My plans for the day did NOT include MORE snow tongue out

This picture didn't turn out as well as I hoped. my youngest is standing on a snow drift. Not a pile of snow from plowing, but a pile the wind made. The corner of the building is the garage. Behind the garage is a car, completely buried. This 5-6 ft deep drift is directly between the driveway and the horse barn. It is quite the hill to climb every day!

Here I am pulling a bale of hay on a tabaggon from the storage shed to the barn. We have to go from the shed through two feet deep snow to the fence, where the horses have a compacted a trail to the barn. Making a direct shot from the shed to the barn is a lot more work as we'd be struggling through 4ft or more of snow. I told the family if we get another year of snow like this that I'm investing in snow shoes! tongue out

Some can defend the right to have an abortion and be angry at me for defending the right to not vaccinate? Seriously?

Once upon a time, I was dating a certain man and we watched Demolition Man (starring Mel Gibson). I really enjoyed the movie, but did not appreciate my date's comment. He said that I would love a civilization like that. I looked at him and said: You really don't know me. We broke up not long after that.

The thing is, although I would find life without vulgar language, red meat, and such easier for my lifestyle, I do NOT believe in forcing that lifestyle on everyone around me - unlike what some officials think needs to be done.

Here is a share of a friend of a friend that I do not know that brought that long ago date to mind today:

Here's an idea! (Borrowed)

Alright guys. I thought it over and I've changed my mind. I DO think that the government needs to step in and mandate life saving measures for the good of the population and public health based on recommendations from experts, because we are obviously incapable of doing that as parents ourselves.

Therefore, I think we should...

Mandate breastfeeding for a minimum of 24 months (exclusive for 6 months). Formula will be by prescription only. Health visitors will come by weekly to ensure you do not have formula unless it is prescribed for a medical necessity.

Ban all junk food, soda, and processed "food" Anyone found in possession of these will have them confiscated and will be fined. If they have children in the home, they will be charged with neglect a minor in their care.

Mandate cooking from scratch (organic and pasture raised). If you're found to be feeding your child processed foods or sugary drinks, you will have your child removed from your custody by CPS while you attend nutrition and parenting classes. Feeding a child under the age of 16 any fast food will be a misdemeanor.

Mandate exercise 3 times a week. If you do not wish to go to the gym, you will check in weekly with your Exercise Coodinator to ensure you are doing your mandated exercise at home. Your children will be required to maintain an acceptable BMI; failure to do this will result in revocation of parental custody and they will be placed in a program for their health and well being.

Schedule monthly home visits for all families with children. These visits will ensure the home is clean, does not have prohibited food items, is free from any and all toxic fragrances and cleaners, and that all children and adults are meeting health milestones. If you fail your health milestones more than 3x in a row, your entitlement to health care will be revoked.

These health concerns are an immediate, nationwide threat. Annually 300,000 people die from obesity, 2.2 million from diabetes related causes, 100,000 from cancer, and 610,000 from cardiac disease.

This is entirely preventable and completely unacceptable - Do you think you know better than healthcare professionals?

These are all DISEASES. I’m so sick of you PRO DISEASERS supporting the baby coffin industry.

Also, since autism is genetic- it should be mandated that anyone carrying those genes be forcefully sterilized. The growing autism epidemic is straining the system and must be stopped for the good of humanity.

Anyone who doesn’t agree is clearly a terrible parent and doesn’t deserve their children. They also completely disregard science, biology and basic human anatomy.

I think we can all agree that this is for The Greater Good, and for those who can’t- the government will make that decision for you.

Last year, the Lord heard my prayer and we were able to find a horse for me. Not of the breed that I was looking for, but with a personality that helps me rebuild my confidence. big heart

There was a shortage of hay last summer, so we stored up enough to last the winter with our two horses - as the third one at the barn was going to be moving. However, the Lord had other plans for their lives and they didn't move after all. Which meant, we were short on hay! shock

We've tried to find more hay for the past two months. With only a week's worth in the barn, we found some... and the man will deliver it! celebration

It is a few years old, but still looks very good. He has enough to last us 75 days, which (I hope) will be long enough for the grass to start growing again. smile

I am so very grateful that the Lord has covered this need!

Of course, it's going to be a struggle getting to the barn with the snow, but it looks like warmer weather is headed our way and maybe we'll have a little less snow and get it done before it all turns to mud! smile

Psalm 66:19 “But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.”

days... weeks... months... *sigh* Spring! Where are you?!

