Can you believe it's March already?

New color: neon green! Bob said: Now that's bright - I love it! wide eyed

Bob plugged a black light in last night. He couldn't quit smiling! He said I shined brighter than the TV! laugh

10 Sex-Changing Animals That Don’t Adhere To Gender Roles

Yesterday, someone told me that those who think there are more than two genders are mentally ill. I have given this a lot of thought and I disagree.

In the Bible, men that are altered (often forcefully) are called eunuchs. They are no longer considered “men”, but not women. They are a different gender.

Indonesia has five terms for gender in their language. Does that make the entire country mentally ill?

The same idea goes in horses and cattle. Altered horses are called geldings. They can no longer breed, so not really considered male but not female either.

In the world of science, creatures with both male and female parts is called a hermaphrodite. In fact, the animal kingdom has all sorts of weird gender stuff going on. We have different terms for them, who don’t care. Yet, deny human beings who desire a classification the same consideration? It doesn’t make them mentally ill.

It’s not about who uses bathrooms either. Sure, men coming into a woman’s bathroom and assaulting the females is horrible. But, it isn’t ok for men to be abusing boys and other men in gender specific rooms either. It also happens in the female world, though not as common. It isn’t a gender issue.

People are just getting offended by every little thing and throwing insults in every direction. Just because we do not understand what another is going through, or disagree with what they think they need to be happy, doesn’t mean they are mentally ill. And if a person is mentally ill for having an opinion or wanting a classification that fits them (gender, racial, medical, religious, whatever), then we are ALL in trouble! Or does that just make us all “normal”?

Bob ruined my weekend plans. He said: I'm on call. tongue out

So what does intersex look like?

You can only be male or female. Anything else is evil. (or so I've been told)

Can you imagine being created with unique features and being told that you are rejected by God Himself?

I am working on throat chakra healing smile

Spring. It's been lovely weather the last few days... 70s yesterday! My youngest took the motorcycle for a spin. Ice still on the lake. Today, it's raining, the temperature is dropping and there will be snow tonight. Yep, I'd say spring has arrived! smile

While drawing up the plans and mission statement and writing out our story for the equine center that I am striving for, a lot of emotions have surfaced (yesterday's junk).

My ex and I started emailing about a year ago... nothing much - weather, health, what the children are up to. Now that I told him that I'm wanting to open this equine center, he doesn't want to talk to me again. It opened a lot of emotions for him too and he isn't able to deal with it. (this is a dream I've had for a long time that he would help me with for a bit and change his mind before completion because we would have to deal with people - completely understandable, but highly frustrating! tongue out )

On the one hand, I feel sad to have upset him so easily. On the other hand, it does seem to give me validation for my own emotions, which is comforting but also feels selfish. blank expression

I feel good about the direction that we are heading, but dealing with the "junk" of the past can be really hard to deal with some days!

ugh! Am I getting sick or is it allergies? blank expression either way... ugh!

Types of Asthma

I'm feeling A LOT better. An mild asthma attack had snuck up on me and I didn't recognize it until we went to the horses and the short walk from the truck to the barn left me out of breath. Since I don't have the wheezing typically associated with asthma, it can be difficult to recognize right away. My entire body hurt and I had quite the headache, so didn't notice the tightness or heaviness in my chest. Most of the time, I try to pay close attention when around a trigger (I have both extrinsic and intrinsic asthma, so I have plenty of triggers tongue out ). This time, the trigger was Friday night. I brushed dried mud off of the horses and got a face full of dust. However, I didn't have much of a reaction Friday night (a little congestion) and forgot all about it until after I used my inhaler last night. I don't know why I'm having trouble with my asthma again, but I guess I'm going to have to go back to wearing a mask when brushing the horses. tongue out

In celebration of Women's History Month...

The Scandalous Rights of Women in the USA

All of these things that we take for granted today were considered evil and unheard of not that long ago (and there are some now that would like to take these rights away)

1800s – married women start to win the right to own property

1850s – allowed to become doctors (not just mid-wives)

1860s – allowed to become lawyers

1920s – allowed the right to vote; women started cutting their hair short and were told they would grow mustaches! Lol ; acceptable to show some skin (ankles, elbows, etc)

1930's - c-sections become acceptable and not just a desperate attempt to save lives (versus unnatural and against God's will)

1940s – allowed to serve on a jury and join the military (beyond being a nurse)

1960s – acceptable to wear pants daily (only took a century!); equal pay and anti-discrimination laws put in place; shorts and mini-skirts became fashionable; Dad’s allowed in delivery room; "the pill" was allowed as birth control (now it's considered irresponsible not to use something to prevent pregnancy even among Christians)

1970s – allowed lines of credit and home ownership without a husband’s approval (took nearly 200 years); acceptable for an unwed mother to keep her child; acceptable to be pregnant in public

Women now enjoy a good life - we can speak for ourselves, decide what we want to wear, make our own decisions, and own property without asking for a husband's approval or be afraid that our security will disappear if something happens to him! Next time you mock others as evil and think their fight for personal rights is unheard of, ask yourself which scandalous rights you would like to give up or take away from the women of this country.

For those asking for changes, expect it to take 200 years wink

Bob has been soooo supportive of me and my dreams! He works hard and gives every thing to make them happen. growing heart It is a bit unbalanced. tongue out He has not once complained about putting every penny aside to do my stuff (like saving for a farm), but we are getting a bit burned out from it taking sooo long!

So, for his birthday this year, I told him that we should re-evaluate and include his dreams in our goals. He dreams of being a pilot. I bought him some pilot manuals that I was told by the flight school would help him pass his ground test and told Bob that he should use the bonuses that he's getting for the classes he is taking from work to get some flight time (it is awesome to get paid to earn a certificate that will qualify you for a raise! wide eyed). It won't be much... it will only give him two flights a year. He'll never actually get a pilot's license at that rate, but it is a lot more than he's ever been able to do! I think he deserves some man time. He is thrilled! smile

Yeah... some people go out to eat, go to the movies, go bowling, go drinking... we do things a bit different in our house wink

healing horse touch

I'm about half-way done setting up the website for my horse center idea. smile There are a lot of details in setting up a "business" that I had forgotten about tongue out But, I'm getting through it. My past marketing experience has helped tremendously! Yay! I wasn't wasting my time after all! smile We really wanted to get setup as a non-profit, but there are a few hoops we can't get through right now blank expression Still, I want to press on with this idea! smile

I told Bob that this idea is really great... we're setting up a business profile for something we already do naturally - invite people over to enjoy the horses with us! smile He said as long as I don't become overwhelmed and stop loving what I'm doing then he's all for it. love

The main concern is that I do obviously have a hard time with speaking to people in person. tongue out We are hoping that this will get easier for me! I have been trying to speak to at least one new person a month. I would like to up that to once a week, but then I'd have to actually leave the house for more than just groceries! wink

In the mean time, I do love the image we've selected for our social presence! What do you think?

I am very proud of my husband! He has earned his Master Technician Certificate growing heart Now, he's got a piece of paper that says he knows what he has been doing for years. smile

Texas coronavirus cases fall after mask mandate is lifted

SD has never had a mask mandate. Each of the spikes we've had have been due to people going to work sick. If we've learned anything about the spread of illness, it should be that people who are sick need to be allowed to stay home as much as possible while they are contagious.