Yesterday, I bought a new toy... a palm sander! Love it! smile I sanded these three wooden boxes and cleaned out the garage. Today, I gave them two coats of clear spray paint. I'll put the finishing touches on them tomorrow. I have one more box to do and I'll be able to mark this goal as completed... just six months from when I set out to do it tongue out I'm a little slow, but I've learned a lot in the process smile The next project should be a little easier. wink

Happy Independence Day

Both my ex and I came close to feeling this way when we hired someone to help stack hay and he sat on the stack while smoking a cigarette. Mark gave him a warning the first time, but the second time (within an hour!) he was sent on his way. tongue out Bob smokes, but he, at least, pays attention to fire danger. smile

What do you do when you have an important appointment and all your potential babysitters are out-of-town on the same day? Call grandma (if she's close enough)! smile I don't mind... the kids love their crazy grandma energy

So, Bob flew me up on Monday (an hour flight that flew by wink ). smile

While there, I tackled deep cleaning and re-organizing the kitchen (it sparkles now! smile ). In order to do all of that, I decided to see how badly I would react to climbing a ladder. My heart usually starts racing on the third step and the fourth typically has me close to tears. This time, however, I was able to climb up and down the ladder with no anxiety whatsoever. celebration Bob says maybe the flight put heights in a new perspective... I'll have to try a taller ladder ...

That thought is put on pause for the moment as I had to come home early due to a sore throat and headache (I made it through the appointment though and that's what counts, right?). grimace Hopefully, my body is over-reacting to the abundance of allergens that I was around in just a few day's time (allergy medicine only goes so far tongue out ) and I'll be feeling ready to tackle life again shortly. Today is just not that day. tongue out

I'm also not going to apologize for physically being unable to speak in emotionally charged situations.

I learned recently that "adults" communicate to solve problems "face to face" and not via written messages (text, chat, email, paper, etc). So, according to that thought, I have never been an "adult". Huh. I know my ex found it extremely frustrating (and lacked understanding) when I had to write things out. I didn't realize that I was not being an adult when trying to find communication channels that I could use even while upset. I thought it was a reasonable compromise and the responsible thing to do. I guess stuff like the "silent treatment", "manipulation", yelling and bullying are far more adultish.

If that is the case, I'll remain a child. Thank you.

You've got to keep close to your spouse I think, which is a very hard thing to do in America, with everything always pulling you away. I would advise all married people to spend two hours talking to each other. That's my moral for the day. - Robert M. Pirsig

HOURS?! shock I guess most people may need that. When Bob and I got married, though, I was good with a 10 minute conversation that may get stretched out throughout the day. His mom was a little perplexed about that! wink Now, most days, we can hold a decent conversation for half an hour. Of course, we are both introverts, so find less interest in talking than most. wink

Something strange happened to me this morning. My youngest and I were getting into the truck to come home after taking care of the horses and my finger started hurting really bad. By the time I sat in the seat and looked at it to try to figure out what happened, my entire hand was starting to swell. My youngest told me that I had better take my wedding band off (good thinking! smile ). There was a small bruise starting and the pain kept escalating, so I took out the only essential oil I had in my purse and put a drop on where the pain started. Thankfully, just as quickly as it started hurting, the pain and swelling halted. (I love my essential oils because they really do work that quickly) positive

I took a picture when we got home but no matter how much I enlarge it, I can not find any bite marks or puncture wounds. It is weird! There does look like a small white spot in the middle of the bruise (the picture does not do it justice tongue out ). I suppose it could be from some sort of insect or a spine from stinging nettle or thistle. Whatever it is, I did take an allergy pill as soon as we got home and ran cold water over my hand (I'll get an ice pack out if the swelling starts up again). The intense pain hasn't returned, but my whole hand aches now tongue out Hopefully, the allergy pill will kick in and take care of that soon...

I've decided to expand my monthly goals to include an adventure... today I went to a place I have been curious about for a year or so and tried a mint brownie protein shake and aloe shot. smile

Not only was it something new for my palate, but someone recognized me and I was able to have a few minutes of social interaction with a new person! (the whole two sentences I was able to get out tongue out , but we have to start some where, right? smile ).

