Jan 12

A few days ago, I told Bob that we would be having a blizzard. He looked at the weather and radar and said he didn’t see it. And, it didn’t say in so many words, but snow plus wind equals blizzard. Guess what? 😆

As the temps drop and the snow drifts get deeper, I am very thankful for many things:

– mostly reliable modern weather forecasts so we can prepare for storms like this
– we no longer need to drive 10+ miles a day to check the horses
– the winter gear that we’ve collected
– we don’t have to make multiple trips pulling a sled from the hay shed to the barn to feed the horses in the wind now that we can purchase large bales of hay from the neighbor
– we have wind breaks setup so the dog’s houses don’t fill up with snow this year (and they are doing their job)
– and the other stuff that I am always thankful for: electricity, running water, warm house, enough income to pay the bills, my loving husband…

Yes, my heart over-flows with gratitude this morning! 🥰

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