I've been getting discouraged because I've been having trouble breathing lately. I've gone all winter without an asthma attack, but recently I've been huffing and puffing by the time the horses are fed. Bob has suggested it's struggling through the snow, which may have something to do with it. However, I just came in from an hour of shoveling snow and my breathing is just fine (I had to unbury the car because the truck broke down grimace - that pile of snow next to the car is Bob's still buried car...). Last night, I helped stack 60 bales of alfalfa and had a mild asthma attack. The problem (at least, A problem) definitely is the alfalfa. I've known I'm sensitive to the alfalfa for a long time now, but I didn't think feeding two a day would bother me. Guess I was wrong. grimace I am glad to know it's "just" the hay and not my general well-being though! smile Of course, making getting into shape a priority wouldn't hurt... wink

Got the car stuck three times just pulling out of the parking spot. Bob got home just minutes before my youngest left for Sioux Falls and finds that it has over-heated with some type of liquid bubbling out of where-ever-that-spot-was. Trip cancelled. He'll check out the truck tonight (the car will have to wait), hoping that it is just the brakes (he originally thought the wheel bearings, but is hoping he is wrong). We are supposed to get a bunch more snow tonight and tomorrow - not exactly the most fun to be working on vehicles in. However, I am ever grateful that he can! my youngest is, understandable, unhappy that BOTH of her vehicles are down.

I was a little anxious when I heard that the storm we were supposed to have over the weekend would include 8 inches of more snow with 45 mph winds because the last storm left this huge snowdrift on one lane of the road that the plow had to go around (they must have come back later with a snow blower as there was no sight of it the next day). I was not looking forward to another storm like that! Thankfully, we were spared. smile

The wind DID deposit a 1+ft deep snow drift across the first six foot of driveway to the barnyard - in which we got stuck in yesterday. My youngest and I spent a good 30 minutes digging snow out from underneath and all around the tires - including making a path back to the road to move in - with a small shovel that really isn't designed for moving snow. The 4x4 truck just sat there spinning it's wheels. Thankfully, Bob was home and came to the rescue. He had it out in two minutes. tongue out

He did give my youngest a few new tips and let her know that it just takes knowledgeable practice. smile It probably would have been a good idea to put the truck back where it had been stuck for that practice, but she was already late for work (and rather frustrated! wink )

I think it is amazing that this is the first time getting stuck there all winter - even though that spot has been drifted over multiple times! I think the difference is that the snow was melting (you could even see vapor rising off the road in clear areas!) and the wet snow is a lot more slippery than crispy, frozen snow. That, or we simply needed a lesson in patience. wink

Some people may think "evangelism is wrong" or simply don't appreciate my religious comments. Of course, others don't appreciate my health views either... so, there's that. wink In my sharing, it is not my intent to be offensive or even persuasive. I am sharing a piece of myself with you because it is something that I find important. When I'm excited about a movie or food or a book or something on the news, I'll share that too. smile

My struggle currently includes learning to operate a tablet as I slipped on the ice yesterday and pulled a muscle in my back. I can't sit at my desk... just lie here on the couch. I am grateful o have options (like using this tablet - as frustrating as it is) & that the injury isn't as bad as it could be.

Buddy was totally fascinated by the sounds coming from a device that Bob had to reprogram for work. He kept inching closer and closer... lol

5 days ago, I slipped on the ice and pulled a muscle in my back. The muscle no longer hurts, but I have a pain in my hip... likely it was there all along but the back hurt too bad to feel it... Any way, I went to see the horses for the first time since I slipped. It was a painful ride in the truck and a struggle through the melting snow, but I did it because I wanted to see my horse. I saw him... across the field. He stood there looking at me with his ears pinned. Apparently, he thinks 5 days is far too long to "abandon" him and is unforgivable (other people feeding doesn't count, you know wink ). Normally, I would have gone to him or coaxed him to the barn with grain, but we had places to be and there was NO way I was trekking through more snow! Hopefully, I can try again tomorrow... just really disappointed right now. grimace

So, what's on your mind, Diana?

First of all, I'm happy to say that I got to pet my horse that is shedding badly. The desire to groom him wasn't strong enough for the extra effort to get into (and out of) the tack room. As it is, my back is still reminding me of the effort I made. grimace

This experience is going to give me greater empathy for those with chronic pain! I used to have joint pain and constant trembling, but this... this is different. Maybe it's because I'm also struggling with dark thoughts after being free from them for quite some time. That being said, Bob has to work late tonight. The over-time will be great, but I am very glad that it's not dark. It's a lot harder controlling my thoughts when I'm alone after dark. Maybe, one day, the silence won't be so loud.

As I write this, Bob has come home! Hurray! smile

Happy Spring! I miss my daffodils that I had in California... not that they would even be poking out of the ground yet here! tongue out

One day, I'll have some again. smile

I was in a ton of pain last night... almost as much as when I first hurt my back. I had to take some valerian to get any kind of relief. Although it is less today, I felt the need to skip going out to the horses. grimace

I pray for courage today.

Defending the right to vaccinate… or not.

Imagine taking the time to dress your child for the winter cold, bundling him in a heavy coat, snow pants, insulated boots, gloves, hat and scarf, before sending him outside to play (or go to school, etc).

The neighbor's kid dashes out the door sporting a t-shirt and shorts.

You are appalled and march right over to the neighbor and say:

Your child is going to make mine cold if you don't make him wear a coat!

Say What?!!!

Ridiculous, right?

The point to wearing a coat is to protect the wearer. Someone not wearing a coat cannot make any coat-wearing individual cold.

Yet, that is what I hear when people complain about the unvaccinated. Your unvaccinated kids are putting my vaccinated ones in danger!

