be transformed

Happy New Year!

Reviewing the accomplishments of the past year, I realize that I didn't get to do every thing I wanted. However, my comfort zone has expanded, I have moved forward, and I've enjoyed doing new things. That was the biggest goal I had and one I wish to repeat throughout this new year. wide eyed


Can someone please explain how it is that I am short of breath at 95% blood oxygen level, but breathe easily at 92%? I find it rather strange, but there may be some logic to it that I don't know. Whatever the reasoning, I'll be glad to be over 98% on a regular basis again.

I have been doing deep breathing exercises for a few days now. It seems to be helping. I started a new lung support supplement today... we'll see what that does, if any thing.

Yesterday, I decided that I was feeling well enough to walk on my Gazelle. I had gotten to where 1 mile a day was perfect before I got sick (not too intense to cause pain, but got my heart rate up). Yesterday, it was a struggle to get 1/4 mile done. grimaceI haven't tried yet today.

1/2 mile! cool

(celebrating small achievements wide eyed )

latest update

I am pretty impressed with the improvements I have made since starting lung support supplement I am taking.

Day 1

I had to push myself through a 1/4 mile walk on the Gazelle. The pedometer kept stopping (it thought I wasn't moving), so I struggled to get the pace up enough for it to register. I was huffing and puffing through it and really needed to rest to get my breath back./p>

I dug out my incentive spirometer, which I haven't used in 5 years. My best was 1500ml (normal is near 3000). grimace

A few hours later, I developed a headache and had a coughing fit. It was not fun, but I did not need my inhaler. Once it was over, my head cleared and I was able to breathe freely without any heaviness in my chest. I felt like my lungs had done some house cleaning.

Day 2

I was able to do a 1/4 mile walk in 5 minutes without breathing hard. I took a break and did another 1/4 mile without a problem. smile

My spirometer best was 2250ml, but it was a painful achievement.

The heaviness in my chest returned a few hours before it was time to take the supplement again, but no coughing.

Day 3

The heaviness never returned and reaching 2250 on the spirometer multiple times through the day was not a struggle.

Day 4

This morning, I have more energy than I know what to do with. I am pacing the house like a caged animal! I jumped on the Gazelle and did a 1/4 mile with normal breathing and wanting to do more, but decided to take a short break to write this update. smile

I don't think it will be a problem doing 3/4 mile today, if I break it up. I would aim for a full mile, but don't want to over-exert myself too soon. wink

I have hit 2500 on my spirometer, which is the best I was able to do in Oregon on daily asthma and allergy medications.

My youngest, who had bronchitis just before I got sick, hits 2500. Bob, on the other hand, pegs the thing out at 5000. tongue out

Obviously, I am doing waaaay better than expected in a very short time! I have used all sorts of herbs before my ex-family finally decided I should see a doctor to figure out what was wrong with me since none of the herbs seemed to do much. So, yeah, I am thrilled. I really do not want to have to go back on $300/month medication that "affordable" insurance does not cover (I checked) and, according to the medication sheet, increases chances of pneumonia when I get a respiratory infection. But, I do enjoy breathing... winkI am going to continue to keep a careful eye on my progress though. smile

Received my blood pressure cuff: 108/69 - looking good! smile

Something for my bucket list wide eyed


I decided to take pictures of horses yesterday evening smile Only I forgot the camera and had to use the phone tongue out

Destiny is all: is that a treat for me? laugh


For the first winter EVER, we have had to cut back on Chrissy's grain. She is getting fat and sassy! wide eyed

The biggest problem with that is the extra bucking and running on the ice increases the odds of accidental injury. blank expression

Bob thinks my feed bins have helped tremendously, since the horses can no longer fling their hay every which way and walk all over it (not to mention the unmentionable stuff left behind - making it completely inedible wink). wide eyed

In other news, I was able to do 1 mile today. Blood oxygen level 97% wide eyed

1 Samuel

For some reason, I have been really dragging all day. blank expression

However, I have gotten my mile in and spent extra time outside with the dog while the sun was shining and the temperature hit 40 degrees. So, I'm counting it as a good day. smile


1 mile without breaks wide eyed

I wanted to be able to say with this achievement that I am back to where I started from, but I really had to push through that last 1/4 mile. So, not there yet, but a little closer! smile

I do think I'll go back to breaking it up tomorrow though. wink


Ok, that was slightly annoying...

Bob came home and I was relating how I knocked my empty shaker cup off the corner of my desk today. I picked up the cup, but the ball was missing. I looked all over... under the desk, next to the desk, under the table a couple feet away... nothing. He looked down where I said the cup landed, bent down, and picked up the ball! I guess I should have gotten the flashlight out. tongue out

ECG results

I received my ECG monitor last night. My initial report is good smile, though there is a full 10 beat difference in my pulse between it and the oximeter. Bob believes the oximeter is on the fritz and can not be trusted. I'll be comparing it to a new one soon.

I lack motivation today. I think it froze. wink

Bob and plane

Bob got certified to fly a different type of plane wide eyed

The other pilots told him: You are not a "real" pilot until you can fly this... So, now he is a "real" pilot. laugh

He is not terribly fond of the cramped space of this plane though, so will be returning to flying the original one for our fun time. smile

In other news, I was able to spend last week in quality time with my family. wide eyed

During that time, I compared my oximeter reading with two others (one that was taken to the hospital for comparison) and found that Bob is right. Ours is reading a full 2% lower than it should. This means my normal blood oxygen is now 97-98% , which is far less concerning. smile

I also quit taking the lung support supplement during my time away from home and have not had any difficulty breathing.

And, I used the ekg monitor when my heart was racing after waking from a nightmare and it found nothing usual (other than a rapid heart beat, which was expected). No skipped beats and no dropped beats, which was my concern. (I'll keep monitoring... I mean, I have the device now, I may as well use it! wink).

Oh, and, despite using my blood pressure raising allergy meds for a week (I can't visit without them ), my blood pressure stayed in a nice and normal range - 124/83. (It was a bit higher when I checked after my nightmare, but that is expected.)

I think it is safe to say that I have fully recovered from that nasty virus in only 3 weeks time. I feel very blessed. big heart


Oh, I want a beautiful garden oasis like this. I wanted one in California, but it was considered a waste of space. tongue out I was allowed flower beds (thanks to his parents), though, and I miss them. I may have to plant flowers in my tire beds this year instead of vegetables... wide eyed