This is the drug that President Trump is excited about, but the FDA continues to be cautious... after all, we don't know what future side effects might show up after it saves lives and lets people get back to work... I'm all for caution, but this remedy has been around a long time - just not used on the coronavirus - and they approve other drugs in months for use in other fields that have been around a long time with less success. We'll see how the next trial goes smile In the mean time, you can demand trying it if you get sick... I'd rather try this before needing a ventilator myself tongue out In the mean time, I continue to support my immune system with my probiotics and vitamins and good 'ol fresh air and sunshine smile Oh, and a little exercise wink

Quebec police set up checkpoints to limit non-essential travel between Ottawa and Gatineau

hmm... if Americans continue to blatantly ignore stay at home orders, this will be next. Let's not be the problem!

There is good news though... I heard that social isolation IS working (despite the privileged who think they are above the law, but would revoke freedoms from anti-vaxxers. Yet can't abide staying at home for a couple of weeks. And believe cops and other city officials should never be questioned tongue out )... I listened to one of the scientists looking at the data, and giving the President information to go on, that we can expect a few over 100,000 deaths now versus the 2.2million that were originally predicted. They also said that if more people would listen that this prediction could become lower. However, if the self-isolation doesn't last long enough, or if enough people ignore the recommendations, then it could sky rocket.

So, be patient. Wash your hands. And stay HOME.

It's really simple and nothing more than any would expect from areas with the measles (which, by the way, is not even half as deadly).

From one safely snuggled in a county that, thankfully, continues to have zero cases. smile

Some interesting statistics for our neighbor, Minnesota: 20% had no known contact while traveling in another state (I'm guessing quite a few visited South Dakota) 31% community spread So, it's silently moving around waiting for you to visit your high risk loved ones after you went out or attached itself to you when you picked up your mail. It's scary enough to me that it can live so long on the mail and that Bob is in and out of places that we have no plans to visit my family for an unknown amount of time - unless they become seriously ill and need help. I'm happy to offer my help, but I seriously don't need to be the cause of transmission tongue out

When I discovered that I could see stars in the sky again, it rekindled my interest in the night sky. I added a little star chart to my wishlist. Bob happened to see it and thought... Hey, I can do better than that! And he did! He found a stellarium software program that shows the night sky from your location. I LOVE it! smile This story really doesn't have anything to do with today's video other than I used a starry background wink Enjoy!

Today's video is Psalm 91 because I read several posts where people find reading it comforting smile Enjoy! love

I know that the clothes I am wearing are comfy, my Plexus products ARE fantastic, and I entirely expect today to be filled with projects that will cause time to fly (after all.... it's already 8:30 and I'm behind schedule!) wink

One link at a time... one day at a time... moment by moment...

There is no winning for government officials for this pandemic. On one hand, people are angry because the President didn't act quickly enough. For those, I'd like to remind them on the timeline of the outbreak. Also, state officials continue to be in charge of their state's health care decisions (as it should be). On the other hand, there are people angry because it isn't as bad as predicted.

Predictions are typically worst case scenarios, which do not involve people staying home and not spreading the virus. We should all be thankful that this virus hasn't even been as bad as a normal flu season. Imagine if this pandemic were worse! Imagine if people weren't doing their part to slow the spread. We'd be in a world of hurt, right now! You are making a difference! Keep up the good work!

Maybe, just maybe, people will form a habit of washing their hands and staying home when sick. Maybe we'd even come out of this with new national health guidelines that would allow children to stay home when sick or let employees keep their jobs if they dare to get sick. Maybe a new normal would be for schools and businesses to have a thermometer to verify the person's claims (to avoid fraudulent calls tongue out ).

Hopefully, this experience would help us all be better prepared if there is a next time... Wouldn't that be nice?