Really? Then what was the point of the vaccine? I thought the vaccine was to protect you from the disease if it comes calling.

I'd say, the problem is, your coat is not working. If that's the case, you are mad at the wrong person.

It is your right to vaccinate your children.

It's fine with me if you vaccinate your children. I'll defend your right to do so.

I have my reasons for not doing it. I'll defend my right, and those of others, to make that decision too.

There are several, valid, reasons not to vaccinate:

  • concern for family traits that would increase the odds of a bad reaction (potentially causing life-altering consequences or even death)
  • the decision to live a natural-based lifestyle (including the right to build natural immunity to illnesses)
  • a faith-based decision (the mediums that the organisms are grown in are quite often not "kosher")
Of course, there are those on the fence who simply can't make up their mind. Sometimes, they just need more information to make a decision. That should be ok too - there are a lot of variables to consider and it is important for many parents to make an educated decision and not simply follow the dictates of the crowd (talk about serious peer pressure!).

No coat is going to protect you from the cold 100% of the time and no vaccine gives 100% protection. But, seriously, if your child is still cold with all that protection, maybe you should look into why… it really isn't because mine is wearing shorts.

Oh, yeah, that's the spot! These stretches (click the pictur above) are easing my back and hip pain. And I'm able to walk around the block again - yay! no ice! smile I'm trying to decide if I should try going out to the horses again or wait a bit longer... I don't want to regress again and prolong my recovery.

I found out today that my blog website has been hacked and I don't have a clean backup. crying

I'm going to try not to let that get me down though... It’s been 14 days – two weeks – since I slipped on the ice and hurt my back. It’s also been 14 days since I’ve played FarmVille! I’ve been saying how I’m going to quit for months… ha! Some new objective would come up and I would, of course, have to complete that before I quit… I really wanted the distraction of FarmVille – especially the first several days while I was laying on my back trying to figure out what to do with myself, but my little tablet can’t handle the game. As it turned out, the effort of holding the tablet up for more than 10 minutes put too much strain on my back, so it’s not like the game would have offered much diversion any way. Regardless of the reason for my withdrawal from FarmVille, I wanted to commemorate the moment with a remembrance image smile

I did learn a bit about my tablet during my down time… like the only thing it is really good for is reading ebooks and surfing the internet a bit. But, writing more than a couple of sentences? Haha! No. Maybe, possibly, if I wasn't on my back, struggling to hold on to it with one hand, while pushing the little screen buttons with a finger on the other hand… maybe, if that was my new path in life, I would improve, but I had no intention of laying on my back for more than a few days, so didn't bother pushing myself.

After trying though, I really can't fathom how people can claim to run a business from their phone! They must do a lot of talking and maybe video chats… not writing. Or creating images. Both being my favorite things to do… talking and video chats? Eh. Can you tell that I'm an introvert? LOL

My friends and family encouraged me to seek medical care when I was in SO. MUCH. PAIN. - especially after I was feeling better, went out to see my horses, and regressed. I almost did. One more notch on that pain scale and I would have had to. But, I knew that I had messed up trying to do too much too soon and that I didn't have a serious injury (nothing broken, nothing torn, no swelling, no bruising, I still had full range of motion… I just don't handle pain well… such a wuss!).

My husband reminded me that a muscle relaxer does help in the beginning, but the problem with pain pills is that they often cover the pain so well that you think you can continue working… which, of course, prolongs the healing process. (See also: He encouraged me to continue using the valerian (muscle relaxer), essential oils, and ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) and STAY DOWN for a few days. He knows me so well! Of course, he also has quite a bit of experience in back injuries.

While I was couch-ridden, contemplating my situation, I found this article on muscle strain that I found encouraging:

Other articles that I have read confirmed that we who sit a lot during the day are at higher risk of spraining a back muscle just by slipping, tripping, or picking up an object. And, it is likely going to take another month to heal. Yay.

Thankfully, 5 days ago, I started a new supplement and the intense pain lifted, allowing me to cut back on the ibuprofen. With that, the dark thoughts I was having lifted as well. That has helped more than anything! smile I’ve been able to sit at my desk and write and play with images again for these 5 days. And, for the past 3 days have been able to add stretches and increase the distance that I can walk at a time.

Hurray! I’m on my way to recovery!celebration

I ran out of almond milk yesterday. No biggie... my youngest has Fridays off and can take me to the grocery store today. Simple. This morning, I went to take a few drops of ginger essential oil to help with my back. It upsets my stomach just adding it to water, but the almond milk seems to keep that from happening. But, no almond milk. No problem, I just took some ibuprofen. I typically drink the leftover coffee in the pot after Bob fills his cup. However, I can't stand it black and add just a dash of almond milk with a spoon full of hot chocolate powder. I pour the coffee in my cup and look at it, remembering... there is no almond milk. Sigh. No problem, I'll just have my morning protein shake. I can't quite drink it with just water, so I mix half water and half... you guessed it! Almond milk! I could have screamed when I reached for the cereal... I am such a creature of habit! We are getting ready to go to the store... guess what's on the top of my shopping list? wink