This is an old article, but raises an environmental concern. If Biden's federal electric vehicles are to be made in the USA, then who will win the environmental lithium war? Will we need the mining to build the vehicles? or will we need the land to keep the land conservation plans? Is it more environmentally acceptable to ravage other countries while we set aside our land for wilderness? Is it more acceptable to use the millions of gallons of water for this mining when farmers can't water their crops? (there are plans to cut the water usage down and improve the evaporation process to get this lithium, so this may not be an issue for long) These are the kinds of things I ponder.

I've started cutting boards (on my own!) for my first project. I've decided to make a storage box first. smile

The cutting is going well... measure, mark, clamp, cut... too short - try again! tongue out

I'm glad I'm using free pallet wood! At least I'm making straight cuts now! wink

I have 9 out of 15 boards cut for my storage box, with 12 boards that will need to be recut (for uniformity) to make a slightly smaller box. I've had enough frustration with the circular saw (having trouble with accuracy and the weight makes my back hurt in just a few cuts) that I talked to Bob about the possibility of getting a miter saw. He said although the circular saw CAN be used for everything, it can be difficult to operate and takes time to learn precision. He said I really need a table saw for what I want to do.

Since I have quite a list of projects that I want to do (and my determination hasn't diminished much despite my frustration), he said it is worth investing in the proper tool for the job. smile The one we are going to get has a parallel board and a push thingy to keep everything nice and straight. I'll be able to do more uniform cuts without marking and clamping every piece - as long as I keep everything lined up properly. tongue out

I was surprised to find one within our budget on Amazon. It'll be a couple of weeks before we get it, but I'm excited. wide eyed

It's been such a delightfully mild winter (staying above zero)... now, it's cold. At least the wind isn't howling!

I told my youngest that I plan on booting the motorcycle out of the garage when the table saw gets here.

The response? "Noooooo! There's snow and ice outside!"

Gee... you'd think I was wanting to kick out a living creature laugh

I am going to need the space, but I guess I'll try rearranging first... wink

Please note that a vaccine - ANY vaccine - is purposely injecting foreign substances into your body in the hopes that your body will fight the invasion and build antibodies for a possible future attack (like storing ammunition to use in the event of a war). Under natural conditions, the invasion starts in a small area of the body (often in the nose, ears, or under fingernails) and starts to reproduce. Once detected, the body tries to fight off the invasion and builds antibodies for the future. However, a natural invasion typically does not have as much to deal with at the start and can often handle the crisis. Other times, the virus multiplies faster than the body can deal with it and we get seriously ill. We try to use vaccines to prepare the body for a crisis that hasn't come and sometimes the body can not handle the amount that has been injected. The body fights against the injection just like dealing with any illness or invasion - aches, pains, blisters, rash, fever, swelling, headache, etc. Most of these are supposed to last less time with a vaccine than the natural illness. Then, there are those who have extreme reactions - even death. Just like a real illness. This is considered "acceptable risk". Unlike natural illnesses, if the death doesn't happen within 24hrs it is often blamed on "underlying conditions" - not the vaccine. In summary, yes, vaccines can be useful, but they are not a guarantee against illness and/or death.

how many times were rioters left unchecked last year? how many people were beaten, lost loved ones, feared for their lives? how many buildings and memorials were destroyed? how many times were the police told that they could not use force against such protestors and punished for when they defended themselves? how many times did Trump want to send in the National Guard to protect the innocent but was told it was "unconstitutional"?

Law and order must work both ways. It doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on. The same law applies. If it is "unconstitutional" to use the national guard for regular civilians then they shouldn't be used to protect some rich guys in a federal building. Truly, it is only fair... if that's truly how the laws stand.

And, if Trump is convicted with inciting and encouraging these extremists by his words and actions (and inaction! - truly, he is guilty of that... he should have done something to thwart it), then I absolutely want every single congress person and governor that defended, encouraged, and even had charges dropped of the extremists of every riot that went on last year to be charged and convicted of their wrong doings as well. Justice needs to be served the same to every body - regardless of how much money you make, what color of skin you have, popularity, religious views, or party affiliation.

"You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor. " Leviticus 19:15

about right! lol

My table saw came a week early! wide eyed

Bob took an hour putting it all together and show me how to use each piece after work last night. (I'm glad I waited for him... it would have taken me sooooo much longer!) smile

I did manage to rearrange the garage so the motorcycle could stay (for now) too. wink

I have seen such lovely medals for virtual races! Good causes too... I'm tempted to join in. I was able to walk 1/2 mile yesterday on my gazelle. So, wouldn't that be a good goal to reward myself with a medal?

I wanted to move hay today from the shed to the barn (to make it easier to feed), but... I think we'll wait tongue out

"Wind Chill Warning, dangerously cold wind chills expected. Wind chills as low as 45 below zero....The dangerously cold wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes."

I am a Seventh Day Adventist. I have been since I was 10 yrs old. There have been a number of times that I've been accused of being part of a "cult". It's been a while though... of course, that might have to do with my limited contact with people... This video recently came out and I thought I'd share it in case there are still those out there concerned about me smile

Jesus Loves You! Such comforting words; yet, so controversial!

Oh, I feel so humbled now... when we lived in Germany and I worked as a bagger, I would tell all of my customers "Jesus Loves You". I didn't realize that it would offend anyone... I just wanted to share! I found out that my Dad fought for my right to continue giving my greeting (freedom of expression) and won. I shared all the more!

I read my Bible in high school. It was my favorite book. At the end of the year, I had people sign a memory book (I didn't have a year book) and many people wrote that they thought I was very brave. I didn't even know anyone was paying attention or had an opinion about it!

Then, I married my ex... he did not allow me to answer the phone "Jesus Loves You" because he had a business and it was "unprofessional". I started questioning things the family believed and was told to quit studying and I was not to teach the children my ways because they thought I was studying too much and being "swayed by every wind of doctrine".

It's been difficult breaking free of those chains! I still have some healing to do. However, I believe we should openly share what the Lord has done for us!

Bob and I have been watching Married with Children. Bob's birthday is coming up and I want to dye my hair again. I've already been wearing leggings, so I asked Bob: How about I get a pair of heels, dye my hair red, and sit on the couch bouncing my leg for your birthday? He had quite the emphatic NO! laugh

I was thinking that I had to push awful hard on the drill to get the screws to go in - even after drilling starter holes. I had to pause after four only went in half way. It was then that I noticed the drill was in REVERSE. No wonder I was having so much trouble! laugh

February's creative goal is complete! smile (I'm glad because my wood project might be on hold for a bit wink )

I started this one four years ago and have worked on it a little each year. I had never worked with such small beads before. I assure you, I will not be doing so again! wink

It's official, now that the temperature has soared above freezing, my horse fever is in full swing again. big heart

This time, I'm taking others with me! This introvert actually reached out to our community (via a fb group) and asked if there would be any interest in an equine center where everybody would be welcome - even just to come and hang out with the horses, but can't afford your own.

The enthusiasm took me by surprise! So... I'm doing this. At least, that is the plan... as soon as we have a place smile There is a perfect spot just outside of town, but we're short on the down tongue out In the mean time, I get to work on the plans and maybe make some new friends smile

Dream: We can do this! It will be lots of fun!
Anxiety: You are so not cut out for this