Then, there are the myriad of conspiracies out there... My favorite one is that there really isn't a virus and that this is some sort of political scheme... yeah... a world wide hoax for one country's politics... a world that has a hard time discussing the state of the environment has planned a world wide conspiracy just for us... I'm sure those not being able to visit in the hospital or, worse, burying their loved ones really appreciate knowing that it is all in their heads.

For those who believe this is about putting in 5G networks... these networks and towers have been being installed for years with little resistance. These companies have invested BILLIONS. They really don't need you to stay home to get the job done. Do I think they pose a health hazard? Quite likely. Do I think the coronavirus has anything to do with 5G? No.

It's new tech. All sorts of products will be marketed for it. Not a conspiracy. I'm glad I'm not in a government position. The anxiety has to be intense trying to make decisions for the good of the people. Then again, maybe it's not so intense if your major concern is your own agenda and trying to take down whomever stands in your way tongue out

It is beautiful out today I'm patiently waiting for my vegetable seeds to come in the mail. And, I'm contemplating purchasing an azalea bush and some pansies at the local greenhouse... hmmm...

While waiting, we have helped my youngest to move back home for the time being. There have been problems with the room mates tongue out It is quite a commute to work, but we're glad to have her home for however long it will be. smile

Someone shared that the national numbers of positive cases per day are decreasing. My response was that some areas are just getting started... 73 new cases today versus 38 yesterday. It is the biggest jump for our state so far. Of course, this is just those that have been tested... I've no doubt there are plenty more out there that don't qualify for testing. blank expression

My youngest works at a big truck stop. Some idiot came in a few days ago (during a different shift) coughing on everything. He was stopped and he claimed he had COVID. It is quite likely he did NOT, but it is idiots like him that make the isolation time necessary and longer. So many people just don't care if they spread germs or not - misery likes company, right? grimace The co-worker that was in direct contact is self-isolating and the store was disinfected, but how many others did this person come into contact with? If he did have the virus, how many people did he put in danger?

And, I'm not talking about just COVID... most contagious illnesses can have devastating consequences on those with a compromised immune system. We need to learn from this experience and be more thoughtful and vigilant about not spreading our germs and infecting who knows who (even if you think it's "just a cold"wink. tongue out

I've even seen many companies encouraging to ramp up marketing during this time, but I can't bring myself to do it. Although I believe that many people would benefit from products I have to offer, I think people should make that determination on their terms and with logic leading the purchase (versus panic buying). I plan on continuing to share encouragement, tips, education, testimonies and humor, but I refuse to change my message to monopolize on panic tongue out

A friend shared this: "A few weeks ago, someone shared a graph showing the leading causes of death from various causes in the world, and coronavirus was near the bottom. The graph included things like malaria and other diseases not common in the US (as well as more common ones like cancer). I like that this graph is based on US causes only, and I think it is fascinating. Watch."

Currently, the USA mortality rate is holding at 3.5%. Influenza mortality rate here in the US is typically 1%.

A few people have shown concern about people being counted as COVID deaths when they had underlying health concerns. If the person dies of pneumonia due to influenza, they are counted as an influenza death despite the underlying health concerns. Not everyone that gets influenza is tested and gets over it without intervention. Same with the coronavirus. That makes the data consistent.

I like what another person had to say: The way I see it, when a tornado is coming, I don't say "no need to worry about taking shelter! The wind isn't blowing hard enough yet!"

I know Easter is coming. I know a lot of people are getting tired of self-isolation. But, the storm is not over. In fact, I dare say that we Americans have not seen the worse of it yet. It is frustrating and sad. But... Stay home! Stay safe! and count your many, many blessings.

I would like to take a moment today to applaud the zealous Christians out there grieving over their stay-at-home orders or making plans to all but break isolation in order to worship the mystical Easter bunny by hiding eggs for this creature (who can't seem to be bothered to do it himself) in order for their children to be taught that it is he that has brought this delightful celebration about.

