Keep moving forward...

Yeah, easier to say than done when going through stuff that triggers emotional responses! However, I am learning to just put it away (and get out my indispensable essential oils!) when the emotions start to carry me off...

Yes, my anxiety level has decreased considerably on the Plexus products I use, but deep-seated emotions still have to be dealt with or the strides that I have made will be for nothing. I refuse to go be engulfed in the trembling darkness without a voice again!

As I continue to examine and release these emotions while going through stuff, I am ever thankful that the Lord has provided the support that I need to stay balanced: prayer, my husband, friends, essential oils, and, of course, Plexus positive

One of my friends had a communication problem with someone that hurt her feeling yesterday. It occurs to me, this morning, how easily it could have been me! I am not very eloquent in my point of view and often share or say things controversial to some on my list... after all, I have a mish mash of friends: Christians, atheists, eastern religions, environmentalists, skeptics, democrats, republicans, gays, lesbians, transgenders, those who use herbs, those who think one should only see a doctor, those who think I sell snake oil, and others who appreciate my shares of how my supplements have helped me... not to mention the variety of parental viewpoints! smile

I just want to say, this morning, that I appreciate each and every one of you and your opinions! energy And, I do hope, that if I tread on someone's toes and actually hurt someone's feelings that you will let me know!

Sometimes, I simply don't explain myself well and would appreciate the chance to clarify my thoughts (in case it would help). Of course, I realize, that, some times, a different point of view will be aggravating (maybe even hurt) - regardless of how it's phrased - because we don't all see eye-to-eye. And, I'm glad that we don't! Wouldn't life be boring if we all saw things exactly the same? wink

That naughty gun! How dare this inanimate object load itself with ammunition and kill innocent, unarmed people! We need to round up all of it's friends and family in case they form an alliance and continue this deadly rampage!

Huh. That didn't work?

Maybe we should round up the SHOOTER'S family and friends and school mates and neighbors and the people in the stores he shopped at... like it makes sense to punish everyone that may have come in contact with him before they do any thing nefarious - let alone an entire country! tongue out

After all, how many cars have killed innocent people (some times multiples at a time!)? and cars remain a daily part of our lives... wink

It has been far easier for me to relax and be creative now that the children are grown and I don't have a husband constantly complaining about how "dirty" the house is (trust me... it wasn't dirty).or how little I did to help the family Yet, I still have my moments... grimace

I'm singing:
Zippity do da Zippity ay
My oh my what a wonderful day
Plenty of snow out with more on the way
Zippity do da Zippity ay

Here is an informative video on hemp explaining why I think it is a versatile and beneficial plant - just in case you were wondering... wink

It used to be aerosol hair spray caused the hole in the ozone... now the planet's asthmatics are the cause? Excuse me? After reading some of the non-sense that comes up about climate change (and other issues), my opinion is that it's just another way to enforce reducing the Earth's population.

Remember how awful it was for China to limit how many babies were born? Now, it's like there's encouragement to have abortions - even up to birth! This, after reducing abortions by something like 40% in the US during my lifetime. Save the planet! Kill the babies!

Common, required vaccinations are being shown to cause infertility. That would certainly reduce the number of abortions... there won't be any babies to be concerned about! Save the planet!

Why bother with the vaccinations any way? If we're going to create mass infertility and kill off the babies, why stop there? Why bother handing out medicines like rescue inhalers to improve and prolong life?

Let the diseases do their job in reducing the Earth's population naturally.

Save the planet!


- From the desk of a recycling, tree planting, animal loving, vegetarian who fully believes we need to strive to be better stewards of the Earth.

Thank you to all the veterans out there for serving our country to preserve the many freedoms we still have and often take for granted!

Freedom of Education – free public education is even available for children up to 18 yrs old; freedom to choose other alternatives – private or homeschool

Freedom of Religion

Freedom to Access Information (true and false information widely available tongue out )

Freedom to Travel without documentation

Freedom to Drive (all genders - with a license, of course wink )

Freedom of Speech – including the right to complain about the government

Freedom to Wear what you want

Freedom to have children (in whatever quantity you desire)

Freedom to marry who you want

Freedom to get a divorce

Freedom to question your sexuality and/or gender (some countries still have a death penalty for being an active homosexual)

Freedom to choose whether you want to serve in the military or not

Freedom to vote – regardless of gender – we do not have a dictatorship or monarchy

Freedom to own property – including guns

Freedom for all genders to go outside alone

23 Freedoms Americans Totally Take for Granted

Happy Veteran's Day!

