filthy rubber mat in order to move the mud (I'm not exactly agile and really was thankful to have the mat to sit on tongue out ).

When Destiny saw me digging and pulling on my boot, he did his best to help - he grabbed hold of my boot and tried to yank it out laugh The boot didn't budge, but I love that horse! big heart

When Bob came to pick me up after work, I was too tired and sore to have him help me move the mat back into place. Plus, I wasn't about to risk either of us getting stuck in the mud again! tongue out

I'll have to dig that mat out and put it back eventually... or, maybe I'll admit defeat and buy a new one instead. wink

So many trials and disappointments lately... but, God's grace abounds and this is the song on my heart right now! My youngest called a little bit ago... the car broke down on the interstate. Thankfully, there was no collision and no one is hurt and there is a friend near by. Guess Bob's weekend just filled up! tongue out

The weather this week has been perfect for me... partly cloudy, under 80, breezy enough to stay cool while working... aaah I've taken advantage of it too...

Friday - weeded all the tiny trees growing around the house and shed (there were hundreds!) and moved a collection of building materials away from the house to the shed.

Monday - cut down the bigger trees (under an inch diameter) around the house and shed and pruned back a tree that was preventing the shed door from opening.

Tuesday - fun at the barn.

Today - cut down the grass in and around the dog pen... this is the worst chore for me... 15 minutes of using the weed eater and my whole body vibrates for hours tongue out

However, I'm thankful that I can enjoy yard work again. smile One of these days, maybe I'll even learn how to operate the lawn mower and see what mischief I could get into... wink

When my youngest was trying to figure out how to get to work for the next few days with the car in need of repair, she suggested bringing the motorcycle down to the city... I'm like... TAXI! wink

When I told Bob the suggestion, he said: "Oh, hell, no!" I never expected him to freak out worse than me! laugh

I just want to say... it is NOT our lack of confidence in her driving skill, but the traffic in Sioux Falls is CRAZY (including a fatal accident from someone not paying attention in a work zone just the day before). shock

Plus, the little motorcycle has a tendency to rattle every bolt loose... one day, now that the training period has gone well, we'll get a decent one... in the mean time... no. No city driving. tongue out

Bob said he normally would've taken yesterday off to go fix the car, but the only other person in the area is off on vacation, so he has to stick around here until the weekend. I just love it that his first instinct is to use a personal day though! love

A friend was able to bring my youngest home yesterday morning to snag the truck, so she does have wheels smile The same friend took a quick look under the hood of the car and "the belt" is missing. Bob says this belt runs the coolant pump, power steering pump, AC, and alternator... pretty handy little thing! He said the good news is that it is a relatively easy fix - as long as it didn't take anything else out with it (which we'll find out tomorrow).

Bob asked, "Where's this picture going?" Facebook, of course! Silly question laugh

Here he is working on the car... in the rain... during our second trip to the city to get it up and running. The first day was terribly hot and Bob said he far preferred the rain to the heat! smile

The first day, he changed the serpentine belt in a matter of minutes, but the tensioner was obviously malfunctioning, so the project had to be put on hold in order to retrieve more parts and tools from home. Oh, the love and dedication shown! love

Last night, I dropped my glass of orange juice on my computer keyboard and mouse. Thankfully, Bob, my Hero!!!, was able to rescue them love

Today, I have scorched my carrots and upended a bag of chips onto the carpet (so glad I vacuumed!). tongue out