The weather is so beautiful for February! If it keeps this up, we're going to be dusting off the saddles and going for a ride smile Not today though... nor tomorrow tongue out Bob was "on call" today and my daughter and her family are coming tomorrow. Today was not one of Bob's regularly scheduled rotation though... this one is special... His company is having a party this weekend in the city and all employees are encouraged to attend. However, he let his boss know that he wasn't comfortable leaving me alone overnight because I'm legally blind. Another employee was scheduled to work but wanted to go to the party so a swap was made love

One of my favorite TV shows is Mom. I was watching a re-run the other day about the oldest one (in the picture) waiting for a turn at a deli counter and feeling invisible. She felt like her age somehow gave her an invisibility cloak or something. She wanted to scream to the world that she's done this and that... that she's lived! While I cannot relate to being able to say "hey, I've done this or that", I CAN relate to feeling invisible. Most of the time, it doesn't bother me. However, when people speak to the person right next to me and ignore me like I don't exist... that DOES bother me. It makes me feel like I have an invisible sign on me that says "Unapproachable". It has been suggested to me that it is my facial expression or my ability to make people feel like I can read their inner most thoughts. I thought this was plausible... until I dyed my hair purple! Now, people actually look my direction and are FAR more likely to engage me in conversation. It is soooo weird! I didn't dye my hair to get attention. It was a personal desire to try something new. I just find is strange that purple hair is some how more approachable than dark blonde or light brown with the same facial expressions. Nothing else has changed. I really don't understand this phenomenon.

Pence: Pelosi ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech ‘was a new low’

I just watched the news... something I rarely do... but, it was all about the State of the Union address that was given last night and Pelosi's reaction - she actually tore up the speech when it was handed to her! Since this was an official, historic document and not some notes... I am greatly offended. I think it should be a chargeable offense! Democrat or Republican - I don't care! This was an obvious disregard to the American people, our government, and our history. Any person doing so would be upsetting, but a person is such a high office? I am very upset! And her reason it being full of untruths? So what? Start an investigation on the President for misleading the public and daring to inspire hope for a brighter future... seems to be the popular thing to do to this President tongue out

Fact-Checking 11 of Trump’s Claims in State of the Union

so much for the State of the Union being full of untruths! One surprising point, to me, was on the proposed Medicare for All bill... I did not realize that it would outlaw private health insurance. Although I'm all for affordable health care, I certainly am not ok with the removal of private health insurance altogether! I just think there should be a cap on some stuff... like health insurance and rent so that more people can afford it. I understand the concept of "supply and demand" but there are limits on gas and food prices so that the cost doesn't become astronomical like housing as become in many areas. So, I guess the Medicare for All bill needs a lot more work before being acceptable tongue out

I had a moving experience last night... Most of you know that I could count the stars as a child due to an eye condition I was born with (maximum of 20 that I remember). As I've gotten older, the number of visible stars in the sky diminished until I couldn't see any more. It's been so long, in fact, that I finally quit looking. Last night, we got home from the horses after dark. Bob asked a simple question "Can you see that?" I assumed he meant the path to the house. I responded, "yes". But, he said: "No. Up there." I looked up and there was a brilliant star in the sky! I could see it! He told me it was Venus. Venus was the last star that I could make out in the night's sky. Now, it is the first I can see again! Many will believe that I simply wasn't looking in the right place in the giant night canvas. That may be. I believe that the products I'm using are continuing to reduce the inflammation in my system and allowing more light to be visible by me. I'm seriously happy either way wink

I have had a few crazy days that have stretched my flexibility skills to the max...

1. Wed: Decide to go visit my Dad and daughter this weekend because the extended forecast was clear.

2. Thur: Cancel visit because a snow storm was developing for the weekend.

3. Fri: My youngest comes home with what was thought to be a stomach bug but possibly was just a need for decent food...

4. Got a call that a stall became available in Sioux Falls for my youngest's horse after being on a waiting list for a while.