I was thinking of taking the dog for a walk... then, I looked out the window and saw the wind blowing... I decided to check the weather... I got to thinking... she has a wonderful little pen to play in (it's not like she's waiting on me to relieve herself ) and heated dog house to curl up in (where she most likely is now!)... yeah... The walk can wait. tongue out

Random Thoughts of the day:

Bob and I were listening to NPR last night on our way to the horses. It was mentioned that ministers’ rights to refuse to marry same gender couples has been restored.

This news was encouraging to me. Why? Because that same freedom… that same liberty… that allows same gender marriages should be extended to those whose religious convictions have them stand against it.

If a certain minister doesn’t want to marry you, then find another – don’t remove their religious freedom to suit you! That’s my opinion. Others just go… eh.

My mind turned to children in school… It seems to me that religious freedom should be taught in school (it IS, after all, a foundational pillar of our government). Instead, intolerance is taught.

As a child, I would bow my head to silently thank the Lord for His blessing on my food at mealtime or ask for help on a test. I also carried my Bible to read between classes. Now, I would be expelled for exercising my religious freedom.

It is right to keep church and state separate – so don’t enforce religion in school! On the other hand, don’t remove a person’s religious freedom – regardless of age! That’s my opinion. Others just go… eh.

On the subject of children and religious freedoms… religious exemptions for vaccinations is on the chopping block. I’m not saying vaccinations are bad, but there are valid religious (and personal) reasons for having a religious exemption, which is why the exemptions were instated in the first place. There are so few people that have a true religious reason for refusing to vaccinate that people are generally like… religious liberty? Eh. It’s not like we don’t regularly step all over that any way. tongue out

I braved the cold this afternoon... my face was numb and Holly was very happy to see her house by the time we put our two blocks in! I'm going to have to wear a face mask next time wink

My anxiety has been escalating again over the past couple of weeks tongue out Today, Holly only wanted to walk one block, which was perfectly fine with me because, for the first time in months, I was anxious about crossing an empty street. Sigh.

It's not just this either... I've gotten anxious about buying stuff like a file cabinet (afraid that Bob would be upset, though he's never been before - he wasn't); seeing Bob's truck go past the house made me think he was checking in on me because he doesn't trust me (he's never shown distrust or jealousy before - he got a last minute job just as he was coming home); making plans to go to a new church... and canceling because I can't handle meeting new people (I have trouble going to the grocery store some days - even though people barely speak to me!); I even scheduled and canceled meeting a potential local dog walker because I envisioned the dog hurting her (she does jump and bite, though she's not broken skin... yet). Ugh!

It's gotten very distracting... I've messed up two recipes this week because I can't seem to follow simple instructions (thankfully, it wasn't bad enough to throw out) tongue out

Although every scenario has a past trigger that explains my reaction, it is difficult for me to lose ground like this. I'm grateful that I'm not to the point of trembling though... that's something to be thankful for, right? wink

Vaccines given in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana causing infections

hmmm... so much for the idea that vaccines can't give you the disease they are for (as so many doctors seem to think)! I think that there have been FAR more contaminated vaccines than have been admitted to and THIS has been the real problem for fully vaccinated people getting diseases that they have been vaccinated against - not families with religious and/or personal belief waivers being a public health threat. Properly working vaccines are supposed to give immunity so that the person could theoretically be surrounded by infected individuals that need help without becoming sick. There is obviously something wrong with the vaccines and this is one possible explanation.

"Praise the Lord for the chains that seem to bind you, serve only to remind you that they drop powerless behind you when you praise Him... "

A couple of weeks ago, Bob's boss kindly reminded him that he has vacation time to use. So, Bob asked for this week off thinking that we could spend some time with family and maybe even clean the barn... such great ideas! wide eyed Alas, Bob started feeling poorly mid-last week... just tired and sniffles... Now, though, he's got a sinus infection or something. He hasn't slept much the past two days, so I canceled our family time and have given up on the barn getting cleaned grimace However, despite having our plans changed, we are thankful that if he has to be sick that he can be paid for it (the only job he's had that offered paid vacation)! Gotta love that! smile

This Thanksgiving isn't quite as planned... It is the first one that I'll be enjoying without either of my children.

Bob is slowly, but surely, on his way to recovery from his sinus infection, but not doing well enough for a trip - even if the weather was planning on co-operating! crying

So, it'll be a quiet Thanksgiving this year. But, we have TONS of things to be thankful for which keeps the depression at bay energy