The wind is blowing, it is dark, Bob is not home (out with my youngest having a bit of fun smile)... now, I want to eat all the chocolate in the house! tongue out

make your soul happy

Currently, what makes my sould happy is obsessing on FarmVille 3 while waiting for the weather to warm up. wink

I'm beginning to think that it's the closest to having my own barn that I'm going to get. tongue out

Though, I do continue to be grateful to be able to have my horse - even if he has to live 10 miles away. smile


This must be what I've been doing the past month... I thought I had been doing pretty good socially (on Facebook any way wink). Then, suddenly, it was simply too much to even think about. It hasn't just been social stuff though... as I reviewed my monthly goals, I realized that I quit everything... except obsess over a new game tongue out

One side of me thinks... well, maybe I don't need to be social any way and I may as well drop all of my goals while I'm at it... give up on this personal growth stuff and become a lump on the couch. tongue out

Then, the other side of me is like... giving up will make you miserable and you will kick yourself later. You just needed a rest. Now, pick yourself up and start again!

So, I drug myself over to the Gazelle and walked a mile. Now, I'm forcing out the only social interaction I can handle... This is me, saying:

Hello! hello