I had been telling Bob that I think I'm ready to go out more... I even asked to go out to eat soon. He's all for my growth, but he was surprised by my suggestions.... for instance, when I said I wanted to go out to eat he's like... "there aren't many options around for a vegetarian". But, I did my research and there are 4 non-fast food restaurants in town that have vegetarian options available now. smile

I also told Bob that I'm ready to try socializing... being a person that doesn't like to socialize himself, his eyes bulged a little at that thought laugh Then, I told him that the Baptist church has a prayer meeting that only has 3 people that attend regularly... He's says he can do that! smile I also told him that I'm willing to go to the pilots get-togethers, which he would enjoy (he didn't think I would enjoy going, but I wouldn't have to talk much), but the problem has been that it starts at 5pm and he hasn't been getting home early enough to go. blank expression

It may not seem like much, but I'm feeling: YAY! I have an Adventure Bucket List for the rest of the year! smile

I have several friends preparing and/or continuing an exercise routine. Very inspiring! I love their posts and it always reminds me that I need to do that... and then I get sidetracked... tongue out

Today, I looked back on my calendar and realized that I have completely ignored my own fitness goals for TWO MONTHS! Ugh! guess I fell off that "horse" and have been laying on the ground (without injury) far too long... again! tongue out

My ex used to hate it when I would write (or talk on the phone) to my friends and/or family relating something that had happened. He said I made him look bad.

I was like: if you don't like how it sounds, then maybe you should change how you act!

He didn't really care for that response much either. tongue out I may have been a little difficult to live with from time to time. wink

This cat (Buddy) is driving me crazy! He usually relaxes like this, but... Last night he was clawing at the door like it was a scratching post (I was not happy about that - mostly because we rent). This morning he bolted out the door when Bob left and I needed help catching him (he has been an indoor cat his entire adult life). And now he is yowling like being inside is the worst thing ever! I tried letting him in the attached garage, but that is not good enough for him today... he tasted 10 seconds and freedom and wants more! tongue out If the dog was nice to cats, I'd be tempted to throw him out into the dog pen... but, we don't have a cat playpen because Bob doesn't want him acting like this (begging and trying to go outside) all of the time. And now he's pulled the curtain off of the door! Ugh! annoyed

I forget some times that pets respond to essential oils. After listening to Buddy cry for two hours, I needed to apply some essential oils to get myself to relax. Within moments, Buddy parked himself on my desk and finally relaxed. smile

A post I read just made me realize something pretty amazing... I do love the ocean and found walking the beach to be relaxing. We didn't go very often though because my ex really hated the ocean and the beach. tongue out Regardless, when I first moved from Oregon (near the coast) to Minnesota and met Bob, I would ask him to take me to the lake when I was uptight (so... quite often!) and we would walk along the edge or sit on a bench for a while. My Dad has a body of water behind his place too and we would go out there and watch the birds. I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil and had just met Bob. We didn't talk, he just let me unwind (we also spent a lot of time hanging out with the horses!). After a while, I would take a deep breath and let him know I was ready to go back home.

When we moved to Madison, one of the first things we did was hunt for a place to walk along the lake for free. We couldn't find any and I was very disappointed to give up the time listening to the water. Any way, I just realized that it has been a very long time now that I've felt the draw to the water with an intense need to unwind. It is truly wonderful being so happy... it makes the irritating parts of life (like listening to a yowling cat for two hours and not having a place that I can see the horses 24/7) far more bearable smile

Bob and I were watching a show the other day and some people were joking around asking each other ridiculous questions. One question offended the married man and he really didn't want to play until they clarified that his wife would be dead in the scenario... the question was:

If this super model was at your front door and that super model was at the back door and both were wearing nothing but a rain coat, what would you do?

Not really a fair question and quite ridiculous, like I said. However, I later told Bob that it wouldn't matter to me if my spouse was around or not, nor would it matter who it was at the door. My response would be the same... If the crazy person was only wearing a rain coat, then they must be some sort of trouble and I'd be inviting them in and asking if there was someone I could call that could bring them some clothes to wear! laugh

I can't sleep, so I'm doing a little reading this morning. I read:

"For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands" Is 55:12

What immediately jumped into my mind? Snow White and Cinderella and how the animals greeted and helped them in their days cool

Think what you will of Disney, but these lovely characters sure knew how to "go out with joy". smile

Bob and I had some fun last night... we went to the local weekly Pilot's BBQ smile It was a very relaxed get-together with only a dozen other people. I was even able to interact a little, though most of the conversation was, obviously, about planes. wink The only downside was that we had a lot of smoke being blown in. Most everyone said that they've never seen it so bad. We were all thankful it wasn't due to a local fire.

We had fun and we'll be going again, though it was honestly exhausting for both of us spending over an hour socializing... it is a "muscle" that hasn't been used in a very long time! wink