Future raised flower beds wink

I have finished going through stuff and cleaning out the shed and garage. Now, I've moved on to creative projects smile I have discovered a couple of things about myself this past week...

#1. I do NOT like quilting. I really thought I would, but no. My son-in-law has a quilted blanket that his grandmother made for him that needed new backing. I have finally finished it - it only took THREE tries and it still isn't quite right! But, good enough. I had already agreed to do a few other quilting projects, which I will follow through on. However, I'm not going to make quilts just for fun. It is far too frustrating to be considered "fun" for me!

#2. I enjoy spray painting! Weird, huh? In the past, paint has given me an instant headache. However, I can't smell it when working outside or, in this case, at the edge of the garage with the door wide open. A few weeks ago, we got these small pallets to put hay on... they must be 24x24 or something like that. They are really small, but so much easier to handle! We have a few left over and we have a few rotten bales of hay from last year. I stood the pallets up next to the hay and found that they would be great for enclosing them and creating an easy raised flower bed that wouldn't require buying as much soil for. However, there aren't quite enough pallets... then, I remembered that we have a few bad tires (bald and/or that won't hold plugs in the holes) and thought... hey! I could make the beds with tires! I wanted the tires painted, so we got some spray paint. I think I did a pretty good job... just two drips on the first tire when I got too close. Otherwise, they look pretty good. So far, I have one purple and two reds. Now, I just need a few more tires to go bad... wink

My oldest said: Be productive, but don't hurt yourself! (after I tried breaking my finger this morning wink )

I have been drooling over pallet projects for quite some time now. Some of the ideas are so neat and look fairly easy to do. So, when I realized that there would be no way I could expect the walls of this house to hold all of the items I want to hang without using large screws with anchors for even the smallest items, I started thinking about alternatives and one of my ideas was to build a pallet wall. The land lord approved the idea, as did Bob.

So, I found a source for free pallets and Bob got me started this morning with a hammer and pry bar... All of the tutorials say it takes 10 minutes or less to take apart a pallet... it took me several hours and I'm afraid there will only be 2-3 usable boards annoyed

Regardless, my spirit is not completely busted (though my back and hands are complaining)... I ordered what's called a pallet buster instead wink Hopefully, that will be easier. If not, there is always learning how to use a sawzall...

I asked Bob what color he thought I should try next. His vote was fluorescent green... it didn't turn out quite like he envisioned, but we both LOVE it! aquantaince

I find it ironic that I cleaned out the garage for Bob to work on vehicles and immediately started using it for projects laugh

He still says that the clean garage is awesome - being able to use the door and easily get to all of his tools is very helpful! smile

I was frustrated yesterday about not being able to use the saw for my projects and having to wait for Bob's help. So, he let me use the circular saw yesterday - despite all the warnings of my kids and ex. He said he felt very safe about my using it, but I can NOT cut straight! tongue out

My brain is stuck on creative over drive... poor Bob laugh

While taking apart pallets, I saw one that I wanted to use for a horse pedestal (a fun training tool that you ask the horse to stand on). The barn owner had the perfect piece of plywood to cover it with and I added extra runners for support (Bob did all the cutting and added some screws in the center; I did the measuring, put in the runners, nailed the runners and perimeter of the plywood, and sprayed the paint on). I can hardly wait to use it! But, I doubt I'll be able to until spring. I sprayed Flex Seal rubber on top for traction. It could use a second coat, but I'm not very happy with it. I used a full spray can but it seems just as smooth as the plywood and offers very little traction. If there is a problem with it when I start using it then we'll give it a good coat of paint and sprinkle sand on.

Was Jesus a Socialist?

I've seen comments about Christ being a socialist. I found this talk/transcript to be rather informative on the subject.

If only I were 10 years younger and had a place with a stable! Of course, I do have other long time goals that haven't been achieved yet that I am striving for first... like passing at least the first two (of four) of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship levels. Considering that I'm on my fourth horse with this goal in mind, I think I should work on that first... smile

Well, we've been informed that we've had 3rd person contact with covid from 3 different people.

1. The barn owner
2. A co-worker's boyfriend at my youngest's work place
3. A co-worker of Bob's spent time with someone at work the day before he had symptoms

We've all been practicing social distancing at the barn and only talk outside. Masks are worn in the workplaces. We all do our best to wash hands and stay healthy, but... we're left not knowing for sure how to plan. Bob really wants time off and I want to spend that time at my Dad's but we might need those vacation days if Bob gets sick. Of course, at the rate people are getting sick it may be the new year before vacation days are approved again any way tongue out

I'm glad that God is in control!

My ex would get so angry when I couldn't talk things out. He said I was being manipulative and hated my trying to write things out instead. I didn't even know selective mutism was a thing until after the divorce, though I doubt having a name to place on it would have helped blank expression

Last night, my oldest let me know that her service dog in training of only 8 months old died suddenly of kidney failure. fountain of tears

My sweet husband rushed me the hour and half drive to be with her for a few days as the family recovers from this emotional trauma. love

Non-covid related issues waiting to see the doctor...

There have been five instances (in three states) of close family/friends that can not even speak to the doctor over the phone for consultation. Why? Well... "you might have covid" It is a major problem when this virus can be transmitter over phone lines! annoyed