My children laugh at me and wonder how I managed to have two children when it is so obvious that I am not a "kid person" when stuff like this happen...

I wanted chips and salsa. My grandson LOVES salsa, so, of course, he wanted some too.

It started out well... he was sitting in his chair and me in mine... he dipped his chip, ate it and went for more. Fine. No problem.

But... then, he decided to climb on my lap and drop partially eaten chips into the dish... followed by some pasta... and tofu... followed by dripping salsa on to my bare leg (just below my shorts).

I squeaked to my daughter, "Can you get me a wash cloth?" doing my best not to shudder and cry over the whole ordeal... yes, I was traumatized wink

I tell my kids that it was difficult (I really have never cared much for children... or many people, for that matter! smile ), but I did my best (and, yes, there were plenty of runs for the bathroom and I kept a wash cloth nearby most of the time...) wink at least they know I love them coward

Baby news...

Very frustrating! Over a week ago, I sent my oldest to the ER. She was having contractions 2 minutes apart for nearly an hour. They too thought she'd be having her baby. But, she was dehydrated and they sent her home a few hours later because the contractions suddenly stopped.

However, she was 75% effaced, the baby was firmly engaged, and dialated to 3cm. They said any time now...

Over the past week, there have been at least three nights where we thought: This is it! Contractions 3 minutes a part for several hours only to suddenly stop (called stalled labor).

But, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that this MUST be progressive... Today was a check up... her dialation is DOWN to 1 cm and the baby is no longer engaged. Aaargh!

Since the amniotic fluid is very low and the contractions are not making progress, they have scheduled a day for inducing. blank expression

They are really hoping she doesn't need a c-section because she is very sensitive to anesthesia... the epidural did not work during her last delivery and the last time she had to have a knock out drug she came to with temporary amnesia, freaked out, fled the hospital, and had to have police help to locate her during the man hunt... not exactly what anyone wants to experience again! tongue out

We are all a little disheartened and frustrated with this news. She really wanted a natural birth this time but we are grateful for a doctor who is doing her best to keep it as natural as possible. love

I woke up feeling mighty grumpy this morning... you know, ready to breathe fire type of grumpy...

While I was having my morning coffee, I heard my grandson playing up in his room. It sounded like he was having a great time playing with a bowling ball up there - though I couldn't figure out what he would have that would make that much noise...

When I went up to get him, I discovered what his "bowling ball" was... his bottle! Formula was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! my grandson was delighted with the squeaks coming out of me. tongue out

Grumpy as I was, I just slowly closed the door without telling him how naughty he was, and we had breakfast. He had no idea how lucky he was that I can't really breathe fire. wink

You know what? I'm done with toxic people. Life is hard enough and I lived with it for far too long to have much patience left for the nonsense they do.

My daughter and son-in-law have dealt with one grief after another with his family from the moment they started dating and it is just getting worse. They crossed a line today and I have had enough. I removed each one from my friend's list and have no desire to spend any face to face time with them. It has been painful holding my tongue in the few exchanges I've had with them as it is.

My daughter had a discussion going on in the comments of one of her facebook posts. She had people on her friends list (because they are "family" wink that had left some nasty comments to which some others chimed in in her defense. The conversation got heated (as sometimes happens) and friends were removed.

However, that wasn't enough... another family member (not even the one that got nasty!) decided to find the mailing address of my daughter's supporter and sent them a glitter bomb package of a tshirt with crude writing (something that was said in the comments) with a fake return address.

This may have been a great gag gift for good friends, but certainly not called for in some one you don't know! And this was over a facebook post! How much worse are they going to get in person? And this is just the tip of the iceberg! shock

Yeah... I'm done with them. It may take the kids a bit longer (family ties and all, you understand), but I have decided that I don't have to deal with it any more (other than still being the mop up crew after something else blows up tongue out ).

They have a great support network now, so I don't feel the need to any more. Yep, these toxic people have lost the privilege of receiving my absolutely awesome updates and pictures. So there. tongue out

How fun! I got Inspiration™ House! smile

Your password: A ready mind.

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How to show your house pride: It’s time to use that mighty brain of yours! Take in this motivating aroma and get ready to focus on your next big project

Let me know what you get (and what it says wink )!

Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them

I love all the help my little grandson does... he picks things up and puts them in the trash or laundry many, many times a day. Of course, he doesn't always get it right... some times he throws the laundry away! wink

Finally! I am proud to introduce our newest addition to our family big heart

She arrived 8/12 at 1:34am with a weight of 7lbs 9ozs and a length of 20in.

my grandson loves getting to "hold" baby sissy as well as petting her soft hair!

On the day of her arrival, I was left in charge of my grandson... it was hectic... there was a dead mouse in his room, he found a screw that he was carrying around in his mouth for who-knows-how-long, and I tangled with the newest baby gate - leaving me with a cut on my shin, a very large bruise on the bottom of my foot, and muscle spasms that have lasted several days.

I told my daughter that she better hurry home or her house and son were doomed wink

It is a restless night for me... I've been bothered by mice and smells. Ick.

