The media tells me that I don’t understand the importance of the riots surrounding a black man’s murder by a police officer.

Media reports people saying that violence is good and understandable and essential to being heard – that no change happens without violence.

Social memes say that I, a white person, cannot use Rosa Parks or MLK as examples against violence. They say I just don’t understand.

Well, that may be true. I don’t understand. After much contemplation, I’ve decided to share what I do understand…

Since it is supposedly ok for a black person organization to incite riots and put people of all races out of business, destroy homes, bus people to incite riots in cities all across the nation (many cities that haven’t had the same sort of problems) and endanger the lives of anyone crossing them during their temper tantrums because they got “fed up” with how they are treated. Then, it should be ok for everyone. Right?

I mean, we all want equality. Right?

So, what would happen if the police officers across the nation decided to start rioting because they are “fed up” with the discrimination, hatred, harassment, abuse and people trying to kill them on and off duty… you know, the stuff they put up with on a daily basis? Oh, that’s right. That doesn’t count because they can just remove their uniforms, which is why they, and their families, are left alone when they take it off...

An uprising like that would cause a hunt for the leaders to be arrested as domestic terrorists. The police force would be defunded and the National Guard or some new organization would have to take their place because we NEED law enforcement. It certainly wouldn’t stop the discrimination.

So, it’s not ok for the police to start rioting. Huh.

Ok, so, since they don’t count, let’s consider the Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees that have come to this country in an effort to enjoy the freedoms and peace we supposedly offer. However, because of a terrorist attack that led to a long, horrific war with radical organizations, many Middle Eastern peoples face violent discrimination every day in their own neighborhoods. I’ve been informed that they deserve the bad treatment because of the war that the majority weren’t part of, where many fled for their lives because their own countrymen wanted to kill them for opposing the war.

What if they started rioting because they are “fed up”? People would rise up saying “See? See? They are ALL terrorists! They must be immediately arrested and deported!”

Do you think that violence would end the racism they face? No? Huh.

But, they don’t count because it’s not about them versus the police…

ok, here’s another group that face serious discrimination and mistreatment from both police and communities: the mentally disabled.

People hear the term “mentally disabled” and automatically think they are in danger from the next mass shooter, because all mentally disabled people are violent, right?

Many of these mentally disabled are homeless veterans. Their rights are often violated without cause and without much media representation. What if they organized and started rioting because they are “fed up”?

People would start screaming about their children being in danger. They’d be rounded up and put in mental wards because, after all, “they are a danger to themselves and others”.

I know, I know… They don’t count because when they are medicated enough they just sit and drool and don’t cause any body trouble. Yet, they can’t stop being who they are… Huh.

I know, I know… I still don’t understand… Those are relatively new discriminations. They don’t count.

The black people are still fighting for injustices done from the days of slavery – from the very beginning of our country’s history!

Ok then, what about Native Americans? They too are mistreated by police, as well as many, many other people in the country – on and off their reservations? They’ve been fighting racism for 400 years. Is that long enough? What if they got “fed up” with how they are treated and started rioting and burning buildings across the nation?

I can hear it now, “Aaaack! It’s another savage uprising! Call the Army before they scalp us all!”

Well… THAT would likely be considered a terrorist attack and an act of war because they are a separate nation living within our nation. So, that would back fire real quick, wouldn’t it? But, I guess the racism they face doesn’t count either, does it? Huh.

You know what? I can’t think of a single instance that rioting, looting, and burning would actually reduce the hatred toward a group of people or bring about positive change.

Yet, this black person movement is supposed to be different? Why? Because they are black? Tell me again what racism is? Because, I guess “they” are right… it’s not about reform or banishing the evils of racism and discrimination from our nation. It’s about a particular skin color being so superior to others that they can break laws and get away with it.

And, that is something I’ll never understand.