While I think children enjoy decorating and hunting down these creations magically provided by this symbol of fertility, I'd like to know... Are you Christians also remembering to teach your children that it was this Easter bunny that protected the quarantined Israelites in Egypt from the plague that killed the first born of the land that did not heed the warning? That this was the first Passover and was to be remembered through all time that the great Easter bunny that protects his children? Are you teaching your children that it was this Easter bunny that became the symbolic Passover lamb many years later? That he kept the Passover himself in remembrance before he was tortured, nailed to a cross, died, and rose again to show that he has conquered death and given a promise of eternal life to those that follow him?

What? The Easter bunny didn't do that? Huh, I must've gotten confused about your religious zeal.

Sioux Falls pork plant shuts for 3 days because of workers sickened by COVID-19

I was curious as to how Sioux Falls kept growing in positive cases of COVID-19 while the rest of the state has just a few cases here and there. Then, Bob heard the story on the radio. This company (along with others, no doubt) had sick people working, with the numbers multiplying before the first confirmed case was reported. They couldn't get tested because they didn't qualify (not old enough) and couldn't afford to not work (sick pay is only for positive cases), so off to work they go. These essential workers came into contact with plenty of other people as the days progressed and those carried the virus to others, creating the problem we have now. If others weren't already dong their best to stay home, there would be far more cases.

It really upsets me when sick people are forced to go to work, infecting everyone around them.

South Dakota pork plant sees rash of COVID-19 cases

It has been determined that 1 in 5 cases in South Dakota originated from this plant.

"Kooper Caraway, the president of the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO, which organizes local unions, said that in the last two weeks workers were given incentives to work even when they felt sick. The company offered a $500 bonus to employees who don’t call in sick during April, he said."

Disgusting. It would have been so easy to prevent this spread! What kind of company offers incentives avoid calling in sick - especially during a pandemic?! If they wanted to do that, they should have also taken employee temperatures before work and send the feverish ones home like other places do to prevent situations like this. tongue out

The media still keeps saying that the president should have acted sooner... seriously?

On the flip side, others are insisting that it's all a hoax, there is no virus, there isn't a crisis.... it's a government conspiracy. Sigh. It used to be such stories were attributed to paranoid schizophrenics and these people needed help. They needed locked away for their own good and the good of society. Now, the stories are being embraced by thousands, while the diagnosed paranoid schizophrenics sit back and laugh, thinking: Welcome to the crazy side of life! wink

I found this pictures amusing smile

My youngest works in a truck stop and has a story or two to share every day... one amusing story was about a guy wearing a mask. (Masks are great - kudos for him! ) After he was done shopping, he comes over to pay for his items... He proceeds to remove a wad of cash out of his pocket... removes his mask... LICKS his fingers... counts out the bills... and hands them to my youngest. She says she looked at them momentarily before accepting them, finishing the transaction, and left to wash her hands.

Me.... I don't think I could have stayed silent! I'd be saying something like... it's great that you are wearing a mask, but do you think it will really help? I mean, you just picked up all sorts of germs in the store, stuck them in your mouth, put your slobber on the money, and handing it to me? Of course, I'll take it, but... really?

Now, I know that we all run on auto-pilot and it's hard forming new healthy habits, but sometimes we need someone to point out what we are doing to wake us up! wink

I love my positivity helpers - especially on days like today when hormones are raging and my positivity is dipping!

I am, admittedly, in a bad mood. So, consider yourself fore warned wink

1250-some people died of the measles here in the US last year. Towns were quarantined. The unvaccinated were banned - regardless of being sick or well - from all public places for over a month. This unprecedented outbreak caused laws to be changed, freedoms removed, and vaccinations were forced on families. And people cheered. Because 1250-some people died - the most is 25 years.

