Our youngest just brought home Bob's next big project: a replacement engine for the car (it's engine gave out just before the move). grimace It is super exciting to have a garage that, not only is big enough for all of us to work in without the need to shift tools and tables around to accommodate the current project, but also has doors tall enough for the truck to get in! Super awesome! [little happy dance]


I spent a few days with the grandkids for their birthdays. I thought I took a really cute picture of my grandson watching tv with the pink ukulele that my dad and step-mom got for him... you can totally make it out, can't you? laugh

Yeah... I'm not very good with my phone camera... tongue out


A few days before I left to spend time with the grand kids, one of the cats had a batch of kittens. She had them hidden in a small hole in the hay, so I couldn't get a picture. I am not done cleaning that section of the hay shed, so I was glad that mama moved the kittens...

Bob finished the car this weekend and had left the window rolled down... thankfully, he found the kittens under the front seat before rolling the window up and parking it in the sun! [I shudder thinking about it.]

We moved the babies to a box in the garage last night; but, the mama has hidden them again. Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around, so we should see them again soon.


This little guy stayed to watch me weed until a cat came by and scared him away. smile


I am officially tired of cleaning the hay shed and wanting to move on to a different project. I am leaving some for next year... there are sections of wall that have hay stuck in them. I'm leaving it - for now, any way. Currently, I am finally ready to schedule a dumpster to haul off the moldy carpet. smile

Thinking of other projects that need to be done... Bob came home early last night and asked if I still wanted to weed eat (he didn't have time to start it for me before leaving in the morning). I told him about the big, bad weeds and that, yes, the weeds have got to go. So, he started it up and made short order of about half of the weeds for me wide eyed... then, the cutting head broke. tongue out It is a Stihl and we have only had it for three years, so it was quite unexpected. He said he'll look for a replacement tonight.

I ordered a dumpster, but it won't be available until next week. In the meantime, I am tackling landscaping around the house next (these are the "before I get started" pictures). The weeds have gotten a little tall while I've been focused elsewhere. tongue out


We are also trying to find the corner markers of our property. We even invested in a metal detector to get the job done... only to learn that Minnesota doesn't require all corners to be marked in rural areas, so this may be a wild goose chase. blank expression

muddy Destiny

Mud baths are supposed to be good for you... right? wink


The #1 reason for moving out-of-town was to spend more time with my horse (most everything else could be done on 0.5-1 acre in town) - maybe even ride him. However, with all the moving, cleaning, and what-not, I have not taken that extra time.

Well, Bob gave me some encouragement to support my desire to prioritize my horse time by giving me a custom made bridle for my birthday. wide eyed It has taken me a couple of weeks to take the time to get a picture, but I still feel bad when I take time for myself when knowing there is plenty of work to be done... it is one of the things that I need to adjust in my life. It should get easier now that the most of the work is what I choose to do and not what needs to be done for the mental and physical well-being of all. smile

Destiny isn't sure about having a bit in his mouth again. He prefers Bob's riding with a halter. This is only the second time that I've put the new bridle on and he is already starting to relax about it. We will spend a few more sessions of just having it on before I think about getting on him. I may move super slow, but neither of us will benefit from a panic attack. wink


Our youngest brought home something that has been on Bob's wish list for 6 years... Bob has given it a tune up (minus two easy parts) and now the guys are waiting for snow! wide eyed They have said that they won't mind the wait though. wink


Bob repainted this metal treasure for me and told me that I could hang it where ever I wanted... so, I put it on the hay shed where I can see it nearly every day. smile

I told Bob that I have finally decided what I want to do for a garden area. I want a 2ft tall, 4 ft wide raised bed that goes the entire length of the front lawn (we are talking around 400ft)! He looked at me and said: have fun with that. laugh I will! It may take 5 years, but I will enjoy the process. smile

Thinking of goals... I reviewed my goals for the year and discovered that I haven't completed a single one. tongue out Of course, when I made them last December, I had not planned on that respiratory bug knocking me down for a few months and had nearly given up hope to own a place! So, I am not too discouraged about this lack of progress. I guess I have a head start on my goal list for next year (I may still start a new habit or two this year)! wink