As I finished coloring this this morning, I thought: Oh, how fitting for me, the mouse who rediscovered her voice, to bring in the new year with a picture of a mouse bearing gifts! lol Happy New Year!

I got a new toy to play fetch with Holly. She LOVES it! It has three extensions so I feel safer about touching it (less likely for her to snap me wink ). I have tried asking her to drop things for me to pick up, but she lunges at them when I reach for it and clicks her teeth at me. I do try to understand her natural tendencies (she is a blue healer), but they make me really uncomfortable! So, I'm glad to find something we can play together with. She gets her exercise and I don't have to worry so much about slipping on the ice... or being bitten! smile

I have to gush about my husband a little today big heart

He is "on call" this week. New Year's Day he got a call at 9pm for a large business that lost internet in a town over an hour away. We knew it would be at least midnight before he got home... it turned out to be 3am! (surprisingly, my anxiety didn't spike smile ) And, the only reason it was so early was that he called his boss to get some help... it took over an hour to shovel a path to the box on the side of the building... then, they had to deal with the ice... there was a 8 ft column of ice that had form around the corner of the building, encasing the box, pulling it off of the building, and damaging the wiring.

The two took turns chiseling and beating on the ice in order to clear the area to replace the box and wiring. Oh what fun in the middle of the night! tongue out Thankfully, the wind wasn't blowing and it was a lovely 33 (or so) degrees.

To say the least, he's sore and looking forward to the weekend! Even though he may have a job or two, he'll still be able to relax some! Despite being sore and tired, he took me to the grocery store last night and followed that up by making a batch of cookies! I've been a little negligent about baking, but he hasn't complained... he just saw a cookie mix in the store, thought that looked good and made it while I watched a show on the TV. He's just wonderful! love

I did something new this morning... I made clear coffee! laugh Good thing it's early enough to try again.

Feeling grateful for those in law enforcement today (National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day wink ) Sure, there are bad cops out there (they are, after all, human), but there are many thoughtful, caring people out there that deserve our gratitude and thanks. love

Me! laugh

My ex-husband introduced me to these... they have a little electric motor that will go 15-20mpg and you don't need a driver's license. What a grand idea! It would only take me an hour to get out to the horses and I could cause untold accidents while pulling out in front of someone I didn't see... the fun I could have! laugh ok, ok... I'll stay home... wink

Bob took a day off of work... so, I give him a to-do list. And here he thought he was getting a day off wink

Bob and I agree... -11 + wind chill is cold enough! thankfully, the horses aren't shivering smile

I am so frustrated, I could cry! Last year, I made the tough decision to take down my essential oil website that I lovingly maintained for over 10 years because I decided to pursue sharing products from a different company and the policy was that I could not do both. I was over joyed when I found that the policy has been rewritten and I could enjoy sharing products from BOTH companies - as long as I keep them separate. So, I happily started the process of putting my website back online... only to find that my backup was corrupted. Aaack! I busily pieced together what I could find and thought I finished a week ago... but I just opened a few pages to find them completely wrong and I have no idea how I messed up so thoroughly. I am trying not to dwell on the work I've lost. Still, I am very sad.

It's not just a conspiracy theory or my wild imagination... there are enough issues that WHO is asking questions! There are an increasing number of problems with vaccines worldwide and there are tough questions to look into to make informed decisions on "acceptable risks". And, possibly, we need to restructure the schedule and go back to fewer shots at a young age.

"The mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective” is no longer acceptable."

"Prof. Heidi Larson, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project and staunch supporter of vaccines" ... "admits that a lot of the ‘vaccine skepticism online’ is NOT ‘misinformation’ and that there is a lot of ambiguity in the safety field."

"Dr Bassey Okposen, Nigerian Doctor and Program manager for NEEICC asks a very vital question regarding different antigens, different adjuvants and whether these ingredients are or could be ‘cross-reacting’ with each other, and where the safety studies are on these interactions. Dr Robert Chen, Scientific Director of Brighton Collaboration, attempts to answer, but fails miserably." Basically, he says it is too difficult to track down the manufacturer and lot number for every complex vaccine schedule (no data is kept on what is given from where) so there has been no studies on cross-reacting possibilities.

Guess it's time to see a dentist. I haven't been able to sleep well for two days due to the pain in my jaw. I've tried every thing in my arsenal that I can think of... several essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, CBD oil, closys mouth rinse, warm water, water pick, floss, oragel... even tylenol and ibuprofen. The throbbing about put me to my knees a few hours ago... I think I've lost some fillings. ugh! Any suggestions for the next 15 hours while I wait for my appointment?