Here we have a pandemic with a much higher mortality rate than the measles on our hands with zero vaccination or natural immunity to save the population. Already 28,000 people have died in the USA. only 48,000 have recovered. Do you have any idea what that mortality rate is? 37%! Even if the government is having the numbers fudged by A LOT, it would be well over the 4% being reported (I did some math using NY as my basis, figuring 3x the number of reported cases because not everyone gets tested, and figured 1/2 of the deaths were exaggerated).

Most states have issued some sort of stay at home orders and some public places have had to be closed because people refuse to stay home in order to slow the spread. Not stop it. Just slow it down enough to be able to keep up with it and not have major shortages of everything for the entire country.

Yet, now our rights are being violated because were are asked to stay home? It is now a government conspiracy (with the entire world being in on it)? Now our government is lying about the numbers involved (yet, somehow, are angelic beings as far as vaccinations go)? What about when a vaccine does become available? Will you still cry foul when they are forced on everyone? or will that be acceptable... you know, "for the safety of the population" when simply staying home is a violation of your rights?

Yeah, I'm sure there is a lot of lies being told. I'm sure there is a lot of government over reaching being done. It's good to keep informed. But, truly, it doesn't seem to be more than usual. Either way, I think keeping the spread of this virus is a good idea for the entire nation.

Those are my thoughts for the moment...

I took an Essential Oil Personality Test... this is my result:

Kind, tolerant, and patient—you are all about creating harmony in your environment. You get along well with most people and have a knack for noticing the good in others. When it comes to yourself, however, you tend to downplay your abilities. Some people might mistake your modesty for insecurity, but the truth is, you have a quiet confidence unshaken by the achievements or success of others. Easygoing and chill, you’re happy to go along with the flow. You can be indecisive at times, but it’s only because you’re so easy to please. All it takes to keep you happy is peace, quiet, and not having to pick where to eat dinner.

Which essential oil best matches your personality?

I got a little side-tracked this week... getting sucked in to the depressing pit of politics and government conspiracies and forgetting my main purpose... but, I'm getting back on track smile

I just love the smell of cedar! I wonder who made the decision on using the cedar on the temple... was it King David, who made the preparations, or Solomon, who built it? Maybe everyone just thought it was a splendid idea smile

Fourth day in a row for South Dakota with the most positive cases being in the county with the meat processing plant that had to shut down. My only concern about it is that my youngest works down there almost every day and Bob has been needed down there a few times (like today). There have been two instances of sick people coming in to the building where my youngest works, but both cases have proven to been negative. smile Unfortunately, one of the regular employees from Bob's work that lives down there (so Bob doesn't work with him) has tested positive grimace SD has a very good recovery rate at the moment, but I'm looking forward to the recovered numbers increasing with no new cases, so I can feel comfortable going to visit my family again! smile I keep track of the county and surrounding counties that my Dad is in and I'm happy to say that there has only been a couple positive cases surrounding them, with no new cases for several weeks smile

Eh. My selfies still need work tongue out

This morning's selfie is a little better smile The picture still doesn't do the colors in my hair justice tongue out

Here we go... there's the color! smile

I saw this ad and thought: oooo, what beautiful boots! Followed by: gee, I wonder how long it would take for me to trash them at the barn wink

Today's video is Psalms 148... there is so much to be grateful for energy

ok, I'll admit it... this coronavirus drama might be getting on my nerves and I might be a little edgy...

Yesterday, I ran out of my natural, unscented, non-allerginic dish soap. I NEVER run out of dish soap. I reached under the sink for my spare bottle only to find there was no spare! I had had a subscription at some point and never thought to check on it...

It's ok, I thought... I can go a few days without dish soap... I'll just place an order with Amazon... not there. Deep breath. Walmart... not there.


yes, small panic attack... instant headache... didn't quite scream... after all, I was on the phone with my oldest and my youngest was trying to sleep... My oldest found a bottle on eBay for $60... not quite that desperate! tongue out

I took a few mindful breaths and said... oh, I can use regular dish soap... I just need to buy some gloves! And all was right in the world again...

