"Pretty women make us buy beer. Ugly women make us drink beer." - Al Bundy (Married with Children)

Makes sense. I am, therefore, happy to be mediocre. I do not have the body of a lovely model. Nor do I consider myself ugly - despite missing teeth, being over weight, and having far too much body hair for a woman tongue out I think a kind spirit far outweighs any physical lack as I have seen plenty of people with a beautiful body that have an ugly, spiteful tongue on the ready to lash out at any given moment. The same person would then be the cause of both the buying and the drinking of said beer wink Yes, I am definitely happy to remain mediocre... and enjoy the love of an non-drinking man wink

My rant for the day... Someone I know has been attempting discussions with their town officials about a complaint regarding their vehicle. There have been some serious questions raised about the legality of how the situation was handled. The officials refuse to answer questions or provide proper paperwork. This has been going on for nearly 3 months now. The owners have been advised by other town members to let the matter drop. How dare they question their local government? What right do they have? Government stuff is beyond their status. Seems to me that that right is given in the first amendment. If we normal, lower class citizens don't question the actions of our government then who will? And if our local government will not listen to our grievances (as they are supposed to), then how are they supposed to be our representatives to higher forms of government? We don't live in a monarchy or even a communist country. We live in America and have every right as citizens to exercise our freedoms - regardless of "status". tongue out

Eggs. One meal that Bob and I were enjoying together (versus cooking separate dishes)... as long as no one mentioned what they actually are. annoyed

One meal that I could enjoy that was low cost and filling. Now, it's a different story tongue out

My son-in-law gave me a carton of eggs from his own chickens. I've heard raves about how much better farm fresh eggs are... I decided to hard boil them... while I was peeling one, I saw black spots.

I thought: that is odd. Then, some of them had grey in the white areas...

I looked it up. Blood spots and bacteria cause those occurrences and it's not recommended to eat them. And I ate some just the day before... shock

No worries... the cats love them, so they are not being wasted... I have been assured that this will never happen with store bought eggs. However, I dreamed last night that I cracked a few eggs and they had bugs in them. ??

To say the least, I have been traumatized. I don't know how long it will be until I recover! tongue out

Image by Pexels from https://pixabay.com/

Good morning! 6am and still dark... it's that time of year again where I can literally say "was up at the crack of dawn" with no problem wink

You know what? There was a second hidden blessing in my youngest's accident a few weeks ago! wide eyed

She had decided to move to a place in the city to be closer to work and not have the daily commute (she really shouldn't be driving in the dark and it makes me VERY anxious when she does, so this was a rather logical step). The problem was that we would need a second 4-wheel-drive vehicle for the winter to make it work (especially since we are expecting a ton of snow this year!) and we were afraid that we'd have to use the money we've saved for a house down payment, which was causing me quite a bit of anxiety. grimace

Well... the insurance FINALLY got back with a settlement offer that would provide enough money to buy the 2nd vehicle! The current truck will be issued a salvage title and we'll have to wait a bit to replace the tow package, but we'll still be able to care for the horses AND be assured that my youngest will be less likely to be stranded in the snow an hour away. The Lord is so good and provides all that we need! energy

I was a good wife this morning... the furnace pilot light blew out some time last night and the house got down to 64... I threw an extra blanket on the bed at 4am, turned on the electric heater to combat the cold at 6am, and started the coffee in time for it to be done for the alarm to go off at seven. Bob didn't even know the heat was out until the alarm went off because he never even got cold. smile Yep, good wifey! Pat, pat wink Just because I benefited from all of that too because I was cold doesn't mean any thing, right? wink

It's a good thing I don't have to attend every argument I'm invited to - I've already exhausted myself today from arguing with myself on whether to share the controversial rants spiraling in my brain or not! Now, I'm too tired to write, so I guess the ranting will either wait... or be forgotten altogether wink

My oldest sent this blanket home with me to repair the edging. It had gotten left on the couch while I was gone for two weeks and the cats claimed it as their own. Now, Buddy and I are having a disagreement... he is not allowed on the table, but HIS blanket is there while I'm pinning the edging together. My oldest has let me know that the blanket is HERS and she's NOT relinquishing it to our cats... guess we'll be shopping for a blanket... laugh

I wondered why my giant raccoon looked like it was flattened... Buddy finds my chair of stuffed animals very comfy! I also have some shelves of stuffed animals and he'll take the smaller ones off the shelf and carry them around the house. One morning we woke up to find three in bed with us! laugh

I seriously miss my horse! Inhale. Exhale.

