My oldest had a bad fall and hurt her wrist. Several days later, it was still swollen and painful, so I took a week off to spend time with my oldest and the grand kids. It took several trips to the doctor for them to decide that she has tendonitis. The first day, they didn't even wrap her wrist or give her pain medicine - it took a second trip, and a second set of x-rays, nearly a week later to give her a removable cast and pain medicine! shock So irritating. annoyed

But, I am grateful that I was able to go help. smile She is still in pain and will have to limit what she does for a while, but we think the worst is over and she can manage... as long as the kids don't try to use her as a jungle gym too often. wink

We are glad that she is doing better because we have a closing date of May 10th! wide eyed

I had planned to stay in touch with everyone on FB while I was gone, but I had changed my password and didn't write it down. I was too tired to jump through the hoops of verifying my identity to login from a new device, so I simply didn't bother. tongue out I didn't mind the break from FB, though it is nice to be back. smile

just breathe

I can't believe how paralyzed I feel now that we actually have a closing date. blank expression

My oldest is like: Just Breathe.

Followed by: it isn't right that I am the one that has to say this! laugh

I only needed my CBD oil ONE day while watching the grand-babies (it is usually multiple times a day wink). I was very proud of that fact because it shows how much I've healed in just a few years time. But, I might have to break down and use some if my essential oils aren't enough to do the trick of calming my mind enough to move forward now. grimace

It occurs to me that this happens to me all of the time when I am working on projects... everything runs smoothly until it looks like I will have a break through moment. Then, paralysis kicks in and I let it all crumble again. I hope that this move will be a turning point in my life where I can shake free and allow myself the freedom to succeed in anything I plan to do. smile

straw bale tomatoes

So true! Can hardly wait to grow tomatoes... and sooo many other things! wide eyed


God's timing is perfect. Most of the time, we don't get to see this perfect timing in action. But, it is awesome when you get to see a glimpse...

As you all know, we will be signing the papers on our house here in a few days. This timing is perfect because:

#1 The registrations are due for our vehicles the end of May. Any later date and we would have to pay double registration fees (different states). shock

#2 My youngest's car just started having engine trouble. It looks like he was getting ready to throw a rod, but pulled over in time to prevent it. Still... Bob needs a bigger garage to work on an engine... guess what? The place has a much bigger garage! wide eyed

Also, this trouble happened just days before the insurance was due. We will be able to suspend the insurance and not have that expense right now when all of our savings (and them some tongue out) is being spent! cool

Transporting the car will be more difficult this way, but the Lord has provided a friendly neighbor with a trailer to help in that area. wide eyed

Such blessings to be remembered on this day when my family loses a much loved member (my Dad's oldest sister). Like I said, we don't always understand the Lord's timing, but it is a blessing to fill our hearts and bring some comfort when we do see it unfold. smile

barn cleaning

Free week for a workout workshop available!

Join us for squats, lifts, pulls, pushes, walking in the open air...

Please wear gloves and work boots and bring your sense of adventure (as you will be shoveling and transporting smelly manure) wink

group photo

We signed the papers - we are home owners! wide eyed

Thanks to Linda Vos ( Winter Realty ) and Will Rose ( Minnwest Bank ) for holding our hand through the whole process - you guys are awesome! smile And thanks to our generous neighbor for letting us borrow his trailer to transport our "dead" car! smile

first load

We haven't technically started moving in yet, but we did take one load to the house and the guys prayed with me while I asked for blessing.

Our Prayer:

Lord, thank you for this house. We know that it is nothing short of a miracle that we can be here. You have given us our heart's desire. Please help us to bring a moment of peace to all who visit. In Jesus Name, Amen.

We had a very intense evening yesterday!

My youngest got home a little late and we were planning on heading out to feed when we got a tornado warning. Madison was not on the list (but the nearby state park was). My youngest said it wasn't windy, but I called Bob (who was on his way home) and we decided it would be best to stay put since the storm was traveling at 70mph. shock

It was a good decision. In less than 5 minutes, the power went out and we saw this ominous dark cloud over the houses across the street. I went to open the door to listen and consider the possibility of going to the outdoor cellar. But, it was too late. The storm was here and decided it was safer inside than struggling against the wind and debris to get into the cellar. But, my youngest did run out and snagged the dog after a terrific BOOM (which turned out to be a tree across the street coming down).

We sat in the safest area of the house (away from windows) and called Bob back to let him know if was bad and find a place to pull over. He said we didn't have to call because he could see it coming. He says these pictures depict what he saw quite well.

The weather station here in town recorded 94mph wind gusts! Bob says there are roofs missing and a couple of buildings flattened. We all agree that it is the worst wind storm any of us have experienced and we would be ok if it was a once in a lifetime event.

We didn't go out to the horses due to the downed trees and debris, but the barn owner said it wasn't bad there and they were fine.

We were, and continue to be, grateful to feel the Lord's protection last night. big heart

I haven't gone out to take my own pictures yet.... that will be after breakfast. wink

These were found online.


I wandered around the house a little, taking pictures for the landlord (who is busy cleaning up his own place). One picture is of the neighbor's tree that caused the big boom. A few others show the Lord's merciful protection (the storm can come this far and no farther). smile


The neighbor's tree.


One large tree limb OPPOSITE where the trucks are parked - what merciful protection!


two support beams for the covered porch are gone


missing some skylights


One broken window - only the outside pane


I feel surrounded. Glad we are almost done with this phase!


Moving Day!

First day oopsie. Bob was focused on the garage door while backing the moving truck and the overhang did not show in the mirror and was forgotten. So... we christened the place as our own from day one. wink