Well, almost right... When we went to the grocery store last night (yes, it was essential that we go immediately! lol) there were four options (normally, there are over a dozen). I sniffed each one and chose the least offensive smelling one. It's ok if you think I'm weird... Most people seeing me sniff dish soap often find me weird... wink

You may be wondering... what's the big deal? Soap is soap, right? My problem is that most soaps can my skin to feel like it is on fire and I develop a migraine just from the few seconds it takes to wash my hands. It can take days for my skin to recover.

I take the time to smell soap because some smells will give me an instant migraine. Others can even start an asthma attack. So, I try to be very careful because I don't like the consequences.

So, I bring this new soap home last night and I used it to wash ONE pot... the scent in the bottle is really mild. Add some hot water to it and it has a powerful odor! Ugh! It upset my stomach.

Thankfully, I had gotten gloves, so my skin is safe. Still... I don't know how well I'm going to be while using it... Bob might have to take over the dishes... he'll vote for paper plates or take out, for sure lol

We'll get through this... I might need to go to a different store and try something else... but, my over reaction to running out of dish soap did show me that I need to step back a bit on negative stuff.

So, I deleted two people from my facebook "friends". I didn't know either in real life and neither really interacted with me, so it is no real loss. I am just tired of the language of the one and the conspiracy theories of the other. I'm all for freedom of speech, but I have the right to not listen (or read) offensive material, right?

Today, one posted that wearing a mask was sign of being a sheeple manipulated by the government - and she is a top ranking network marketer in one of my favorite health based companies! I couldn't stand it any more... I don't mind voicing concerns over our freedoms (I do that!) or questioning hypocrisies in the government and medical fields (I do that too!), but stating that wearing a simple mask in public places is saying the government has control over you when it is a proven way to minimize sharing contagions (much like washing your hands) then that's a bit more crazy than I can handle - especially when I'm overwhelmed. I wish them well.

Maybe my oldest was right... she said, woe to the world when The Mom runs out of cleaning supplies! lol So, now that you know I'm on the verge of crazy, how are you today? smile

A comparison occurred to me today regarding this virus versus the Christian experience...

When this virus first came to our country, the nation became zealous about keeping safe and saving lives. But, now that it's become a bit longer than expected it feels more like a burden and a restriction of our rights.

Likewise, when we first become Christians, we are quite zealous about trying to live a Godly life and sharing our faith with others. After a while though, it seems more like a burden - especially when our friends and family say stuff like "it doesn't really matter how you live" or "you have so many rules!".

Let's not forget WHY the nation has done this, that, and more... and, remember, the governors and people in charge of decisions are only humans doing their best (for the most part) and making hard choices during a historic event. Praise God it hasn't been worse!

I'm fine with lifting restrictions on some areas that don't have much of a problem with the coronavirus, but let's remember that this is a nasty virus and should be treated as such.

"The overall burden of influenza for the 2016-2017 season was an estimated 29 million influenza illnesses, 14 million influenza-associated medical visits, 500,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 38,000 influenza-associated deaths"

"The overall burden of influenza for the 2017-2018 season was an estimated 45 million influenza illnesses, 21 million influenza-associated medical visits, 810,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 61,000 influenza-associated deaths"

To date, the US has only had 876,000+ confirmed cases of COVID-19 (confirmed cases are only those sick enough for a medical visit versus MILLIONS of visits for the flu) with 49,600+ deaths. In TWO MONTHS (first death mid-February). See? Really nasty virus!

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Be passionate, but not without empathy.

May you find a little bit of happiness in your life today! smile

New COVID-19 infections lower in South Dakota

Woohoo! Looking up for SD! smile Really, really looking forward to the next 900 recoveries (preferably with no new cases wink ) smile We'll see what the next couple of weeks brings... in the mean time, we are enjoying some beautiful weather! ??

I love, love, love my Valor! big heart

I find the The Lord's Prayer to be a perfect template for every prayer smile