5. Small problem: brought the car.

6. Small problem: horse trailer needs tires.

7. Get friend to bring truck and new tires.

8. Small problem: took over an hour creating a path through the snow for the truck in order to hook the trailer up.

9. Small problem: the trailer tires and hitch are encased in ice.

10. Small problem: after getting to the trailer and breaking up the ice, the trailer still does not move and now the truck is stuck!

11. Thankfully, Bob had an easy day and was able to pull out the truck and had a clever idea about using a piece of plywood as a ski on the trailer and pulled it out of the ice.

12. Small problem: tire shop won't be able to change the tires until late afternoon so will have to do the vet visit first thing Saturday morning after finding out the snow storm will be hitting Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday night. Hoping the time table doesn't change again!

12. Small problem: can't get the trailer into the barn yard, so will have to load the typically problematic horse on the road

13. Sat: Horse loaded easily, but the wind opened the gate to the pasture after Bob granted the other horses freedom from their stalls and one took advantage of the situation and gave Bob and my youngest a bit of extra exercise. wink

14. Small problem: after the horse's appointment, she didn't want to have any thing to do with the trailer again! Aaargh! Took awhile...

15. My youngest had to come back to the house three times because she kept forgetting important stuff... you know, like emergency care items for the horse and food... lol

16. My oldest usually doesn't call before 10am on Saturdays but started calling at 8am and neither Bob nor I had our phones, so they were starting to get worried when it took over an hour for me to get back to them... It's 11 now. I'm exhausted and ready for my quiet days to return! wink

I don't know when we'll get to visit my folks again... at this rate, though, I'm afraid it won't be until after winter is over (unless there is some emergency and we certainly don't want that!)! tongue out

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

After spoiling us with above freezing temperatures, Lady Winter has decided to let us know that she's not done with us yet! tongue out It's cold enough that Bob's work truck is having problems... it finally started but power steering is frozen. grimace Thankfully, he doesn't have jobs scheduled until this afternoon and has hopes that it will thaw in a bit now that the engine is warm.

Last night, I found SEVEN stars in the sky! shock There was Sirius, the 3 stars of Orion's belt, 2 points in Orion, and another (the last one not in the image - image for demonstration only... not mine). I saw three of them while standing under a street lamp! cool Bob thinks I could have seen more (after examining this picture I should be able to find 5 more in this section of sky... it just doesn't always work that way tongue out ), but I was shivering and afraid my tears of joy would freeze to my face wink We have plans for a future date to go star gazing outside of town once it warms up a bit energy

The greatest pleasure in life is love... and I have that in abundance! love

"Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger"

Plenty of love and desire here... must be on my way to great deeds! smile

Bob did some research on the steering mechanism that froze on his work truck last week before even taking it to the shop. You know what the shop wanted to do after plugging in their handy computer gadget? Replace the battery! Ugh!

Bob let his boss know about his research, who, in turn, told those higher up the ladder. They are all highly concerned and asked Bob to turn in his truck and gave him a loaner one because that steering mechanism has a history of freezing up while driving (water/condensation gets in the electrical plug and shorts out)! No recalls and no warranty replacements - despite being a known issue. The recommendation? Don't wash the vehicle, don't drive through puddles, don't drive in the rain, don't get snow above the wheel hub...

At least, the company is taking the problem seriously (we LOVE the company he works for!) and is going to have the faulty part replaced. In the mean time, Bob's temporary replacement that he picked up last night doesn't have an adjustable seat (not enough leg room) and has a check engine light on... Bob already misses his partner (the truck)... hey, maybe I should be a little jealous, huh? wink

Who is the most persistent seeker and has the most love to offer? Truly, our Creator and Redeemer! love

Quick sci-fi lesson: The blue box in the middle of the clock is a time traveling ship that is bigger on the inside (referred to as a TARDIS)... it's pretty cool

Any way... last night, I was looking at my computer and thought: Hey, a computer is bigger on the inside and allows me to travel through time and space (it does, after all, hold my pictures and the internet is a vast world!)... I have a TARDIS! cool