I left the dentist having had two more teeth extracted... one was the one likely causing the trouble and the wisdom tooth it was next to (I thought it had been removed a long time ago). I looked at the troublesome tooth. There were two cavities on opposing sides that extended under the gum line. I don't have a caliper, but it appears that holes extend half way through the tooth and had, indeed, lost fillings. It is truly amazing to me that it didn't crack! I'm sure I'll be in some pain from the extraction for the next few days, but hopefully the worst is over. smile

The entire staff was friendly and helpful. I was in a lot of pain with limited cash available and they happily focused on the area that needed work without condemnation. I've been to many dentists and doctors and this is the first place that I could say that about! Wonderful experience - thank you! energy

My results: EARTH

Watch out, world—you’ve seemed to figure out this whole life thing! You’re balanced, grounded, and hold firm to your beliefs. Sure, you may be stubborn at times, but you’re a problem-solver and can get yourself out of sticky situations. When life gets hectic, people seek you out for much-needed advice, and you’re always there to give it.

Bold and Balanced diffuser blend
3 drops Eucalyptus Globulus
2 drops Cypress
2 drops Vetiver
2 drops Basil

That diffuser blend sounds amazing! I'm going to have to try it! smile Now, I'm curious about what other answers there are! wink

I don't remember if we were listening to the radio or watching the TV, but some news person mentioned that "everyone" wants something different than normal procedure. Yet, they are against Trump. How much more "different" can you get?

I'm just happy that, for once, someone is doing exactly what they said they would do. I may not appreciate his attitude or agree with every thing he wants to do, but gee... He has certainly shown what can be done in a term versus having to wait for a second term to start accomplishing even a smidgen of what should be done - all while fighting tooth and nail against his those who agree with what he wants to do but just don't like him therefore must fight against everything tongue out

Yes, I'm all for having a president that shakes things up and makes sure the job gets done. A new bar has been set. I hope whomever the next president is will be able to do the same (although, I also hope that both parties will be able to find common ground to work together, but that just seems unreasonable wink )

Question of the day: Is it safe to feed a dog gristle? I bought a new cut of meat because it was on sale and cheaper than hamburger. However, Bob couldn't eat it after it was cooked because he said it was full of gristle.

For those who are curious, this was a beef arm roast. I cooked it in a slow cooker like I do the beef bottom round roast that Bob loves. I knew there would be some difference in texture, but I didn't expect it to be inedible. annoyed

3 1/2 years I've waited... finally, they are ALL blooming!

Really, I didn't do much. Put them where they could see the sun, sprinkle them with cayenne when the cat took an interest in them, water weekly, re-potted them once, and fertilize yearly. I almost gave up. I'm so glad I didn't! smile

It reminds me of my business... I really don't do much... just share now and then about how much I love my favorite products (something I would do any way!). I can't say I earned a ton this year, but I DID literally make 1500% more than last year (yes, I did the math wink )! So, I'm doing a little happy dance

I'm encouraged and aim to take this opportunity a tad more seriously and do more sharing this year. I would be totally ok with improving another 1500% by the year's end... who wouldn't? wink

I've been missing the horses something awful. In fact, I've been struggling with depression and thinking about getting rid of them (a sure sign that I'm struggling!). I haven't been able to spend much time with them due to the weather, road conditions, tires that need to be replaced, and anxiety triggered by it all. So, Bob has been feeding the horses on his way home from work and I've only been going out on weekends - if the road is clear (so not much tongue out ). I've also not been able to travel to see my Dad and the rest for over a month, which hasn't helped. I mentioned that I miss feeding the horses when Bob came home for lunch yesterday, so he made it a point to wait to feed and take me along since the road are clear. Well... the owner was in the driveway so Bob pulled off the road a bit and the snow immediately grabbed the truck and pulled us into the ditch. The snow was so deep, I had trouble opening my door. We are both glad that it wasn't dark yet and the owner was home to pull us out! love

I went to the dentist yesterday for a follow up... he said I'm healing well and my teeth look good. smile He, of course, also said that I could use a cleaning, but I knew that wink Then, Bob took me out to breakfast! Not a fast food place where we snag the food and head home, but a lovely local cafe where we stayed to eat - just the two of us! We've been together over 3 years and this is a first for us (we've been to a restaurant a couple of times with other people, but a first for just us)... Bob said he thought it was about time wink It was exciting and a bit weird ... I've been wanting to try new places for several months and as soon as we have a chance to do so, I have nothing to say! Quietest meal ever laugh The excitement not only included going out, but the waitress brought us the wrong meal. I mentioned it first. Then, Bob said he was thinking something was off when he saw BACON on the plate. LOL Thankfully, the people who did order it, didn't mind receiving it since all I did was look at it smile