I got a little side tracked yesterday... instead of working on my goals for the day, I rearranged the house. The really nice thing about it is that I now have my exercise space in my warm office in sight of the TV and my desktop. No more having to plan 20 minutes ahead in order to start my laptop (to interact with a workout video, listen to music, listen to a podcast, etc) and turn on a space heater to warm the basement! (this space used to have my sewing supplies, which are now downstairs since I haven't been doing very much sewing ;) )

We are, apparently, without water.

I did a quick check around the house and barn. No leaks. No water.

Heading back to the house I wondered if I had missed a payment so called the automatic system and made a payment. However, it won't post until tomorrow.

So, I decided that I better talk to a real person. :p As it turns out, there is a cut in the line not far from us and it should be resolved soon. :) I am grateful it wasn't something that we need to fix or a missed payment on my part!

Of course, now that I know I am out of water for awhile, everything I want to do requires it! lol

Sometimes, the day's intentions and goals fizzle but turn into something better. :)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving vacation with family. Bob was able to finish the shed roof for my Dad - just in time too as there is a dusting of snow this morning! :)

I seem to have infected the entire family with creativity . My oldest has also starting a business and we collaborated on a few designs. My youngest has come up with some great ideas and Bob wants to do a few edits himself (and I'm trying not to think of all of the other projects that I have set aside while I obsess in this area for a bit ;) ). This is so fun!

Here are a couple of favorites for TheSchizophrenicMom.com (not available... yet!)

We have a store on Etsy!


We also have listings on Amazon. Amazon limits accounts to 4 new products a day, so I only added 4 to Etsy as well. Besides, my creativity is fizzling after filling out all of the paperwork. :p

My early morning project... every thing has printed well - time to setup a store!

I asked Bob, "Do you mind if we do some Christmas lights this year?". He cringed as he imagined surrounding the outside of the house with lights. Then, I told him that I wanted just one inside window done that I didn't need help with. He didn't mind that idea at all! lol He does love the color I chose. :)

I have a few ideas I'm working on for products (this is just a sample). But, my printer is not printing correctly so I can't double check the quality. I'm at a standstill until the new ink comes in (hopefully we don't need a new printer).

Guess whose little dog was here antagonizing our dogs? This, just days after complaining that our dog was out and attacked her dog? Seriously?

It came to mind that fences work both ways. When we moved in, she related how she's had problems with dogs before. When you have problems with critters coming in that you don't want in you put up a fence.

She complained about our dogs barking at every move they make. I get it. It's annoying. But, there are these wonderful things called privacy fences and noise barriers.

Also, if they don't like living next door to someone that might have dogs and kids then they should have a house where there are no neighbors - and should have gotten it a long time ago (since they have had these complaints about previous neighbors)!

Now, I'm wanting a donkey, rooster and peacock - just because they make a ton of noise. Of course, then we would have to listen to it... :p

I feel growly. I need some essential oils.

It is supposed to mild this weekend. The dog pen is done and Jericho is staying in. Maybe we'll be able to get a section of fence done (we have most of the supplies now - just need to fix the auger ;) ).

Guess who has been a very naughty puppy? Yes, Jericho.

A couple of days ago he dug out of his pen 4 times.

I finally put him in the enclosed porch. He made a mess and ripped my greenhouse sheeting from the screened window. Thankfully, I checked in on him before he went through the screen.

So, I put him in the garage. He shredded the insulation that was on the door. Thankfully, I checked on him before he started on the door itself.

And, all the while the other dog barked incessantly. It about drove me crazy and I was so glad when my youngest got home and put up some electric fencing as a deterrent!

We thought the temporary solution would work since Jericho stayed in yesterday. But, who was out first thing this morning? Ugh!

Not only that, but he made a bee line over to the neighbor's and he and their little dog got into a scuffle before I even knew he was loose.

I, of course, lost my voice and had to write them a letter of apology and thanked them for bringing Jericho home.

We recently moved the dog pen gates and Bob thinks that may be a contributing factor into why Jericho has started his escaping routines again. The dog seriously does not like change.

Whatever the reason, my youngest now has a shopping list and whatever plans that I thought I might have for the next few days has changed into surrounding the dog pen with digging deterrents. In the mean time, we'll have to put up a cable and chain for him. :/

My grandson about the fading color in my hair: Grandmama I love your rainbow hair. I hope you keep it that way long time!

Bob had a very busy weekend doing projects for the family.

He helped our oldest setup a security system to try to catch (or at least dissuade) people from opening the fence to allow her service animals to escape the yard. They also like to bang on the house to terrify her and the children after dark. The problems have existed for some time now. The police have come very close to catching them a couple of times, but it would be helpful to have them caught on camera - especially for the people who seem to think the animals can loosen fence brackets or that her hallucinations can walk off with them, leaving boot prints in the snow!

Bob also was working on a roof for a shed that someone brought over for my Dad. We had already helped [mostly] level it on our last visit. Daddy wanted a slope added so that snow wouldn't accumulate on the side of the barn and collapse the roof (really good idea!). Daddy peeked over the edge of the roof a few times to watch Bob at work. I had wanted to climb up on the roof to help; but discovered that, although I am now comfortable climbing the ladder, I am not quite ready to leave the ladder to get on the roof. :/ at least, not yet. ;)

Both projects took longer than expected, so we are hoping to return asap to finish. We are hoping to get it done before the next snow, but our youngest now has a cold. So, we will also need to see if we get it too. :p