My facebook profile was hacked in December with no recovery possible. This upset me greatly... until I found my backup! wide eyed This page is a little different as the backup of my posts did not include October through December. So, this page is more like a photo album than posts with my thoughts of the day.

We have finished cleaning the garage!
Doesn't it look great?
The leaves have changed to their colorful autumn hue.
gardening project
Bob helped me put up the first section of what will be a raised bed.
gardening project
Another section of the raised bed is ready to be placed.
horseback riding
Now that the cleaning is done, I decided to enjoy the new riding area for a bit.
Diana and Destiny
No one else was around to take our picture, so I tried to get a selfie to commerate the moment.
cats enjoying the sun
The kitties are enjoying the sun.
We have a little greenhouse that fits perfectly on the deep window ledge in the dining room.
Buddy is " helping " my youngest study for a college exam
African violets
I had place my African violets on the kitchen window sill, but they received too much sunlight and bleached the leaves. Once I figured out a better place for them, Bob hung a shelf for me. They are much happier in their new location.
The Christmas cactus is very happy - look at all those blooms!
The Christmas cactus is very happy - look at all those blooms!

gardening project
The finishing touches have been added to this raised bed - just in time for the freezing weather!
Chrissy has been claiming both feeders for herself, so I rearraged the barn a bit.
Now Destiny can eat in peace.
While I was making changes to the barn, I decided to hang a bucket for grooming supplies. Bob is impressed that I didn't need any help with this project.
Table setting for my reiki attunement
Table setting for my reiki attunement
wood burning barrel stove
Bob's newest project - a wood burning barrel stove
fire in barrel stove
Both grandkids wanted to sit on my lap at the same time - complete with sticky fingers! O.o
It is so cold that ice is even holding on to Chrissy's eyelashes

My oldest has a ADA service horse. Churches are exempt from being required to accept service animals, so my oldest requested being able to bring this helpful creature.

While I could understand not wanting to possibly pollute the sanctuary with an animal, I was horrified by the reasons she was denied.

There was concern for her behavior if the children were running around. Why are children RUNNING in church? Where are the adults?

There was concern that the animal might have an offensive odor. I find perfume and hairspray offensive as it triggers headaches and sometimes asthma attacks. Are we going to ban women from using perfume and hairspray? Are we going to turn away the unwashed homeless because their body odor is offensive?

There was concern about her size. She is literally the size of a wheelchair. Are we going to start banning families with obese members due to their SIZE???

I seriously want to post a notice to the church door that reads:

Notice: this church allows children to run rampant and reserves the right to reject you if we don't approve of your size and/or odor

I am so offended. If I go completely blind, I would love to have a ADA service horse. And this is the type of non-sense I would have to be dealing with. Where is that Christian love and acceptance?

I received several certificates this month!

life coach certificat
I am a life coach
holistic life coach certificate
I am a holistic life coach
NLP certificate
I know the basics of NLP - it is not what I thought
Reiki Level 1 certificate
Reiki Level 1 certificate
Reiki Level 2 certificate
Reiki Level 2 certificate
Chikara Reiki Master Certificate
Chikara Reiki Master Certificate

killer rabbit
Bob loves his " Killer Rabbit " slippers
Buddy has accepted the slippers
Buddy has accepted the slippers
Bob got me the wagon I wanted - I can hardly wait until spring to put it to use!
Christmas fun
A little Christmas fun... Yee-haw! lol