I spent two marvelous weeks at my Dad's. I loved it, but I didn't get to spend time with my horse. Dad has horses (and they were fun), but I have discovered that not just any horse will do. I have been home for a little over a week now and have seen my horse ONCE.

Why? you may ask... because some teenage kids decided to smash the car's mirror and that mirror is hard to find and has been back ordered. Since my youngest needs a vehicle to get to work she has the truck (and, remember, moved to Sioux Falls, where these teenagers took out their frustrations on an innocent car!). So, no vehicle.

Between Bob stopping to feed after work (IF his route takes him through the area... the company doesn't encourage personal miles being put on a company truck wink ) and the barn owners being willing to fill in in between, the horses are being cared for. Just not by me. tongue out

Hopefully, this will change this weekend. The car mirror should be in Friday. Plus, the insurance check finally came the day before yesterday (for the damage to the truck) and my youngest has some trucks picked out for Bob's inspection this weekend (he's already eliminated a couple dozen trucks, along with a large selection of cars and SUVs).

As if this wasn't enough to spike my anxiety, there has been two robberies here in Madison the past two weeks! Minor stuff, really, compared to big cities (Ace Hardware and the fire station), but far more criminal activity in a week than we've had before. AND some kids in Pipestone, MN (an even smaller town) have decided that it's so much fun to break into phone boxes and yank out wires that they've done it twice! Ugh! Must be something in the weather tongue out

Can I say "yee haw" when not in (or from) the south? hmm... well... Woo hoo! we found a truck! smile

My youngest thought she'd found the perfect truck for herself last week (that made her happy to drive for the first time since the accident) and put a non-refundable $200 hold on it so that it wouldn't sell before Bob could look at it over the weekend. We got there, looked it over, and Bob wouldn't even take it for a test drive... underneath was rusted so bad that the box was no longer attached and huge chunks fell off when he touched it!

That was soooo disappointing! and terribly difficult to walk away from, knowing he spent so much money! I'm proud that she did, though... so many young people would insist on having their own way instead of listening to the voice of experience! energy

Bob drove through a small, local dealership's lot while they were closed and saw that they had trucks that weren't listed on their website. We set up an appointment for Monday, but it was storming and Bob had come home covered in mud - the truck had to wait. tongue out Rescheduled for Tuesday...

Bob came home and said, "I think we found a truck! smile "

My youngest had had an appointment setup for yesterday, so thought she wouldn't be able to make it... but, the appointment had to reschedule, so she got to come see the truck.

Other than the model (she wanted a Ford, but it's a Chevrolet), it's every thing on his wish list... right down to the color! shock This was a truck that the dealership had just gotten over the weekend! wide eyed

Oh, and that $200? This truck has a service truck topper on it that would easily fetch that, if my youngest decides she really doesn't like it; but, I think it will actually be very helpful in reducing the panic of the memory of looking in the rear view mirror in time to see a semi truck just before impact. smile

The Lord certainly cares for the details of our lives and His timing is perfect, beyond compare! love

All year, I've been going through my stuff a little at a time... getting rid of this and that, but, most importantly, finishing projects that I started long ago. This week, I re-opened a box of yarn and decided it was time to finish the project in the yarn box. smile

Buddy and I have been fighting over my project piece... he seems to think it is HIS. In fact, I left the box of yarn on the table while we went to the grocery store a few days ago and found it upside down on the floor with knitted pieces pulled out when we returned. laugh

In an effort to bring an end to the struggle, I made a blanket for him, which made him very happy... however, Doobie has taken over the blanket and Buddy is back to pestering me.... guess I'll be making another blanket for the kitties... wink

I accidentally won two wars with the cats by getting a new (lightly used, but new to me - and for only $30! smile ) desk! celebration

War #1: My desk chair... the space between the chair and the desk is smaller, so when Buddy jumped up on the chair he whacked his head against the desk... he is NOT happy! laugh

War #2: The window... my old desk allowed the cats to look out the window. I tried putting up obstacles to deter them... the obstacles either found their way to the floor or the cats would sit on my keyboard - even if I was using it! tongue out I thought about putting foil in the window, but I hadn't gotten that desperate yet wink Now the window is simply inaccessible (this new desk has a hutch with a partial back, while my old one did not have a hutch at all).

I did talk Bob into clearing a space in another room next to a different window to soften the blow. wink