I woke to this verse echoing in my head: “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” 2 Kings 6:16

It is from a story of deliverance. The king’s army had surrounded the city and the people were ready to hand over the prophet and his servant to save themselves, but the army was surrounded by an unseen force of heavenly angels! The prophet and his servant surrendered to the army, praying that the army would be struck with blindness. The prophet then led the army straight to their enemy (who wanted to kill them all but the prophet said no - their lives were spared to glorify God).

The old testament is full of these stories to encourage us in times of trouble and uncertainty. The trials that we face only glorify God more when He brings us out of adversity when it seems impossible for anything to improve.

God is still in control and greater than the evil surrounding us.

I sold my china hutch (I really didn't enjoy it). Now, I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to put all the stuff that came out of it tongue out

While sorting threw stuff, I decided that I may as well take some pictures of the things that I have been planning on selling for a couple of years but never wanted to bother with... Looking threw these items triggered a memory of some other stuff that I knew I had... only, I had rearranged the garage just a few days ago and realized that I hadn't seen the box.

This box had some very precious items to me in it that I've had since childhood and I was starting to panic... thoughts bombarded me: did I accidentally give the box to the thrift store last year? of all the boxes that I could have accidentally given away, why did it have to be THAT one? fountain of tears

I kept reminding myself that it is just stuff and not that important in the grand scheme of things. Still, I started feeling sick to me stomach and started to pray for help to accept the loss, if, indeed, it was lost.

Back into the garage I went, thinking that I had to sort through my youngest's collection of boxes out there. I had a couple of boxes out on a table that I thought I had gone through earlier and decided to look again. Sure enough - it was right there the whole time! smile

So, I feel a bit foolish for getting so upset (I obviously need more work on releasing emotional ties to stuff) and more than a little relieved!

This picture shows a bit of what I thought I had lost... smile

Prayers for my oldest.. too early for contractions! 8 days left to be safe

Grand-toddler and I doing some vacuuming. He is afraid of the machine. He refused to go to anyone else... apparently, it is safer in the arms of the one handling the child-eating monster! laugh

Bob says I apologize a lot less than when we first met. But, there is still a real struggle not to apologize for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and I struggle with the rest as well. I'm thankful to be on a path of healing energy

Late last week, I was left in charge of my grandson for a little while while mom and dad went to the store. No problem. I decided to do a little work upstairs and took the not-quite-two-year-old with me.

A few minutes later, I hear him downstairs.

I looked and the gate is open. I figured that I forgot to latch it properly and just took him back upstairs.

A few minutes later, I heard him downstairs again.

I figured I still didn't get it right and headed down the stairs. I made sure to double check the latch before heading to the bathroom... then, I hear him UPSTAIRS.

I thought: "What?! How?!"

I retrieved him, latched the gate, and watched.

The little guy is able to UNLOCK the gate! Ugh! This is the THIRD gate he has conquered (the other two were bulldozed or climbed over tongue out ).

But, I fixed him... I found a cord and used a couple of simple half-hitches to hold the latch in place. I told him when he figures this out that we'll change the knot wink

Not only is my grandson a baby gate master, but he is fully capable of using doors - including moving chairs or toys to climb on in order to get access to the dead bolt and unlatch it! He has one of those child safety door knobs on his bedroom door but the only one that it works on is grandma tongue out Now there is a combination lock to deal with to get to the outdoors... we'll see how long it takes him to figure out the code

Here is something to make you smile in your news feed today (because mine has been seriously depressing tongue out )...

Yesterday was Bob and my 3rd wedding anniversary smile He surprised me by showing up to spend the day with me while I'm still helping my oldest (no baby yet wink ) - I didn't even know that he had requested the day off (he said that it was a hard secret to keep wink )!

What magical thing did we do together? Sleep. We took a 4+ hour nap! laugh

My gift required a little thought about how to salvage it as an anniversary present. You see... it is a little odd... it is a Death Star (sci-fi planet destroyer) salt and pepper shaker set.

Bob had asked for a salt and pepper set (we've just been using the seasoning containers as I really didn't see the need) and I knew this would be perfect for us, BUT I certainly did not want Bob to think he was destroying my life wink

This is what I told him: "I feel like I am only complete when I am with you. (the shakers are split in the middle, connected with a magnet). And, I appreciate how we stand together in our fight against the dark forces."

Bob loves it (and the thought behind it) smile

My son-in-law says we are both nerds and meant for each other... soooo true! love