Those of you who don't know me very well... I am very introverted and don't talk much. I also don't do well around conflict, though I understand that it can't always be avoided. Yesterday, however, I got angry while my oldest and her husband were fighting (yet again) and I actually yelled at my son-in-law. It has been years since I was angry enough to yell. It was terrible and I apologized. Yeah, we introverts have our moments too. tongue out

During this past week, my oldest and I have been organizing her house... you know, in between the feedings and the diaper changes and the appointments and the headaches...

Early this morning, we added the finishing touches and took pictures real quick before anyone had a chance to get things out! wink Of course, the super clean only lasted a few hours, but we have proof that it happened and doesn't the house look fabulous? smile

I apologize to chairs, tables, walls, dishes (as I drop them on the floor or knock them over)... the list goes on tongue out

At least it has become quite easy for "Sorry" to escape my lips! wink

act of kindness

Here's something about myself and my loving husband that most people don't know... and, it's a story of how one life can affect another... smile

When my children were teenagers, I was rather desperate for them to find something that they enjoyed doing together. As it turned out, one thing was playing computer games. Their Dad and I were not thrilled about that, but they enjoyed it and I tried to restrict it to being some what education and, later, a way to socialize (we home schooled and really did not have much in the way of friends blank expression).

Bob was befriended on one of these games. My oldest, especially, annoyed him tremendously, but he defended her in game and taught her how to interact better with the other players. She, in turn, also challenged him to become a better person. (I did my best to monitor conversations a bit to be sure nothing terrible was happening)

After YEARS of being friends online, they decided to meet in person (public meeting with supervision to be safer). Later, he was invited to her wedding and to temporarily move in while looking for a job.

As it turned out, my ex and I decided to get divorced a few months before the wedding and I met Bob, which, eventually, led to our own wedding! big heart

Bob says that if he had chosen to ignore that annoying teenager that his life would not be as wonderful as it is now. So, yes, we absolutely believe that one person's act of kindness can change the course of a life. energy

That said, we do believe that befriending people online and meeting them in person is dangerous and should NOT be encouraged and parents absolutely need to monitor their children's online activity to be sure they are safe. smile

I am back home! Well... to tell the truth, I have been home for a few days now... it's just taken me a bit of time to put things back in order. wink

One thing we did over the weekend was help my Dad finish putting up a hoop barn. He spent half of the summer cleaning the area and putting up the frame. We were only able to help with the finishing touches of putting up the canvas. We are all glad to have the project done and think it looks great smile

Mom and I used to collect recipes. We each had an index card file, plus pages and pages of print outs and papers with notes (and, now, I have hundred of bookmarked recipes to try tongue out ).

Mom had plans on creating her own cookbook. Me, I just wanted a way to organize my favorites so I could actually find what I was looking for!

I seriously thought about using one of those cookbook apps to organize everything, but nothing was cross compatible with all of my devices and I'm not ready to upgrade every thing. tongue out

So, I'm creating a Word document that can saved in a pdf file that I can also use with my tablet, if I want. If Mom were still around, it would be fun to have it printed and bound. I'll just stick with a digital copy for now. I'm just excited to get it all organized! I have 75 recipes entered so far. positive

My grandson does not appreciate hugs and kisses. It can take nearly an hour for him to warm up to me when we only visit every month or two. As a person who also is NOT a hugging tree, I understand. However, other people (often strangers!) get so offended when he struggles, screams, and, some times, hits them when they swoop in and grab him. Yet, their actions would be deemed quite rude if he were older. Children are just little humans. I don't understand why they are treated like toys. blank expression

Bob thought a pre-cooked ham would be easier for me to heat and glaze than trying another turkey (shudder)... other than forgetting to put gloves on and needing to wash my hands four times to get the stench off and burning myself when the glaze spit at me, it IS going a lot easier. If this goes well, maybe Bob will let me try a small steak again... the last one ended up too hard to cut - let alone chew! But, the dog enjoyed gnawing on for awhile.. I may have to accept that meat is not my forte. wink

I wouldn't get angry, but I would have to fix it! laugh Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with a heaping dose of gratitude! love

oooo! On the way from family time (I even got to see my sister! wide eyed ), I got to see Saturn, Jupiter and Mars! big heart

Once I started seeing stars in the sky, Bob set up a program from on my computer. Now, I have to control the urge to poke him when I'm wide awake at 3am and say "Hey! Hey! you awake? let's go look at the stars!" wink

I tried a tip that I read about to keep the cat out of my new house plant... I sprayed water infused with orange oil on the soil... the cat nibbled the leaves... I sprayed the water with orange oil on the leaves... the cat ate the leaves... I sprayed the leaves with a hot wax spray designed to keep critters away from plants... the cat thought it was delicious. The plant is now dead. No problem. crying