We've had a mouse problem for several days. The cats have been playing with one. They've caught it several times, but ended up releasing it. Aggravating. I'm like: Just kill it already! annoyed

My son-in-law saw the mouse dash behind the refrigerator in the kitchen, so he put out some glue traps... they were supposed to be out of the way... when I got up, I left the kitchen door open and one of the cats got a glue trap stuck to her rear. What a mess!

So, he put the other open trap safely in a drawer in the cabinet. Later, the mouse was squeaking and squealing. My daughter figured that there were multiple mice and they were having a fight... when I went to make supper, I thought the squeaking sounded like it was coming from the cabinets.

I started opening drawers, thinking it had found a way into one and couldn't get out... I was right. It found it's way to the glue trap! I was horrified! The poor creature! I cried for the poor creature.

Thankfully, my son-in-law was home soon afterward and put it out of his misery. Crying over a suffering mouse. Yep, that's me.

Thankful that the day was over and the mouse was gone, I went to bed. I woke up to a rustling sound... what was that? rustle, rustle... I thought: Ugh! I bet it's a mouse! I flipped on the light and went to investigate.

I have some candy stashed in my room and a piece had been drug six inches away from the bag. A mouse was helping himself to my candy!

Eyes narrowed, I moved the trap that had been up there for days and baited it with candy... well... this is a new type of trap that I really didn't understand. It's called a spin trap. When my daughter found me still up around midnight, she reset it for me after discovering that the candy was gone.

So, now I'm feeding the very creature that we're trying to get rid of! Oh, you like candy? Here, let me unwrap that for you.... ugh!

I went back to bed at one only to wake to an awful smell a bit before four.

I thought: surely the mouse was caught. But, no... the candy lover had gotten his fill and left the trap alone. The only thing I can think of is that it must be the cat's flea treatment that was put on them last night. sigh

I have an air purifier running. Hopefully, the smell will soon be gone. However, I don't think this grandma is going to be functioning well at all today. grimace

T-80hrs +/- and counting! (Momma and baby are doing well so I get to head home!) wide eyed

I'm home again smile Actually, I've been home for days... just been relaxing wink

Although I loved being able to be available to my daughter and her family, my anxiety was really starting to become a nuisance and it was taking a toll on my body. blank expression

I thought I was relaxed enough yesterday to start playing catch up... until I opened the garage door... I had forgotten that I had started to reorganize in there before needing to help my daughter out... I had a mini panic attack, backed out, and realized that I had not relaxed nearly enough to deal with THAT. tongue out

And, I have to wonder... I'm sure I sprinkled pixie dust on every thing before I left... why, oh, why didn't the fairies come and do their magic while I was away? Do I have to supervise EVERYTHING? annoyed

After the anxiety was triggered from the garage, I realized the lawn needs to be mowed, the weeds in the flower bed have gotten out-of-control, the barn needs cleaned again, we have hay that needs to be delivered, the check book needs to be balanced, and, and, and... deep breath... I obviously need a few more days of using CBD and drenching myself in essential oils before tackling my to-do list wink

I don't feel too bad about it though... I have made some improvements - my back isn't spasming as much and I'm actually sleeping more than four hours at a time again smile

Thinking about improvements, I just realized that I don't even feel guilty for needing to take this time to recharge! There were even a few days at my daughter's that I had to step back and disconnect for a bit (I told my grandson that I just couldn't handle being a grandma right then and needed some alone time... he didn't take it well tongue out ).

Yep, I must say that not feeling like I HAVE to spend every last ounce of energy on everyone else until I am miserable and incapable of functioning (mentally or physically) is a great improvement for me. ??

I can hardly wait for Bob to come home and give him a hug and tell him thank you for his part in that! love I thank my daughter and son-in-law too for letting me rest when I needed to too. energy

I finished cleaning out the garage today. I was so excited that I told Bob to go check it out. He opened the door, stepped inside, and exclaimed "Holy Cow!" I told him that that was an excellent response. big heart

My new house! LOL Seriously, though, I wouldn't be able to live in it full time... I get rather claustrophobic wink

I don't know what the price tag is, but I imagine it's rather close to a home tongue out

I've been a little bummed about the prices of property... we found a PERFECT place for us... a few years ago, we had been told we would need 5% down for what we wanted... we are super close, but when I inquired with the bank about the place she set me straight... that 5% down is for acreage with a house and garage ONLY. No barn, no shed, no outbuildings of any sort. Ugh! Sooo many rules and hidden fees! Sigh.

New plan. Looks like we'll be staying in town and continue to board the horses. It has been working. Just disappointing thinking that you're close to your goal, only to find out you're not nearly as close as you thought. grimace

It's hard for many to understand that religious trauma doesn't mean you've turned your back on God or that you've fallen from grace. You come to Him just as you are moment by moment... and some moments (that can turn into years) may feel that it is a very distant relationship, but there can still be a connection - even without reading the Bible, singing hymns, or communing with others.

We need to remember that not everyone fits in the same box. We each have our own experiences and should show patience and love to each other - foregoing the judgement.

For those experiencing trauma... practice patience with yourself. It takes quite a while to deal with those emotions and feel like you're moving forward!